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Meanings of "dishonest" in Spanish English Dictionary : 87 result(s)

English Spanish
dishonest falso [adj]
dishonest ímprobo [adj]
dishonest engañoso [adj]
dishonest truhanesco [adj]
dishonest fraudulento [adj]
dishonest deshonesto [adj]
dishonest bribón [adj]
dishonest ímproba [adj/f]
dishonest engañosa [adj/f]
dishonest truhanesca [adj/f]
dishonest fraudulenta [adj/f]
dishonest deshonesta [adj/f]
dishonest bribona [adj/f]
dishonest indecente [adj]
dishonest inhonesto [adj] rare
dishonest puerco [adj]
dishonest puerca [adj/f]
dishonest inhonesta [adj/f] rare
dishonest abribonado [adj] rare
dishonest manganzona [f] EC
dishonest tramposo [adj]
dishonest torpe [adj]
dishonest golfo [adj]
dishonest malandrino (italian) [adj]
dishonest embustero [adj]
dishonest mentiroso [adj]
dishonest nada honrado [adj]
dishonest alfarnate [adj] DO
dishonest atracador [adj] NI CU
dishonest baladrón [adj] PR EC
dishonest brevo [adj] CL
dishonest cachiporra [adj] CL
dishonest chueco [adj] MX EC BO CL
dishonest farolero [adj] EC BO AR rare
dishonest conchudo [adj] MX GT HN NI
dishonest condenado [adj] BO NI CR disused
dishonest condenito [adj] CR rur.
dishonest condolido [adj] CR disused rur.
dishonest confisgado [adj] CR disused rur.
dishonest hoyero [adj] GT rare
dishonest lépero [adj] HN SV NI
dishonest jampón [adj] SV
dishonest lépero [adj] GT HN
dishonest jaranero [adj] HN SV NI
dishonest mandrake [adj] HN SV
dishonest mandraque [adj] HN SV NI
dishonest manudo [adj] GT
dishonest macizo [adj] GT
dishonest malandrín [adj] NI PA PR PE PY AR
dishonest matrero [adj] GT NI BO:W PY
dishonest ocioso [adj] SV
dishonest papelista [adj] NI
dishonest vagabundón [adj] DO VE
dishonest vagamundo [adj] DO
dishonest manganzón [m] EC
dishonest malandrines [m/pl] UY
dishonest nada honrada [adj/f]
dishonest diablo montado en bicicleta [loc/adj] PR
dishonest malo [adj]
dishonest pícaro [adj]
dishonest infiel [adj]
dishonest desleal [adj]
dishonest mala [adj/f]
dishonest pícara [adj/f]
dishonest trapacero [adj]
dishonest chapucero [adj] MX
dishonest cachetón [adj] CL
dishonest frescolín [adj] BO CL
dishonest carón [adj] CO:N derog.
dishonest maleta [adj] GT CL
dishonest maletero [adj] BO CL
dishonest malamañoso [adj] PA
dishonest vagabundo [adj] PA DO VE
dishonest trapacera [adj/f]
dishonest sin punto [adj] SV
dishonest ficha de caite [loc/adj] SV jail
dishonest mapa [adj] EC derog.
dishonest fresco de raja [loc/adj] CL
dishonest fresco de raja [loc/nom] CL
dishonest inescrupuloso [adj]
dishonest deshonesto [adj]
dishonest fraudulento [adj]
dishonest venal [adj]
dishonest inhonesto [adj]
dishonest deshonrado [adj]
dishonest ruin [adj]
dishonest torcido [adj]

Meanings of "dishonest" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 40 result(s)

English Spanish
become dishonest abribonarse [v] rare
in a dishonest way deshonestamente [adv]
dishonest person atracadora [f] NI CU
dishonest person chancha [f] HN derog.
dishonest person cuaba [f] CU DO
dishonest lawyer picapleitera [f] BO
dishonest person riñona [f] NI
dishonest person sablera [f] BO
dishonest person sablera [f] CL rare
carry out dishonest activity mandrakear [v] HN SV
carry out dishonest activity mandraquear [v] HN SV
dishonest (person) chivero [adj] EC disused
dishonest (person) chivista [adj] EC
dishonest person atracador [m] NI CU
dishonest person chancho [m] HN derog.
dishonest person chalemán [m] PR
dishonest person mandraquero [m] HN SV
dishonest person mandrakero [m] HN SV
dishonest person mandraque [m] HN SV NI
shady or dishonest subject pase [m] CU
dishonest lawyer picapleitero [m] BO
dishonest person riñón [m] NI
dishonest person sablero [m] BO
dishonest person sablero [m] CL rare
someone that is dishonest or cheats tramposo [m/f]
dishonest person cachiporra [m/f] CL
dishonest lawyer abogánster [m/f] MX HN SV EC BO derog.
dishonest lawyer litigánster [m/f] SV derog.
vile and dishonest person, who acts without consideration for others malaconciencia [m/f] DO BO:W
emphatic statement of honesty and innocence that very often covers dishonest behavior baños de pureza [m/pl] MX
dishonest topic, project, or thing cuchufleta [f] CL
be dishonest no ser trigo limpio [v]
be dishonest ensuciarse [v]
be behaving in a dishonest or bad way tener malas intenciones [v]
dishonest deal soconusco [m] CAR
dishonest legal dealings picapleitismo [m] BO derog.
someone known to perform dishonest practices chanta  [m/f] AR
be dishonest llevar con la doble [v] CO
dishonest person riñona [f] SV NI delinq.
involved in dishonest or illegal matters en la joda [loc/adj] AR UY