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Meanings of "aflojar" in English Spanish Dictionary : 90 result(s)

Spanish English
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] slacken
aflojar [v] weaken
aflojar [v] relax
aflojar [v] drop
aflojar [v] ease off
aflojar [v] cough up
aflojar [v] let up
aflojar [v] subside
aflojar [v] ease
aflojar [v] ease up
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] DO VE throw
aflojar [v] DO VE shoot
aflojar [v] lose
aflojar [v] bend
aflojar [v] shell out
aflojar [v] loose
aflojar [v] make less tight
aflojar [v] MX control and make constant the speed of a vehicle with a new engine (for a better future performance)
aflojar [v] HN PR VE reveal a secret
aflojar [v] CR CU VE PE give blows
aflojar [v] DO feel shy after arriving to a place at first moment
aflojar [v] VE say something unexpectedly
aflojar [v] CU DO VE shoot a projectile
aflojar [v] CU DO eat
aflojar [v] CU lose firmness in supporting the policy of the cuban revolutionary government
aflojar [v] DO give
aflojar [v] EC give in (a woman to a man)
aflojar [v] CU DO drink
aflojar [v] DO award
aflojar [v] MX break in an engine
aflojar [v] let loose
aflojar [v] abate
aflojar [v] debilitate
aflojar [v] come out with
aflojar [v] languish
aflojar [v] remit
aflojar [v] unbend
aflojar [v] unbrace
aflojar [v] unfasten
aflojar [v] unloose
aflojar [v] sag
aflojar [v] slack up
aflojar [v] unstring
aflojar [v] slack off
aflojar [v] CU DO VE give a punch
aflojar [v] squeeze
aflojar [v] loosen up
aflojar [v] pay up
aflojar [v] CU DO VE punch
aflojar [v] fork out
aflojar [v] slow down
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] slack
aflojar [v] back off
aflojar [v] relieve
aflojar [v] unclamp
aflojar [v] relieve
aflojar [v] remove ore trapped in chute
aflojar [v] release
aflojar [v] relieve
aflojar [v] slack
aflojar [v] let
aflojar [v] untie
aflojar [v] unclamp
aflojar [v] start
aflojar [v] break out
aflojar [v] unfix
aflojar [v] back off
aflojar [v] slake
aflojar [v] let out
aflojar [v] relieve
aflojar [v] pay out
aflojar [v] unlock
aflojar [v] veer
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] pan
aflojar [v] wash
aflojar [v] loose
aflojar [v] slack off
aflojar [v] slack
aflojar [v] release
aflojar [v] ease
aflojar [v] loose
aflojar [v] MX limp (horse riding)
aflojar [v] relieve
aflojar [v] loosen
aflojar [v] release

Meanings of "aflojar" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 65 result(s)

Spanish English
aflojar (cuerda) [v] slacken
aflojar el paso [v] slow
aflojar la ropa [v] loosen one's garments
aflojar el paso [v] slow up
aflojar el paso [v] slow down
aflojar el bolsillo [v] loosen one's purse strings
aflojar la cuerda [v] ease up
aflojar las riendas [v] let up
aflojar las riendas [v] loosen the reins
aflojar la tensión [v] ease off
aflojar la presión sobre alguien [v] ease off on someone
aflojar el control sobre alguien [v] relax one's hold on someone
aflojar mecate [v] MX HN VE give someone more freedom than he/she had before
no aflojar ni abajo del agua [v] AR UY never cower
aflojar la mano [v] VE hit someone
aflojar la guayaba [v] GT resign from office in favor of someone (usually the president)
aflojar el pollo [v] CR give money to a person
aflojar mecate [v] MX HN VE give full rein
no aflojar ni abajo del agua [v] AR UY never dishearten
aflojar la guayaba [v] GT leave someone in charge, particularly the president
no aflojar hold one's ground
aflojar la cuerda a alguien allow somebody a free rein
aflojar el ritmo [v] slacken off
sin aflojar [adv] twenty-five/eight
aflojar la pasta [v] stump up
aflojar la mosca [v] fork out
aflojar la mosca [v] stump out
aflojar la mosca [v] ante up
aflojar la guita [v] ante up
aflojar la mosca [v] pay up
aflojar los cuartos [v] fork out
aflojar la guita [v] fork out
aflojar la pepa [v] spill the works
aflojar la guita [v] spit up
aflojar los cuartos [v] spit up
aflojar la pepa [v] let the cat out of the bag
aflojar la mosca [v] spit up
aflojar la guita [v] pony up
aflojar los cuartos [v] fork over
aflojar la guita [v] fork over
aflojar los cuartos [v] pony up
aflojar la mosca [v] fork over
aflojar la mosca [v] pony up
aflojar los cuartos [v] shell out
aflojar la guita [v] shell out
aflojar la mosca [v] shell out
aflojar los cuartos [v] ante up
aflojar los cuartos [v] pay up
aflojar los cuartos [v] cough up
aflojar la guita [v] cough up
aflojar la guita [v] pay up
aflojar la mosca [v] cough up
aflojar la pasta [v] fork out
aflojar la pasta [v] cough up
aflojar el bolsillo [v] pay up
aflojar la bolsa [v] pay up
aflojar la pepa [v] spill the beans
aflojar la bolsa [v] loosen the purse strings
aflojar el bolsillo [v] pay up
aflojar las restricciones ease the restrictions
aflojar el freno [v] loosen the brake
aflojar el paso [v] slowdown
aflojar tuercas [v] rundown
aflojar la marcha slow down the velocity
aflojar el ritmo slow down