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Meanings of "fastidiar" in English Spanish Dictionary : 72 result(s)

Spanish English
fastidiar [v] annoy
fastidiar [v] disappoint
fastidiar [v] cloy
fastidiar [v] bother
fastidiar [v] bore
fastidiar [v] ruin
fastidiar [v] spoil
fastidiar [v] break
fastidiar [v] irk
fastidiar [v] annoy
fastidiar [v] irritate
fastidiar [v] bother
fastidiar [v] wind up
fastidiar [v] burn up
fastidiar [v] piss off
fastidiar [v] disused revolt
fastidiar [v] disused disgust
fastidiar [v] disused make someone sick
fastidiar [v] mess up
fastidiar [v] disturb
fastidiar [v] tease
fastidiar [v] pester
fastidiar [v] hassle
fastidiar [v] trouble
fastidiar [v] henpeck
fastidiar [v] to nag persistently
fastidiar [v] peeve
fastidiar [v] irritate
fastidiar [v] spite
fastidiar [v] bug
fastidiar [v] bust
fastidiar [v] torment
fastidiar [v] badger
fastidiar [v] DO PE rur. court
fastidiar [v] DO PE rur. start to woo a woman (a man)
fastidiar [v] sicken
fastidiar [v] loathe
fastidiar [v] excite disgust in
fastidiar [v] offend
fastidiar [v] harm
fastidiar [v] damage
fastidiar [v] cause loss to
fastidiar [v] vex
fastidiar [v] molest
fastidiar [v] grate
fastidiar [v] mope
fastidiar [v] incommode
fastidiar [v] hatchel
fastidiar [v] rub
fastidiar [v] ruffle
fastidiar [v] tire
fastidiar [v] worry
fastidiar [v] miff
fastidiar [v] rub the wrong way
fastidiar [v] cream one's corn
fastidiar [v] tick off
fastidiar [v] hit a nerve
fastidiar [v] hit a raw nerve
fastidiar [v] nag at
fastidiar [v] rock the boat
fastidiar [v] mess about
fastidiar [v] mess around
fastidiar [v] muck up
fastidiar [v] get to
fastidiar piss off
fastidiar act up
fastidiar [v] nag
fastidiar [v] needle
fastidiar [v] harm
fastidiar [v] cause damage
fastidiar [v] cause pain
fastidiar [v] pain

Meanings of "fastidiar" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 18 result(s)

Spanish English
fastidiar a alguien [v] grate on someone's nerves
fastidiar a alguien [v] put someone's back up
fastidiar a alguien nause someone out
fastidiar a alguien/burlarse burn up
fastidiar a alguien wear away at someone
querer fastidiar be testy
fastidiar una cosa cock something up
fastidiar mucho a alguien badger someone to death
fastidiar a alguien brass someone off
fastidiar a alguien [v] jerk someone around
fastidiar a alguien [v] jerk someone over
fastidiar a alguien con algo [v] keep at someone about something
fastidiar a alguien con algo [v] pester someone about something
criticar duramente o fastidiar pick on (somebody)
sólo para fastidiar just to spite
fastidiar a alguien piss someone off
impuesto sólo por fastidiar nuisance tax
impuesto sólo por fastidiar nuisance tax