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Meanings of "great" in Spanish English Dictionary : 272 result(s)

English Spanish
great fenomenal [adj]
great elevado [adj]
great alucinante [adj]
great sumo [adj]
great bacilón [adj] EC PE
great grande [adj]
great elevada [adj/f]
great suma [adj/f]
great bacilona [adj/f] EC PE
great gran (delante de sustantivo) [adj]
great capital [adj]
great crecido [adj]
great dilatado [adj]
great bueno [adj]
great fiero [adj]
great gordo [adj]
great grandioso [adj]
great grave [adj]
great grueso [adj]
great primo [adj]
great profundo [adj]
great perínclito [adj]
great magno [adj]
great preexcelso [adj]
great genial [adj]
great estupendo [adj]
great fabuloso [adj]
great macanudo [adj] AMER
great reverendo [adj]
great tremendo [adj]
great colosal [adj]
great preexcelsa [adj/f]
great dilatada [adj/f]
great prima [adj/f]
great profunda [adj/f]
great magna [adj/f]
great fiera [adj/f]
great crecida [adj/f]
great gorda [adj/f]
great grandiosa [adj/f]
great gruesa [adj/f]
great estupenda [adj/f]
great fabulosa [adj/f]
great perínclita [adj/f]
great macanuda [adj/f] AMER
great buena [adj/f]
great reverenda [adj/f]
great tremenda [adj/f]
great mucho [adj]
great desmedido [adj]
great numeroso [adj]
great muchísimo [adj]
great largo [adj]
great prolongado [adj]
great henchido [adj]
great preñado [adj]
great poderoso [adj]
great familiar [adj]
great íntimo [adj]
great ilustre [adj]
great magnánimo [adj]
great noble [adj]
great eminente [adj]
great admirable [adj]
great maravilloso [adj]
great adorable [adj]
great sublime [adj]
great orgulloso [adj]
great magnífico [adj]
great imponente [adj]
great desmedida [adj/f]
great mucha [adj/f]
great numerosa [adj/f]
great muchísima [adj/f]
great henchida [adj/f]
great prolongada [adj/f]
great larga [adj/f]
great poderosa [adj/f]
great íntima [adj/f]
great preñada [adj/f]
great magnánima [adj/f]
great magnífica [adj/f]
great maravillosa [adj/f]
great orgullosa [adj/f]
great fetén [adv]
great cheque [adv] HN CL
great chiva [adv] SV CR teen
great cool (inglesa) [adv] US NI PA PR PE CL UY CR BO rare teen
great pijudamente [adv] HN NI
great vasto [adj]
great macanudo (coloquial) [adj]
great garrafal [adj]
great loco [adj]
great regio [adj]
great formidable [adj]
great molón [adj]
great apoteósico [adj]
great vacilón [adj]
great chévere [adj] CAM VE PE CO DO PR
great nutrido [adj]
great ingente [adj]
great gran [adj]
great muy bueno [adj]
great intenso [adj]
great de bigote [adj] ES
great bakan [adj] CL
great bellaco [adj] PR
great chulín [adj] PR
great chuchín [adj] PR
great cebado [adj] CL teen
great cototo [adj] CL teen
great cototudo [adj] CL
great menso [adj] CL
great padre [adj] MX
great padrísimo [adj] MX HN NI child
great pifioso [adj] PA
great bien [interj]
great grandioso [interj]
great intensa [adj/f]
great bellaca [adj/f] PR
great chuchina [adj/f] PR
great bien y más [loc/adv] PR
great de a kilo [adj]
great tres piedras [adj] SV
great tres piedras y un tejo encima [adj] SV
great tres piedras y un tetunte [adj] SV
great de alante alante [loc/adj] DO
great de a concón [loc/adj] DO
great del chiras [loc/adv] CO:C
great de oro
great que te mueres
great a lo bestia
great como dios
great como pintado
great chévere [adv] CO VE PE BO
great paja [f] PE
great madre [f] HN teen
great mejor que teta de monja [v]
great guay [adj] ES
great dabuten [adj] ES
great chachi [adj]
great descacharrante [adj]
great cojonudo [adj]
great dulce de leche [adj]
great chévere [adj] AMER
great padre [adj] MX
great piola [adj] AR CL UY
great pipudo [adj]
great fantástico [adj]
great fardón [adj] ES
great vaciado [adj] AMER
great guapo [adj]
great pistonudo [adj]
great que quita el hipo [adj]
great de narices [adj]
great súper [adj]
great macanudo [adj] LAM
great de la leche [adj]
great de la hostia [adj]
great de pinga [adj]
great de la gran flauta [adj]
great de padre y muy señor mío [adj]
great de aúpa [adj]
great de garabatillo [adj]
great de ensueño [adj]
great de pánico [adj]
great de puta madre [adj]
great enrollante [adj] ES
great famoso [adj]
great potente [adj]
great numerero [adj]
great bacán [adj]
great bárbaro  [adj] AR
great supicucu [adj] PA
great supicucú [adj] PA
great gara [adj] EC:S teen
great jevi [adj] GT HN DO
great jebi (inglés heavy) [adj] HN SV DO teen
great jevi (inglés heavy) [adj] GT HN DO teen
great loquísimo [adj] DO teen
great mundial [adj] EC PE CL child
great mundial [adj] HN PR
great guay [interj]
great pipuda [adj/f]
great fantástica [adj/f]
great fardona [adj/f] ES
great vaciada [adj/f] AMER
great guapa [adj/f]
great famosa [adj/f]
great bárbara  [adj/f] AR
great de la madona [loc/adj] PA CO BO AR
great a toda madre [loc/adj] MX GT
great a toda madre [loc/adj] GT HN NI
great de poca madre [loc/adj] MX
great de más [loc/adj] UY teen
great chévere cambur [loc/adv] VE
great del guan [loc/adv] CL
great de pinga [loc/adv] VE
great de muchas campanillas
great de campanillas
great de fetén
great de pata negra
great de coña
great de buten
great de caballo
great de cine
great donde las haya
great donde los haya
great ni hecho de encargo
great que tira para atrás
great que echa para atrás
great flor de AR
great de altos vuelos [adj]
great de aquí te espero [adj]
great de muerte [adj]
great de fábula [adj]
great de película [adj]
great de película [adj] ES
great de lujo
great de bigote
great de campeonato
great que no veas
great chachi [adv]
great gloria [f]
great como un camión [v] ES
great chido [adj] MX
great dabuten [adj] ES
great canuto [adj]
great capo [adj] AR BO EC PY PE UY
great chachi [adj] ES
great chévere [adj] BO CAR CAM PE VE
great suave [adj]
great auténtico [adj]
great flipante [adj]
great bacano [adj] CO CU CL EC DO
great búfalo [adj] NI
great de la madre [adj] LAM
great de alucine [adj]
great de primera [adj]
great de pistón [adj]
great kilo [adj] AR
great a toda madre [expr] MX
great chida [adj/f] MX
great capa [adj/f] AR BO EC PY PE UY
great auténtica [adj/f]
great bacana [adj/f] CO CU CL EC DO
great de impresión ES
great descojonante
great en grandes cantidades
great muy bueno
great extraordinario
great chévere PE
great chiva CR
great chivísima CR
great legal CR
great bacán CL
great el decueve CL
great cebado CL
great enorme [adj]
great extremado [adj]
great considerable [adj]
great soberano [adj]
great fetén [adj]
great imponderable [adj]
great lleno [adj]
Construction Machinery
great señor [adj]
great importante [adj]
great solemne [adj]
great de chipén [adj]
great principal [adj]
great valiente [adj]
great extremo [adj]

Meanings of "great" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
great-grandmother bisabuela [f]
great-great-granddaughter tataranieta [f]
great-great-grandmother tatarabuela [f]
have great affection for amar [v]
(before the noun) apocopic form of grande great gran [adj]
(before a plural noun) great grandes [adj]
great scott caramba [interj]
great care esmero [m]
great-grandfather bisabuelo [m]
great-great-grandfather tatarabuelo [m]
great-great-grandson tataranieto [m]
at great length detalladamente [adv]
at great length detenidamente [adv]
with great feeling sentidamente [adv]
with great difficulty penosamente [adv]
with great difficulty laboriosamente [adv]
with great difficulty apuradamente [adv]
to a great extent en gran medida [adv]
great talker habladora [f]
great power superpotencia [f]
great bustard avutarda [f]
great figure gloria [f]
great britain gran bretaña [f]
great variety multiplicidad [f]
take great pains esmerarse [v]
a great many abundante [adj]
great! fantástico [interj]
great talker hablador [m]
great success exitazo [m]
great man prócer [m]
great care extremo [m/f]
in great quantity cuantiosamente [adv]
with great power and strength forzudamente [adv]
as great as tamañamente [adv]
something of great value alhaja [f]
great influx of fish to coasts and ports at certain seasons arribazón [f]
great uproar and confusion barahúnda [f]
housekeeper in great houses camarera [f]
great-granddaughter bisnieta [f]
great richness of gold or silver ore bolla [f] AMER
great-great-great-grand-daughter cuadrinieta [f]
great singer diva [f]
great flea-bane coniza [f]
great joy exultación [f]
great multitude/number inmensidad [f]
great majority generalidad [f]
great deal of smoke humareda [f]
great number máquina [f]
great urgency perentoriedad [f]
great virtue perfección [f]
great plenty peste [f]
great fire lumbrada [f]
great noise rimbombancia [f]
great-great-grandmother rebisabuela [f]
great-great-grand-daughter rebisnieta [f]
great noise rochela [f] CO VE
great quantity parva [f]
great strength sobrepujanza [f]
great burnet sanguisorba [f]
great effort valentía [f]
great lady señorona [f]
great walker zanqueadora [f]
great noise algazara [f]
great drunkard borrachona [f]
someone who undertakes great deeds emprendedora [f]
great spitter escupidora [f]
great fire lumbrerada [f]
someone who claims to have great learning sabihonda [f]
great simpleton simplona [f]
great-great-great-grandchild chozna [f]
great drunkard borrachonaza [f]
great glutton glotonaza [f]
great knave bellacona [f]
great cheat bribonaza [f]
great rogue picaraza [f]
show great grief/pain asparse [v]
act with great circumspection atentarse [v]
make a great noise atronar [v]
suffer great sorrow desolar [v]
expose to great heat decrepitar [v]
cause a ship great damage descalabrar [v]
drive a horse at great speed escapar [v]
take great pains esmerarse [v]
love with great fondness idolatrar [v]
inflict great sufferings martirizar [v]
make great exertions matarse [v]
do a thing with great care remirarse [v]
conceive great ideas remontarse [v]
reap great profit usurear [v]
cause great affliction traspasar [v]
be in great danger zozobrar [v]
be seized with great fear zurrarse [v]
relating to alexander the great alejandrino [adj]
very great furioso [adj]
great of mind gallardo [adj]
of great consequence grave [adj]
of great strength forcejudo [adj]
having a great quantity of skin pellejudo [adj]
very great notable [adj]
very great máximo [adj]
so great tal [adj]
great villain villanote [adj]
so great tanto [adj]
as great tanto [adj]
very great tanto [adj]
very great valiente [adj]
in great danger zozobrante [adj]
as great tanta [adj]
great-grandson bisnieto [m]
great heat ardor [m]
great angel angelón [m]
great goose ansarón [m]
great-great-great-grandchild chozno [m]
great-great-great-grandson chozno [m]
great-great-great-granddaughter chozna [m]
great-great-great-grandson chuznieto [m] EC
great-great-great-granddaughter chuznieta [m] EC
great feast banquete [m]
great calm calmazo [m]
great poet/musician cisne [m] fig.
great difficulty barranco [m] fig.
great change cambiazo [m]
great knave bellacón [m]
great villain bergantón [m]
great devil diablazo [m]
great-great-great-grand-son cuadrinieto [m]
great drunkard borrachón [m]
great blot/blur borronazo [m]
very great blunder disparatón [m]
great-coat brandis [m]
great cheat bribonazo [m]
great drinker cuero [m]
great loss descalabro [m]
great social or political turmoil cataclismo [m]
great eater epulón [m]
great-coat gabán [m]
quilted great-coat gambeto [m]
person who affects great intimacy familiarcito [m]
great number/quantity hervidero [m]
someone who undertakes great deeds emprendedor [m]
great cavern full of water hidrofilacio [m]
great spitter escupidor [m]
man of great talent/courage hombrón [m]
great glutton glotonazo [m]
great blow golpazo [m]
great uncertainty laberinto [m]
great pedant pedantón [m]
great cheat maulón [m]
great want perecedero [m]
great-coat levitón [m]
great lie mentirón [m]
great rogue picarazo [m]
great rogue picarón [m]
great abundance piélago [m]
great loss quebranto [m]
great mystic misticón [m]
great wealth platal [m]
great yellow garlic moly (ajo) [m]
great master maestrazo [m]
great gawk majaderón [m]
great-great-grandfather rebisabuelo [m]
great-great-grandson rebisnieto [m]
great tumult/clamor rebullicio [m]
great fall precipicio [m]
great-coat redingote [m]
someone who claims to have great learning sabihondo [m]
great simpleton simplón [m]
great number sinfín [m]
a great many sinfín [m]
great ardor volcán [m]
great walker zanqueador [m]
great lord señorón [m]
great knave zorrazo [m]
great rogue zorrazo [m]
great noise bullicio [m]
great villain bergantonazo [m]
great drunkard borrachonazo [m]
great talker discursista [m/f]
great wealth/plenty indias [f/pl] outdated
relating to alexander the great alejandrina [adj/f]
very great máxima [adj/f]
of great strength forcejuda [adj/f]
so great tanta [adj/f]
very great tanta [adj/f]
very great furiosa [adj/f]
great of mind gallarda [adj/f]
having a great quantity of skin pellejuda [adj/f]
have a great time pasarlo pipa (coloquial) [v]
to a great extent en alto grado
great primer letra de dieciocho puntos [f]
great-granddaughter biznieta [f]
great nettle ortiga dioica [f]
great-circle sailing navegación circular [f]
the great unleashed turba [f]
the great unleashed gentuza [f]
be in great hopes abrigar grandes esperanzas [v]
write at great length dejar correr la pluma [v]
be a great reader leer mucho [v]
set (great) store by dar (mucha) importancia a [v]
lay great stress upon insister sobre [v]
lay great stress upon hacer hincapié [v]
lay great stress upon dar mucha importancia a [v]
a great many muchísimos [adj]
great-bellied barrigudo [adj]
great-bellied preñada [adj]
great-hearted magnánimo [adj]
great-hearted animado [adj]
great-hearted valiente [adj]
in great request muy concurrido [adj]
whacking great enormísimo [adj]
great-coat abrigo [m]
great-coat sobretodo [m]
keeper of the great seal gran canciller [m]
keeper of the great seal guardasellos del rey [m]
great-grandson biznieto [m]
great-great-grandfather tercer abuelo [m]
great seal gran sello [m]
great toe dedo gordo del pie [m]
the great unleashed populacho [m]
great hose zaragüelles [m/pl]
great gross doce gruesas [f/pl]
great-bellied barriguda [adj/f]
great-hearted magnánima [adj/f]
great-hearted animada [adj/f]
great-hearted de alma grande [loc/adj]
to a great extent en sumo grado [loc/adv]
in a great measure en alto grado [loc/adv]
in a great measure en gran manera [loc/adv]
be it never so great por grande que sea [loc/adv]
to my great sorrow con gran sentimiento mío [loc/adv]
in great request en gran honor [loc/adv]
in great request en boga [loc/adv]
be it never so great por mucho que sea [loc/conj]
persons of great account personas de gran consideración
be a great admirer of music ser muy aficionado a la música
a great care cuidadosamente [adv]
a great care (con) gran cuidado [adv]
a great deal bastante [adv]
a great deal mucho [adv]
a great deal of mucho [adv]
a great deal of bastante [adv]
a great many bastante [adv]
a great many mucho [adv]
a great many unos cuantos [adv]
with great effort con gran esfuerzo [adv]
great folly borrachera [f]
great quantity or number porrada [f]
great number caterva [f]
great quantity carretada [f]
great mullein candelaria [f]
great thing pasada [f]
great size grandeza [f]
a great care dedicación [f]
great-grandchild bisnieta [f]
great-grandparent bisabuela [f]
great-great-grandchild tataranieta [f]
great anger ira [f]
great anger cólera [f]
the state of being impressive and great majestad [f]
great primer romana [f]
great cause macrocausa [f]
great heat quemazón [f]
great-aunt tía-abuela [f]
great-great-great-granddaughter chozna [f]
great-great-great-grandfather tatatarabuelo [f]
great-great-great-grandmother tatatarabuela [f]
great mother madraza [f]
great niece resobrina [f]
great joy alegrona [f] PE
woman of great stature, strength and courage mujerona [f]
biblical great flood gran inundación bíblica [f]
great joy alegría grande [f]
great quantity bola [f] MX GT HN CU VE BO
great amount of money una bola que no la brinca un chivo [f] CU
person of great talent and intelligence and very studious bocha [f] AR UY
person of great acuteness and insight bicha [f] AR
great number of things chingada [f] HN
great great great granddaughter chuznieta [f] EC disused
great thing chimba [f] CO
great-great-granddaughter chorna [f] MX PR
vehement desire to do something for which one feels great fondness or passion fiebre [f] CR DO PR CO EC
factory where a great variety of food stuffs and domestic items are produced factoría (inglés factory) [f] US
great room galería [f] VE disused
great effort matada [f] HN NI
public work of great magnitude obra de choque [f] CU
great quantity milería [f] HN
great quantity montonera [f] CL
make a great show triunfar [v]
take great pains extremarse [v]
cause great harm to desollar [v]
have a great time pasarlo bomba [v]
take great care of mimar [v]
be in great want perecerse [v]
take great pleasure regodearse [v]
dig to a great depth desfondar [v]
make great haste volar [v]
describe in great detail pormenorizar [v]
examine with great care escrutar [v]
examine with great care examinar [v]
examine with great care escudriñar [v]
supply in great quantity amontonar [v]
go great lengths to do something hacer lo imposible para hacer algo [v]
taste great saber a gloria [v]
look great ir muy arreglado [v]
look great ir muy arreglada [v]
have a great time pasarlo a lo grande [v]
have a great time pasárselo pipa [v]
have a great time pasarlo en grande [v]
have a great time pasarlo de puta madre [v]
have a great time pasarlo pipa [v]
have a great time pasárselo bomba [v]
have a great time divertirse mucho [v]
feel great sentirse de maravilla [v]
announce with great fanfare anunciar a bombo y platillo [v]
look great quedar perfecto [v]
look great salir perfecto [v]
go great ir viento en popa [v]
be a great failure ser un gran fracaso [v]
turn out great salir muy bien [v]
have a great time pasarlo de película [v]
join the great majority unirse a la gran mayoría [v]
have a great time bacilarse [v] ANS
suffer great harm sufrir grandes perjuicios [v]
suffer a great defeat sufrir una grave derrota [v]
become great hacerse grande [v]
fall flat to the ground with great force estrellarse de panza [v]
cause great suffering acototar [v] CL
move at great speeds arrear [v] HN SV NI
move at great speeds arriar [v] GT HN SV NI
garner something of great material benefit abacanarse [v] CR disused
welcome somebody with great courtesy atencionar [v] HN DO
attract great attention atraer gran atención [v]
attract a great deal of attention atraer mucha atención [v]
attach great importance conceder gran importancia [v]
attach great importance to conceder gran importancia a alguien o algo [v]
make a great effort cachimbearse [v] HN SV NI
draw great interest atraer mucho interés [v]
be treated with great respect ser tratado con gran respeto [v]
draw great interest atraer un gran interés [v]
be of great value ser de gran valor [v]
do somebody a great favour hacer un gran favor a alguien [v]
be of great value tener un gran valor [v]
be struck with great fear sentirse asaltado por el miedo [v]
work excessively and by making great sacrifices descrestarse [v] CL
be in a great hurry despendejarse [v] PR
throw oneself from a great height desmangarse [v] HN SV
move at a great speed (referring to a person/vehicle) desmadrarse [v] CR
make a great effort in order to obtain something descocotarse [v] DO VE
fall from a great height desmangarse [v] HN SV
take care of someone lovingly and with great care cutuntear [v] HN rur.
search with great effort through drawers and furniture for something specific when one does not remember where it is kept curucutear [v] CO:N
make a great effort in order to obtain something escocotarse [v] PR
go to great lengths estusarse [v] PR
go to great lengths espescuezarse [v] PR
go to great lengths destusarse [v] PR
train oneself with great fervor foguearse [v] DO PR BO
do something with great effort and enthusiasm cascar [v] BO:W,C
adorn with great care adornar con mucho cuidado [v]
explain something very clearly and in great detail graficar [v] CR EC PE AR
provoke great enthusiasm in someone copar [v] AR UY teen
make a great effort to carry out a task güevearse [v] CR
make a great effort to carry out a task huevearse [v] CR
throw with great force lembar [v] PA
fall to the ground from a great height despicarse [v] HN
carry out an activity with great determination to the point of exhausting oneself destostuzarse [v] PR
go to great lengths destusarse [v] PR
go to great lengths to fulfill a promise despescuezarse [v] PR
go to great lengths to fulfill a promise espescuezarse [v] PR
face up to something with great difficulty machucarse [v] CL
make a great impression matar [v] AR
obtain something with great difficulty pelechar [v] SV
made a great physical effort peludear [v] AR
of great volume caudal [adj]
great deal mucho [adj]
a great deal of un montón de [adj]
a great deal of bastante [adj]
a great deal of mucho [adj]
a great deal of una buena cantidad [adj]
a great many unos cuantos [adj]
a great many bastante [adj]
a great many mucho [adj]
a great number of bastantes [adj]
a great number of muchos [adj]
who has a great liking for bread panero [adj]
a great deal muchísimo [adj]
that causes great sadness trágico [adj]
that causes great pain or anguish lacerante [adj]
that causes great pain or anguish atroz [adj]
very good and of great value (process) avanti (del italiano) [adj] PR
outstanding for his/her intelligence or great abilities for something bacano [adj] DO
deformed by flattening (due to the application of great force) apachurrado [adj] MX GT HN SV NI PR VE EC
that requires great intellectual effort (subject) cabezón [adj] CL
(a product) great canalla [adj] NI child
who walks with great difficulty desortijado [adj] UY rur.
that has fallen from a great height (someone/something) desmangado [adj] HN SV
with great knowledge (person) cuatriborlado [adj] PR VE
with great knowledge (person) cuatriborleado [adj] PR VE
great amount of choreto [adj] PR
traveling at great speed (person or animal) esbocado [adj] PR
traveling at great speed (person or animal) esbocao [adj] PR
traveling at great speed (person or animal) desbocado [adj] GT DO PR CO VE EC BO
subjected to a great effort or output (person, animal, or machine) exigido [adj] HN rur.
having a great appetite for ceviche cebichero [adj] MX PE BO
that moves at great speed jalado [adj] HN SV NI
having a great personality dijecito [adj] CL
of great character rajado [adj] VE
with great abilities pulseador [adj] BO
with great effort sangreado [adj] CU
not great regularzón [adj] PA derog.
not great regularzón [adj] CR VE
great! albricias [interj]
expressing pleasure or great excitement [interj]
great! ¡barántula! [interj] DO
great! ¡ajé! [interj] PA
great! ¡áxcale! [interj] MX
great! ¡chalay! [interj] AR UY rur.
great! ¡chévere! [interj] CO PR VE
great! ¡épale! [interj] SV CO EC
great soldier capitán [m]
great-coat capote [m]
great movie peliculón [m]
great fall bajón [m]
a great care esmero [m]
a great mischief-maker un alborotador [m]
a great sleeper un dormilón [m]
someone who has a great deal of power or influence pez gordo [m]
great dane dogo danés [m]
great dane dogo alemán [m]
great dane alano alemán [m]
great dane gran danés [m]
great-grandchild bisnieto [m]
great leap forward gran salto adelante [m]
great skua skúa [m]
great skua págalo grande [m]
great-uncle tío abuelo [m]
person with great bravery héroe [m]
great body cuerpazo [m]
great bunch montonazo [m]
great burnet níspero [m]
great butt nalgatorio [m]
great father padrazo [m]
great plan planazo [m]
great surprise punto [m]
great white shark jaquetón [m]
a great amount disparate [m]
great bore pelmazo [m]
great hotel hotelazo [m]
great novel novelón [m]
great shag polvazo [m]
great-grandparent bisabuelo [m]
great-great-grandchild tataranieto [m]
great-great-grandparent tatarabuelo [m]
great amount mamotreto [m]
great nephew resobrino [m]
great man prohombre [m]
great goal balinazo [m] HN
great kiskadee benteveo [m] AR UY
great kiskadee bichofeo [m] AR UY
great kiskadee bienteveo [m] PR
great thing bisté [m] CU
great amount caleta [m] CL
man with great strength bofudo [m] VE:W
great amount of something bojo [m] NI
great quantity bojotón [m] VE
development of an activity with great intensity/exaggeration amasijo [m] AR UY
person of great talent and intelligence and very studious bocho [m] AR UY
manufacture of bags in great quantity (industrial process) bolseo [m] MX
great amount of something bojote [m] NI DO VE
person of great acuteness and insight bicho [m] AR
saying or fact without value or without substance but that appears great buchipluma [m] VE
great thing bisté [m] CU
place with a great movement of people abejero [m] CU DO
great quantity cachimbal [m] SV
great quantity cachimbao [m] PA rare rur.
great quantity of something (especially money) bujuyazo [m] SV
exhaustion after a great effort desguabinamiento [m] CU
great great great grandson chuznieto [m] EC disused
great-great-grandchild chorlo [m] PR
great-great-grandson chorno [m] MX PR
great-great-grandchild chorno [m] MX PR
woman with a great body forro [m] MX HN SV NI
system of government in which the state has great impact on business and other economic matters estatismo [m] EC CL AR
great exhaustion desguabinación [m] PR
man of great physical strength who fights well with his fists despachurrador [m] PR
great exhaustion esguabinamiento [m] PR
great hunger estragamiento [m] PR
man of great physical strength who fights well with his fists espachurrador [m] PR
deity of great prestige in santo domingo, symbolized by fire candelón [m] DO
deity who enjoys great prestige in santo domingo, has a fire symbol, red color and likes rum, tobacco and dance candeló [m] DO
man who has great romantic success with women ganador [m] AR UY
great quantity of people or things clustered in one place cojonal [m] CU
great quantity of people or things clustered in one place carajal [m] MX PA CU VE EC
great popular success of a musical composition or other artistic or literary work hitazo (inglés hit) [m] MX GT SV NI
great success hitazo (inglés hit) [m] MX
great success jitazo [m] MX HN SV
great quantity of things diablal [m] MX
great quantity of things diablar [m] MX
pet held in great esteem engreído [m] PE
great quantity montonal [m] MX HN SV PE
woman of great stature and good presentation mujerencón [m] HN