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Meanings of "enojarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 73 result(s)

Spanish English
enojarse [v] get angry
enojarse [v] get annoyed
enojarse [v] get mad [us]
enojarse [v] get cross
enojarse [v] be annoyed
enojarse [v] become upset
enojarse [v] get upset
enojarse [v] get angry
enojarse [v] anger
enojarse [v] be cross
enojarse [v] be angry
enojarse [v] be offended
enojarse [v] be fretful
enojarse [v] be peevish
enojarse [v] be displeased
enojarse [v] fig. become boisterous
enojarse [v] become angry
enojarse [v] get irritated
enojarse [v] become cross
enojarse [v] fire
enojarse [v] chafe
enojarse [v] darkle
enojarse [v] fret
enojarse [v] fume
enojarse [v] rage
enojarse [v] sour
enojarse [v] ruffle
enojarse [v] go through the roof
enojarse [v] come to a boil
enojarse [v] take fire
enojarse [v] freak out
enojarse [v] be driven round the bend
enojarse [v] dig up one's tomahawk
enojarse [v] fly off the handles
enojarse [v] feel one's gorge rise
enojarse [v] explode with anger
enojarse [v] drive one out of one's mind
enojarse [v] have a fit
enojarse [v] go off the deep end
enojarse [v] see red
enojarse [v] do one's block
enojarse [v] show one's horns
enojarse burst a blood vessel
enojarse get one's back up
enojarse get hot under the collar
enojarse get one's dander up
enojarse get one's monkey up
enojarse get one's nose out of joint
enojarse get the hump
enojarse blow one's top
enojarse blow one's stack
enojarse [v] be put out
enojarse [v] arc up
enojarse [v] blow up
enojarse piss around
enojarse browned off
enojarse [v] go ballistic
enojarse [v] blow one's top
enojarse [v] lose one's cool
enojarse [v] lose one's temper
enojarse [v] let drive
enojarse [v] let fly
enojarse [v] get cranky
enojarse become enraged
enojarse [v] get pissed off
enojarse [v] flip out
enojarse [v] get cheesed off
enojarse [v] get mad
enojarse [v] have a spaz
enojarse [v] see red
enojarse lose it
enojarse [v] rage
British Slang
enojarse [v] go ape/apeshit

Meanings of "enojarse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 32 result(s)

Spanish English
enojarse con [v] get mad with [us]
enojarse con [v] be angry with
enojarse con uno mismo [v] be mad at oneself
acción de enojarse blowing off
enojarse (viento/mar) [v] become violent
enojarse fácilmente [v] be a hot head
enojarse con alguien [v] freak out at someone
enojarse con alguien [v] freak out over someone
enojarse mucho [v] go through the roof
enojarse mucho [v] be going spare
enojarse súbitamente [v] hit the roof
enojarse muy fácilmente [v] have a low-temper
enojarse súbitamente [v] go postal
enojarse mucho [v] go spare
enojarse por algo [v] not take kindly to something
enojarse contra alguien [v] get mad with someone
enojarse contra alguien [v] get angry with someone
enojarse demasiado bust a blood vessel
enojarse mucho get one's knickers in a knot
enojarse mucho get one's knickers in a twist
enojarse por [v] gripe at
enojarse de verdad get really angry
enojarse mucho become very angry
no hay motivo para enojarse así there's no point in raking over the coals
enojarse mucho [v] get very pissed
enojarse mucho [v] flip one's wig
enojarse mucho [v] fly into a rage
enojarse mucho [v] fly off the handle
enojarse mucho [v] get bent out of shape
enojarse mucho hit the ceiling
British Slang
enojarse mucho [v] throw a wobbler
enojarse mucho [v] throw a wobbly