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Spanish English
aguacharse [v] eat too much
aguacharse [v] become bloated from overeating
aguacharse [v] AR UY rur. overeat
aguacharse [v] AR UY rur. gorge oneself
aguacharse [v] CL calm down
aguacharse [v] CL settle down
aguacharse [v] CL become attached
aguacharse [v] CL fall in love
aguacharse [v] CL AR become quiet
aguacharse [v] CL AR become tame
aguacharse [v] AR UY rur. (a horse) to gain too much weight from grazing during a long season
aguacharse [v] AR rur. a young animal) to lose its mother
aguacharse [v] AR rur. (a lamb) to become weak or sick due to lack of maternal milk
aguacharse [v] PA BO CL UY (a food) to become soggy
aguacharse [v] AR:Nw rur. (corn) grow abnormally or take on a yellow color due to excess of water
aguacharse [v] PR rur. (fruit) become soggy and tasteless
aguacharse [v] become flooded
aguacharse [v] CL AR tame oneself
aguacharse [v] AR UY get fat in idleness (horses)
aguacharse [v] PR become watery before crying