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Meanings of "fiel" in English Spanish Dictionary : 59 result(s)

Spanish English
fiel [adj] faithful
fiel [adj] loyal
fiel [adj] honest
fiel [adj] trustworthy
fiel [adj] accurate
fiel [m] needle
fiel [m] pointer
fiel [m/f] believer
fiel [adj] faithful
fiel [adj] loyal
fiel [adj] devoted
fiel [adj] true
fiel [adj] on time
fiel [adj] accurate
fiel [adj] religious
fiel [m] public inspector of weights and measures
fiel [m] pointer
fiel [m] latch
fiel [m] matchlock
fiel [m] pivot
fiel [m] pin
fiel [m] tithe collector
fiel [m] arms inspector appointed by the king
fiel [m/f] religious person
fiel [m/f] devotee
fiel [m/f] believer
fiel [adj] staunch
fiel [adj] steadfast
fiel [adj] true
fiel [m] PR scale for weighing fighter cocks
fiel [adj] devoted
fiel [adj] upright
fiel [adj] right
fiel [adj] obedient
fiel [adj] exact
fiel [adj] staunch (roman catholics)
fiel [m] pointer/needle of a balance
fiel [m] pivot of a steelyard
fiel [m] pin of scissors
fiel [m] public inspector, especially of weights and measures
fiel [m/f] devout christian
fiel [adj] confiding
fiel [adj] fast
fiel [adj] blue
fiel [adj] true blue
fiel [adj] punctual
fiel [adj] leal
fiel [adj] religious
fiel [adj] tried
fiel [adj] true-hearted
fiel [adj] trustful
fiel [adj] unaffected
fiel [adj] stalwart
fiel [adj] stanch
fiel [m/f] worshipper
fiel [m/f] churchgoer
fiel [m] pointer
fiel [adj] incorrupt
fiel [m] tongue

Meanings of "fiel" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 89 result(s)

Spanish English
fiel almotacén [m] weights and measures inspector
fiel cogedor [m] tithe collector
fiel de fechos [m] stand in for the scribe in towns without an official scribe
fiel de lides [m] ancient combat supervisor
fiel de romana [m] slaughterhouse inspector
fiel ejecutor [m] inspector of weights, measures, and markets
fiel medidor [m] market overseer
permanecer fiel [v] abide
mantenerse fiel [v] abide
mantenerse fiel [v] abide by
mantenerse fiel a la decisión (de uno mismo) [v] abide by one's decision
permanecer fiel a la decisión (de uno mismo) [v] abide by one's decision
ser fiel a su palabra [v] keep one's word
seguir siendo fiel a [v] remain true to
seguir siendo fiel a [v] remain loyal to
seguir siendo fiel a [v] remain faithful to
ser una copia fiel del original [v] be a true copy of the original
ser fiel [v] be loyal
mantenerse fiel a su palabra [v] be as good as your word
fiel de rastro [m] HN person in charge of verifying cattle weights
alauita (fiel del alauismo) [m/f] alawite
siempre fiel forever faithful
serle fiel a uno [v] stick close by a person
fiel de balanza [adj] balance-beam
fiel de balanza [m] balancer
fiel contraste [m] assayer
adherente fiel [m/f] stand-by
en fiel [adv] balanced
en fiel [adv] certified
ser fiel para siempre [v] be forever faithful
ser fiel a uno mismo [v] do oneself justice
mantenerse fiel [v] stick to one's guns
mantenerse fiel a los principios de uno [v] stick to one's principles
ser fiel con keep faith with
fiel hasta la muerte as true as steel
muy fiel as true as steel
fiel a una promesa as good as one's word
copia fiel de su madre like mother like daughter
una persona franca y fiel a straight arrow
un sirviente fiel a man friday
eres fiel you're true blue
seguir fiel a [v] stick to
ser fiel a (principios) [v] stick to
ser fiel a su palabra [v] be true to one's word
ser fiel a alguien [v] be faithful to someone
ser la fiel estampa de alguien [v] be the spitting image of
un retrato fiel a speaking likeness
fiel hasta el fin loyal to a fault
fiel hasta el fin faithful to the end
fiel reflejo true and fair
copia fiel exact duplicate
copia fiel true copy
imagen fiel true representation
copia fiel true copy
fiel cumplimiento faithful performance
fianza de fiel cumplimiento performance bond
imagen fiel fair presentation
imagen fiel true and fair view
representación fiel faithful representation
imagen fiel ES reliable image
fiel cumplimiento faithful compliance
copia fiel real copy
fiel cumplimiento faithful performance
certificada como copia fiel certified as a true copy
copia fiel true copy
copia fiel estreat
copia fiel true copy
traslado fiel y exacto de su original a true and correct copy of the original
copia fiel true copy
imagen fiel fairness
imagen fiel fair presentation
Estate Law
copia fiel true copy
obtienes lo que ves salida fiel (olqueve) what you see is what you get (wysiwyg)
copia fiel del original true copy
copia fiel ditto
imagen fiel express image
fiel de balanza balancer
copia fiel true copy
traducción fiel accurate translation
escala del fiel [f] beam scales
fiel divisor [m] index
fiel de balanza needle
fiel a true to
traducción fiel accurate translation
copia fiel true copy
transcripción fiel true transcription
especie fiel faithful species
reproducción fiel [f] accurate reproduction
reproducción fiel accurate reproduction