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Meanings of "emborracharse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 43 result(s)

Spanish English
emborracharse [v] get drunk
emborracharse [v] get sloshed
emborracharse [v] get bombed
emborracharse [v] get drunk
emborracharse [v] be intoxicated
emborracharse [v] run together
emborracharse [v] get drunk
emborracharse [v] become intoxicated
emborracharse [v] drink
emborracharse [v] fuddle
emborracharse [v] guzzle
emborracharse [v] inebriate
emborracharse [v] swill
emborracharse [v] spree
emborracharse [v] tipple
emborracharse [v] tope
emborracharse [v] cut one's wolf loose
emborracharse [v] have one too many
emborracharse [v] hit the booze
emborracharse [v] hit the bottle
emborracharse get one's swerve on
emborracharse get pissed
emborracharse liquor up
emborracharse [v] hang one on
emborracharse [v] get smashed
emborracharse [v] get plastered
emborracharse [v] booze
emborracharse wear it
emborracharse [v] wig out
emborracharse [v] belt the grape
emborracharse [v] get pissed
emborracharse [v] get shit-faced
emborracharse [v] get wasted
emborracharse [v] go out of one's skull
emborracharse [v] get hepped
emborracharse [v] get hepped up
emborracharse [v] get loaded
emborracharse [v] lay one on
emborracharse [v] throw one back
emborracharse [v] tie one on
emborracharse hit the bottle
emborracharse [v] hog the ball
British Slang
emborracharse piss up

Meanings of "emborracharse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 16 result(s)

Spanish English
emborracharse con facilidad [v] can't hold their drink
emborracharse con facilidad [v] can't hold their liquor
emborracharse con gin tonic [v] have one too many g and t's
emborracharse como un cerdo [v] go on a binge
salir a emborracharse [v] be out on the piss (brit)
emborracharse de cólera [v] go into a blind rage
emborracharse por completo get pissed as a skunk
emborracharse alegremente large it up
emborracharse un poco [v] catch a buzz
beber hasta emborracharse [v] booze up
beber hasta emborracharse [v] booze it up
emborracharse un poco [v] get tipsy
emborracharse por completo [v] get hammered
beber hasta emborracharse [v] powder up
una cantidad suficiente de alcohol como para emborracharse a snootful
quiere emborracharse he wanna get fucked up