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Meanings of "gilipollas" in English Spanish Dictionary : 176 result(s)

Spanish English
gilipollas [adj] dumb
gilipollas [adj] daft
gilipollas [m/f] prat
gilipollas [m/f] jerk
gilipollas [m/f] pompous ass
gilipollas [m/f] a nerd
gilipollas twat
gilipollas wet rag
gilipollas [adj] wanker/tosser
gilipollas [adj] jack-off
gilipollas [adj] asshole
gilipollas [adj] prick
gilipollas [adj] arsehole
gilipollas [m/f] ES idiot
gilipollas [m/f] ES ass
gilipollas [m/f] ES asshole
gilipollas [m/f] cuckoo
gilipollas [m/f] goof
gilipollas [m/f] twat
gilipollas [m/f] half-baked
gilipollas [m/f] goofball
gilipollas [m/f] bozo
gilipollas [m/f] dork
gilipollas [m/f] sawney
gilipollas [m/f] turnip
gilipollas [m/f] dumbass
gilipollas [m/f] rattlebrain
gilipollas [m/f] jag-off
gilipollas [m/f] doofus
gilipollas [m/f] lop
gilipollas [m/f] dumbbell
gilipollas [m/f] scatterbrain
gilipollas [m/f] berk
gilipollas [adj] ES silly
gilipollas [adj] ES fatheaded
gilipollas [m] ES prick
gilipollas [m] ES wanker
gilipollas [m] ES dickhead
gilipollas [m/f] bitch ass
gilipollas [m/f] arse
gilipollas [m/f] arsehole
gilipollas [m/f] ass
gilipollas [m/f] ass hole
gilipollas [m/f] asshat
gilipollas [m/f] ES dumb ass
gilipollas [m/f] ES stupid
gilipollas [m/f] asshole
gilipollas [m/f] prick
gilipollas [m/f] douchebag
gilipollas [m/f] dickhead
gilipollas [m/f] stupid person
gilipollas [m/f] nincompoop
gilipollas [m/f] wanker
gilipollas [m/pl] arses
gilipollas wanker
gilipollas whoreson
gilipollas wide-o (scottish use)
gilipollas bean chute
gilipollas corn hole
gilipollas courage
gilipollas douche bag
gilipollas douchebag
gilipollas bunghole
gilipollas dick head
gilipollas dick-load
gilipollas dickhead
gilipollas fuck-face
gilipollas fuck-nugget
gilipollas fuck-pig
gilipollas fucker
gilipollas fuckhead
gilipollas fucknugget
gilipollas fuckpig
gilipollas jagoff
gilipollas jerk
gilipollas mofo
gilipollas motherfucker
gilipollas mother fucker
gilipollas shit
gilipollas pooter
gilipollas shithead
gilipollas twatface
gilipollas putz
gilipollas queen
gilipollas rassgat
gilipollas son of a bitch
gilipollas you sack of wine
British Slang
gilipollas [m/f] butt munch
gilipollas [m/f] arse monger
gilipollas [m/f] bell-end
gilipollas [m/f] boof
gilipollas [m/f] bum nugget
gilipollas [m/f] devious schemer (aus)
gilipollas [m/f] chief (london use)
gilipollas [m/f] chuffer
gilipollas dick
gilipollas dick breath
gilipollas dickend
gilipollas dickfuck
gilipollas dickhead
gilipollas dicksplash
gilipollas dicksplat
gilipollas dickweed
gilipollas dirtbag
gilipollas dobber
gilipollas dog-breath
gilipollas doughnut
gilipollas gobshite
gilipollas cock knocker
gilipollas cockhead
gilipollas cockknocker
gilipollas cocknocker
gilipollas cocksucker
gilipollas greb
gilipollas grot
gilipollas grotbag
gilipollas cunt
gilipollas cunt chops
gilipollas cunt rag
gilipollas grumble
gilipollas grumble and grunt
gilipollas cuntface
gilipollas cunt-face
gilipollas cuntox
gilipollas cuntrag
gilipollas cunty
gilipollas cuntyballs (scottish)
gilipollas cuntybaws (scottish)
gilipollas fecker (irish)
gilipollas fucknut
gilipollas fuck-nut
gilipollas gareth hunt
gilipollas gayarse
gilipollas get
gilipollas gimp
gilipollas git
gilipollas knob-end
gilipollas knob-shiner
gilipollas knobber
gilipollas langer
gilipollas nobber
gilipollas nonce
gilipollas ricker
gilipollas ring-piece
gilipollas ring
gilipollas shitter
gilipollas ponce
gilipollas prick
gilipollas ratbag (aus)
gilipollas rasclat
gilipollas scratter
gilipollas saddo
gilipollas scunt
gilipollas scrote
gilipollas shit eater
gilipollas shitbox
gilipollas shitbag
gilipollas shitcunt
gilipollas shit-face
gilipollas shitehawk
gilipollas shiteater
gilipollas shit-cunt
gilipollas shitstain
gilipollas shit-head
gilipollas toe-rag
gilipollas tossbag
gilipollas toss-pot
gilipollas turd
gilipollas twat
gilipollas twat face
gilipollas wank biscuit
gilipollas wanker
gilipollas wankshaft
gilipollas wanksplat
gilipollas wankstain
gilipollas ya wank (scottish)

Meanings of "gilipollas" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 18 result(s)

Spanish English
quedar como un gilipollas [v] make an ass of oneself
hacer el gilipollas [v] goof around
hacer el gilipollas [v] horse around
hacer el gilipollas [v] bum around
hacer el gilipollas [v] idle around
hacer el gilipollas [v] idle about
ser un capullo/gilipollas [v] be a dickhead
ser un capullo/gilipollas [v] be a cunt
hacer el gilipollas [v] dick around
ser un gilipollas [v] be full of shit
hacer el gilipollas [v] fuck about
hacer el gilipollas [v] fuck around
hacer el gilipollas [v] screw around
hacer el gilipollas [v] screw off
¡gilipollas! [interj] ES asshole!
¡puto gilipollas! cunt
¡cierra el pico gilipollas! shut up your gob dumbass!
deja de hacer el gilipollas ES stop acting like a jackass