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Meanings of "confuse" in Spanish English Dictionary : 108 result(s)

English Spanish
confuse turbar [v]
confuse confundir [v]
confuse ofuscar [v]
confuse oscurecer [v]
confuse embrollar [v]
confuse enmarañar [v]
confuse intrincar [v]
confuse enturbiar [v]
confuse liar [v]
confuse torear [v]
confuse trabucar [v]
confuse trastornar [v]
confuse trocar [v]
confuse desorientar [v]
confuse abismar [v]
confuse abombar [v]
confuse alburear [v] CR
confuse alterar [v]
confuse añascar [v] disused
confuse apabullar [v]
confuse aturrullar [v]
confuse aturullar [v]
confuse barahustar [v] disused
confuse barajar [v]
confuse barajustar [v] disused
confuse baraustar [v] disused
confuse bolear [v] NI UY
confuse cohonder [v] disused
confuse confundir [v]
confuse descolocar [v]
confuse descompaginar [v]
confuse descomponer [v]
confuse deslumbrar [v]
confuse desorientar [v]
confuse despistar [v]
confuse embaír [v] disused
confuse embrollar [v]
confuse enlucernar [v] disused
confuse enmarañar [v]
confuse envarbascar [v]
confuse embarbascar [v]
confuse equivocar [v]
confuse fascinar [v]
confuse ciego [adj]
confuse marear [v]
confuse despistar [v]
confuse aturullar [v]
confuse atolondrar [v]
confuse mezclar [v]
confuse confundirse [v]
confuse molestar [v]
confuse encalamocar [v] CAR
confuse encandelillar [v] CO EC HN PE
confuse aleluyar [v] PR
confuse manear [v] NI
confuse engalletar [v] PA VE
confuse encolochar [v] NI
confuse destantear [v] MX SV
confuse desubicar [v] MX GT NI CR PE BO CL
confuse enmadejar [v] PR
confuse destelengar [v] DO
confuse detelengar [v] DO
confuse detelengar [v] DO
confuse encaratar [v] VE:E
confuse enchibolar [v] HN SV NI
confuse reburujar [v] MX DO
confuse trafucar [v] CU
confuse atontar [v]
confuse aturdir [v]
confuse desentablar [v]
confuse calabriar (mezclar vino) [v] disused
confuse desordenar [v]
confuse desatentar [v] rare
confuse desatinar [v]
confuse distraer [v]
confuse desconcertar [v]
confuse involucrar [v]
confuse entontecer [v]
confuse obscurecer [v]
confuse perturbar [v]
confuse encolochar [v] NI
confuse enyerbar [v] CU
confuse hacerse un culo [v] VE
confuse hacerse un tortol [v] NI
confuse sacar de onda [v] MX SV NI DO
confuse tener a zumba [v] HN
confuse meter a barato [v] rare
confuse meter a barato [v]
confuse echar a barato algo [v] disused
confuse abombar [v]
confuse aturrullar [v]
confuse enquilombar [v] AR
confuse encandilarse [v] NI
confuse reborujar [v] MX
confuse tupir [v] CU
confuse abatatar [v] PA BO AR UY
confuse dejar bizco [v]
confuse embarullar [v]
confuse engarbullar [v]
confuse trocar [v]
confuse marear [v]
confuse confundir [v]
confuse unir [v]
confuse abismar [v]
confuse unir [v]
confuse inducir a confusión [v]
Marine Biology
confuse maquinearse [v] CL
confuse hacer confuso [v]

Meanings of "confuse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 36 result(s)

English Spanish
confuse the sight encandilar [v]
confuse the sight obnubilar [v]
confuse the sight deslumbrar [v]
totally confuse desconcertar [v]
totally confuse confundir [v]
perplex or confuse confundir [v]
confuse and bewilder dejar boquiabierto [v]
confuse and bewilder dejar pasmado [v]
confuse the issue confundir la cuestión [v]
confuse the issue confundir el asunto [v]
confuse a person dejar a una persona perplejo [v]
confuse someone entramoyar [v] PR
confuse someone with words entreverarse [v] EC BO AR UY
try to confuse someone emborujar [v] DO PR
pertaining to someone who habitually uses confusing expressions to confuse one's conversational partner chamullero [adj] PE CL
confuse (argentina) bolear [v]
change/confuse names trasnombrar [v]
confuse someone poner a alguien en el disparadero [adv]
confuse two totally different things confundir la gimnasia con la magnesia [v]
confuse two totally different things confundir la velocidad con el tocino [v]
confuse two totally different things confundir las enchiladas con los chilaquiles [v]
confuse someone with cruzársele a alguien los cables [v]
confuse or perplex someone poner a alguien en el disparadero [v]
confuse someone sacar de onda a alguien [v]
confuse someone sacar de tino a alguien [v]
confuse someone volver tarumba a alguien [v]
confuse someone with arguments envolverse y desenvolver [v] BO
confuse someone hacer pelotas [v] MX
confuse with confundir con [v]
confuse the issue cambiar de tema [v]
confuse the issue tergiversar el asunto [v]
confuse someone's mind embolismar [v]
confuse someone volver tarumba a alguien [v]
confuse someone ahuevar [v] CO
confuse someone poner a alguien en el disparador [v]
confuse names trasnombrar [v]