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English Spanish
hides corambre [f]

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English Spanish
soak hides abrevar [v]
tan hides adobar [v]
tan hides apelambrar [v]
tan hides apellar [v]
place in which hair is removed from hides pelambrera [f]
process of treatment for leather hides cuereada [f] AR
very fine tanned hides used for patches cuereta [f] HN SV
indigenous clothing made of otter hides quiyá [f] AR
tan (animal hides) curar [v]
tan hides cuerear [v] BO AR rur.
someone that hides on a ship or train polizón [m]
someone that hides or buys and sells stolen goods reducidor [m] AMER
laborer in charge of staking hides estaqueador [m] PY AR rur.
indigenous clothing made otter hides kiyá [m] AR UY
set of hides pellejerío [m] MX NI rare
set of leather hides pellejerío [m] MX NI rare
person in charge of dehairing and scudding hides before curing rabajador [m] HN
someone that hides or buys and sells stolen goods perista [m/f]
version of children's game of hide and seek game where everyone hides, usually in pairs escondidas a la americana [f/pl] CO
hides and skins of animals corambre [f]
collection of tanned hides curtimbre [f]
chips of carob-trees for tanning hides garrobilla [f]
place where hides are macerated in lime-pits pelambrera [f]
tan hides adobar [v]
flesh hides pelambrar [v]
unhair hides remellar [v]
pack in hides/burlap retobar [v] CL BO
cover with hides retobar [v] AR UY
dress hides/pelts with sumac zumacar [v]
pack in hides/burlap envolver fardos [v]
pack in hides/burlap forrar fardos [v]
dealer in hides and skins corambrero [m]
fleshy part of hides envesado [m]
lime-pit/vat for hides encalador [m]
hides put into lime-pits pelambre [m]
vat or pit for washing hides (tannery) lavadero [m]
packing in hides retobo [m] AR CL UY
place where hides are tanned sobadero [m]
dress hides adobar y curtir cueros [v]
be someone who hides something illegal ser la/una tapadera [v]
precarious housing made of branches and animal hides toldeta [f] BO
place where a delinquent hides when the police are after them enterradero [m] UY jail
hides and furskins industry peletería [f]
hides and skins cueros y pieles
Animal Husbandry
raw hides and skins pieles y cueros brutos