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Meanings of "bota" in English Spanish Dictionary : 37 result(s)

Spanish English
bota [f] boot
bota [f] wine bag
bota [v] second-person singular formal present indicative of botar
bota [v] third-person singular present indicative of botar
bota [v] second-person singular affirmative imperative of botar
bota [f] large barrel
bota [adj/f] blunt
bota [adj/f] dim
bota [adj/f] dull
bota [f] leather wine bag
bota [f] boots
bota [f] small leather wine bag
bota [f] butt
bota [f] cask
bota [f] bladder
bota [f] bota bag
bota [f] wineskin
bota [f] MX PR cockfight training
bota [f] HN DO PR leather sheath/coarse fabric to cover the spurs of fighting cocks and prevent them from being injured in tests or trials
bota [f] VE military
bota [f] HN SV wooden frame, lined with metal foil and carried by horses (used to transport water)
bota [f] CO VE pant cuff
bota [f] CU bottle of alcoholic beverage
bota [f] HN flexible rubber sleeve that protects against dust and keeps bearings, ball joints and other moving parts greased (vehicles/machines)
bota [f] small leather wine-bag
bota [f] butt or pipe for wine or other liquids
bota [f] liquid measure equal to about 113 gallons
bota [adj/f] fig. torpid
bota [f] tun
bota [f] leather bag used to carry ore out of a mine
bota [f] ore bag
bota [f] leather ore bag
bota [f] boot
bota [f] water-cask
bota [f] line
bota [f] velocity killer
bota [f] wineskin bottle

Meanings of "bota" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 62 result(s)

Spanish English
huella de una bota [f] boot print
bota militar [f] BO military dictatorship
bota la riversa [f] PR effeminate man
bota laredo [f] MX HN laredo boots
atar (zapato/bota) [v] lace
soporte de bota [m] boot stretcher
extensor de bota [m] boot stretcher
bota de caña straight boot
bota para la lluvia galosh
bota de lluvia galosh
bota de goma galosh
bota de vino wineskin
bufia (bota de vino) [f] bag
media bota [f] half-boot
bota de charol [f] patent-leather boot
horma de bota [f] boot-tree
bota de montar [f] jack-boot
caña de bota [f] leg
bota de agua [f] water-butt
tirador de una bota [m] tag
estar alguien que bota [v] be a very angry person
estar que bota [v] be as mad as hell
estar que bota [v] be hopping mad
estar que bota [v] fume with anger
estar que bota [v] be flaming mad
estar que bota [v] be mad as a wet hen
estar que bota [v] get hot under the collar
estar que bota [v] be very mad
estar que bota [v] be very angry
estar que bota [v] be in a rage
estar que bota [v] foam at the mouth
no es para todos la bota de potro [expr] AR UY it indicates a person's lack of fitness (suitability) or physical endurance for an activity
no es para todos la bota de potro [expr] AR UY leave it to the expert(s)
la bota (italia) the boot (Italy)
gota a gota se llena la bota a penny saved is a penny gained
bajo la bota de alguien under the heel of somebody
gota a gota se llena la bota constant dripping wears away a stone
gota a gota se llena la bota drop by drop the pitcher is full
tener más arrugas que la bota de un cojo [v] be as old as the hills
tener más arrugas que la bota de un cojo [v] be as old as methuselah
tener más arrugas que la bota de un cojo [v] be very old
bota de seguridad [f] safety boot
bota de seguridad safety boot
caña de una bota [f] front
bota de chavetas [f] key drift
bota de vino wineskin bottle
bota de montar riding-boot
bota de cuero leather bottle
bota de ascensor BO elevator boot
bota de pasta de unna unna's paste boot
bota abductora abduction boot
bota de unna unna's boot
bota de junod junod's boot
bota de agua [f] water butt
bota de agua water butt
bota cubrepolvo boot seal
bota cubrepolvo de la junta homocinética cv boot
bota cubrepolvo dust boot
línea bota line
estado de bota boot stage
bota de gas gas boot
British Slang
bota de suela gruesa bovverboots