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Meanings of "disgust" in Spanish English Dictionary : 67 result(s)

English Spanish
disgust repugnancia [f]
disgust náusea [f]
disgust disgustar [v]
disgust repugnar [v]
disgust asco [m]
disgust náuseas [f/pl]
disgust aversión [f]
disgust repulsión [f]
disgust hastiar [v]
disgust asquear [v]
disgust repeler [v]
disgust hastío [m]
disgust hipo [m]
disgust abominación [f]
disgust asquerosidad [f]
disgust desazón [f]
disgust acedar [v]
disgust acedar [v] disused
disgust asquear [v]
disgust atravesarse [v]
disgust corrozar (francés) [v] disused
disgust desabrir [v]
disgust asco [m]
disgust corrozo [m] disused
disgust desabor [m] disused
disgust desagrado [m]
disgust despagamiento [m] disused
disgust despecho [m] disused
disgust despesar [m] disused
disgust repulsa [f]
disgust grima [f]
disgust fuñenda [f] DO
disgust malasangre [f] PA DO AR
disgust revoltura [f] CU
disgust indignar (moralmente) [v]
disgust antipatizar con [v]
disgust enfadar [v] PR
disgust incomodamiento [m] CU
disgust repelillo [m] PR
disgust desazón [f]
disgust chocar [v]
disgust desgraciar [v]
disgust desplacer [v]
disgust desazonar [v]
disgust enhastiar [v]
disgust mortificar [v]
disgust desplacer [m]
disgust descontento [m]
disgust empalago [m]
disgust sinsabor [m]
disgust tedio [m]
disgust odio [m]
disgust enfadar [v]
disgust calentona [f] DO rare
disgust pichadura [f] PY
disgust desaborición [f] AL
disgust agrazar [v]
disgust estomagar [v]
disgust repelo [m]
disgust agraz [m]
disgust agrazón [m] rare
disgust berrinche [m] CU DO VE
disgust ñacañaca [m] SV NI
disgust antojo [m] PV
disgust dar asco [v]
disgust pichadura [f] AR
disgust pelaverguismo [m] GT

Meanings of "disgust" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 40 result(s)

English Spanish
cause disgust asquear [v]
cause disgust hastiar [v]
knit the brow showing displeasure/disgust aturrar [v] HN:S,W
knit the brow showing displeasure/disgust aturrar [v] SV
make faces to express disgust/discomfort amurrar [v] HN
make frequent use of the expression "che!" to show amazement or disgust chechear [v] UY
disgust someone chocar [v] NI CR CO EC BO
cause disgust güevear [v] CR CL
cause disgust huevear [v] CR derog.
feel disgust for tener grima a [v]
making faces of disgust arresmillado [adj] PR
causing a feeling of bitterness and disgust amargante [adj] AR UY
indication of disgust fu [interj]
expressing disgust or nausea guácala [interj]
expressing disgust or nausea puaj [interj]
expressing disgust ¡asco! [interj] DO CO VE EC
companion that causes disgust arrebiate [m] VE
something that causes disgust arrebiate [m] VE
severe disgust amargón [m] PE
disgust at asco hacia
disgust at indignación ante
consider with disgust asquear [v]
excite disgust in fastidiar [v]
of disgust fu [interj]
abundance of meat that is causes disgust carnuza [f] derog.
disgust experienced after doing something deje [m] PR
with disgust or anger con viento fresco [adv]
cause disgust ser una triste gracia [v]
disgust someone dar asco a alguien [v]
dismiss someone coldly with disgust botar como bolsa [v] PR
cause disgust no ser gracia [v] CL
cause discomfort, disgust, or repulsion hacer un circo en el estómago [v] MX
look at with disgust mirar rayado [v] CO:Ne
cause disgust revolver la vida [v] GT
feel slight disgust or apprehension while doing a certain thing darle cosa (a uno) [v] AR
feel admiration, disgust or strangeness for something or someone caerse para atrás [v] PA
disgust or bad time that one person makes another go through entripado [m] BO:S
anger or disgust colerón [m] CR PE BO AR:Nw BO
used to express disgust at something/someone ¡me cachó! [expr] BO
cause disgust huevear [v] BO CL derog.