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Meanings of "discredit" in Spanish English Dictionary : 58 result(s)

English Spanish
discredit mengua [f]
discredit desprestigiar [v]
discredit notar [v]
discredit menguar [v]
discredit menoscabar [v]
discredit desacreditar [v]
discredit desautorizar [v]
discredit descalificar [v]
discredit deslegitimar [v]
discredit deslucir [v]
discredit desprestigio [m]
discredit descrédito [m]
discredit desreputación [f] disused
discredit desacreditar [v]
discredit desautorizar [v]
discredit descalificar [v]
discredit desconceptuar [v]
discredit descreer [v]
discredit descuerar [v]
discredit desdorar [v]
discredit deshonestar [v] disused
discredit deshonorar [v]
discredit deshonrar [v]
discredit deslucir [v]
discredit deslustrar [v]
discredit desprestigiar [v]
discredit descrédito [m]
discredit descalificación [f]
discredit demeritar [v]
discredit descreer [v]
discredit refutar (idea/el informe) [v]
discredit desconceptuar [v]
discredit blequear [v] PY
discredit chotear [v] MX GT CR CU PE
discredit embarrar [v] HN AR
discredit manosear [v] AR
discredit opacar [v] MX NI CR PR CO EC PE BO CL PY AR UY PA
discredit repostar [v] HN SV NI PA CU DO PR CO VE
discredit deshonor [m]
discredit deshonra [f]
discredit difamar [v]
discredit disfamar [v] disused
discredit desconfiar [v]
discredit desconfianza [f]
discredit dudar [v]
discredit oprobio [m]
discredit chotear [v] MX GT
discredit embarrar [v] LA
discredit hablar mierda [v] VE
discredit echar sombras [v] PR
discredit poner en la lista negra [v] HN NI UY
discredit poner en las cuatro esquinas [v] DO
discredit poner negro [v] BO:E
discredit mengua [f]
discredit menoscabar [v]
discredit menguar [v]
discredit menoscabo [m]
discredit descrédito [m]

Meanings of "discredit" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 37 result(s)

English Spanish
a discredit to deshonra [f]
ruthless criticism made to discredit someone hartada [f] HN CR
bring discredit on desacreditar [v]
fall into discredit desprestigiarse [v]
bring somebody into discredit desprestigiar [v]
discredit the words or actions of another aportillar [v] CL
be to someone's discredit desacreditar a alguien [v]
be to someone's discredit desprestigiar a alguien [v]
discredit someone/something demeritar [v] MX GT HN NI PA CU PR CO VE EC BO AR UY CR CL
discredit someone dechabar [v] CU
discredit someone descaracterizar [v] CU
discredit someone with tricks and wiles to keep them from standing out in a situation or activity chaquetear [v] CL
discredit someone chamuscar (portuguesa) [v] MX
discredit someone cortar [v] VE
criticize harshly in order to discredit someone hartarse [v] HN CR
discredit someone lampacear [v] NI
pertaining to someone who tends to discredit someone chaquetero [adj] CL
a discredit to descrédito [m]
false news to discredit someone aldabonazo [m] MX
false news to discredit someone aldabonazo [m] HN rare
campaign to try to discredit someone chaqueteo [m] CL
true or false news intended to criticize or discredit soplo [m] EC
bring into discredit desacreditar [v]
criticism meant to discredit someone comida [f] CR
discredit someone ir en descrédito de alguien [v]
discredit someone ir en mengua de alguien [v]
bring discredit upon a person cubrir a alguien de oprobio [v]
discredit or smear somebody echar bola negra [v] HN NI DO
discredit someone dar bola [v] SV
discredit someone dar bola [v] SV
discredit someone using offensive words poner como un chuica [v] CR disused
bring discredit to one's name arrastrar por el fango [v]
bring discredit to one's name tirar por los suelos [v]
bring discredit to one's name poner por los suelos [v]
discredit someone bagacear [v] CO
true or false news to criticize or discredit someone chambre [m] GT HN SV NI
discredit a witness desacreditar a un testigo