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Meanings of "bagayo" in English Spanish Dictionary : 16 result(s)

Spanish English
bagayo [m] AR UY stolen goods carried by thieves when arrested by the police
bagayo [m] AR UY an ugly woman
bagayo [m] CL a prisoner with a bad reputation
bagayo [m] pillage
bagayo [m] smuggled goods
bagayo [m] foray
bagayo [m] useless burden
bagayo [m] bundle
bagayo [m] burden
bagayo [m] CL AR:Ne,E UY smuggled goods
bagayo [m] CL AR:Nw UY a small-scale smuggle
bagayo [m] AR UY a poor quality object
bagayo [m] AR UY CL a bundle or tied up clothing carried by travelers
bagayo [m] AR a bundle or tied up clothing carried by wanderers
bagayo [m] AR UY a poor and old prostitute
bagayo [f] old hag

Meanings of "bagayo" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Spanish English
bagayo  [m] AR an ugly person