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Meanings of "idiota" in English Spanish Dictionary : 245 result(s)

Spanish English
idiota [m/f] idiot
idiota [adj] stupid
idiota [m/f] fool
idiota [adj] idiotic
idiota [adj] foolish
idiota [m/f] idiot
idiota [m/f] moron
idiota [m/f] fool
idiota [m/f] dimwit
idiota [m/f] dope
idiota [adj] idiotic
idiota [adj] stupid
idiota [m/f] moron
idiota [m/f] naïve person
idiota [m/f] fool
idiota [adj] nonsensical
idiota [adj] doltish
idiota [m/f] calf
idiota [m/f] changeling
idiota [m/f] clod
idiota [adj] disused uneducated
idiota [adj] disused undisciplined
idiota hare-brained
idiota out to lunch
idiota several cards short of a full deck
idiota pea-brained
idiota there's nobody home
idiota [m/f] blockhead
idiota [m/f] mug
idiota [adj] gormless [uk]
idiota [adj] clueless [us]
idiota [adj] balmy
idiota bird brain
idiota dimwit
idiota dim-wit
idiota half wit
idiota [m/f] dickhead
idiota [m/f] jackass
idiota [m/f] fuckup
idiota [m/f] asshole
idiota [m/f] dimwit
idiota [m/f] dope
idiota [m/f] douchebag
idiota [m/f] wanker
idiota [m/f] jackass
idiota [m/f] ass
idiota [adj] dickweed
idiota [adj] jackass
idiota [adj] ass
idiota [v] fuckwit
idiota dumb-ass
idiota loggerhead
idiota lunkhead
idiota lunitidal interval
idiota idget
idiota idiot
idiota idjit
idiota arsehole
idiota ass clown
idiota airhead
idiota asshat
idiota ass hole
idiota assclown
idiota asshole
idiota wanker
idiota whacka
idiota whacker
idiota begg
idiota berk
idiota blockhead
idiota bonehead
idiota douche
idiota brain-free
idiota douchebag
idiota fagass
idiota gherkin
idiota feeb
idiota fruit loop
idiota gonk
idiota dickhead
idiota dickwad
idiota dill
idiota dingbat
idiota dipstick
idiota dipshit
idiota galah
idiota dork
idiota drongo
idiota dumb as a box of rocks
idiota dumb as a bag of hammers
idiota dumbbell
idiota dumbass
idiota jackass
idiota jabroni
idiota klutz
idiota jobbernowl
idiota lamer
idiota knucklehead
idiota nimrod
idiota nincompoop
idiota stroker
idiota sucka
idiota not the sharpest knife in the drawer
idiota not the sharpest tool in the shed
idiota numskull
idiota sawney
idiota schmo
idiota schmuck
idiota schnook
idiota seaweed brain
idiota shithead
idiota turkey (orig. u.s. 1940s)
idiota twonk
idiota smuck
idiota rassgat
idiota spazzer
idiota clotpole
idiota [m/f] developmentally delayed person
idiota [adj] developmentally delayed
British Slang
idiota pie-eater
idiota pillock
idiota bam (scottish)
idiota bampot (scottish)
idiota bamstick (scottish)
idiota barmcake
idiota barmpot
idiota bawheid (scotch)
idiota berk
idiota bozo
idiota bonehead
idiota bollock-brain
idiota bumbaclot
idiota bread bun
idiota bumbaclat
idiota bungalow
idiota bumbaclut
idiota burk
idiota charlie
idiota head-the-ball (scottish)
idiota deacon
idiota dead from the neck up
idiota chump
idiota clot
idiota daft apeth
idiota daftie
idiota dickfuck
idiota dickhead
idiota dildo
idiota dim
idiota dimbo
idiota dimmock
idiota dingbat
idiota dinlo
idiota dipstick
idiota div
idiota divvy
idiota dobber
idiota dopehead
idiota doughnut
idiota doylem
idiota dozy
idiota duffer
idiota dumbnuts
idiota dumbo
idiota durbrain
idiota goit
idiota gonk
idiota gorm
idiota gormless
idiota gormy
idiota gowk
idiota half soaked
idiota half-sharp
idiota eejit
idiota fannybaws
idiota fat-head
idiota jam roll
idiota flid
idiota fucknut
idiota fuck-nut
idiota fucktard
idiota fuckwit
idiota get
idiota gimboid
idiota gimp
idiota glaikit (scottish)
idiota gobbin
idiota knobber
idiota knobhead
idiota langer
idiota lemon
idiota mong
idiota muffin
idiota ninny
idiota nit
idiota nob
idiota nobber
idiota nobhead
idiota nonce
idiota not the brightest crayon in the box
idiota nugget
idiota numbnuts
idiota plank
idiota plonker
idiota prannet
idiota prannock
idiota pranny
idiota prat
idiota prick
idiota radge pot
idiota radgepot
idiota shit for brains
idiota soft in the head
idiota spaccy
idiota spacky
idiota spag
idiota spanner
idiota spaz
idiota spazmo
idiota spazzy
idiota spoon
idiota smeg head
idiota smeghead
idiota saft
idiota right charlie
idiota silly billy
idiota silly bugger
idiota silly sausage
idiota tit-head
idiota toby jug
idiota tool
idiota tosser
idiota toss-pot
idiota tube (scottish)
idiota twannock (yorkshire)
idiota twat
idiota twerp
idiota twirp
idiota twit
idiota twonk
idiota wally
idiota wang
idiota wanker
idiota wassock
idiota wazzock

Meanings of "idiota" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 61 result(s)

Spanish English
idiota útil [m/f] useful idiot
un completo idiota a blithering idiot
caja idiota boob tube
tomar a alguien por idiota [v] take someone for an idiot
ser muy idiota [v] not know enough to come in out of the rain
tratar a alguien como si fuese idiota [v] play somebody for a sucker
tomar a alguien por idiota [v] play somebody for a sucker
tratar a alguien como si fuese idiota [v] play someone for a fool
tomar a alguien por idiota [v] play someone for a fool
hacerse el idiota [v] play the fool
hacerse el idiota [v] play the goat
idiota del pueblo village idiot
un idiota a half-wit
ser un idiota have nothing between the ears
no seas idiota don't be stupid
¿eres idiota? are you an idiot
¿eres idiota? are you an idiot?
¡pedazo de idiota! you idiot!
deja de hacerte el idiota stop playing dumb
¿eres idiota o que? are you some sort of idiot?
¡idiota! you moron!
no soy un idiota i wasn't born yesterday
la caja idiota (tv) box
la caja idiota idiot box
la caja idiota goggle box
la caja idiota boob tube
¡idiota! more fool you!
caja idiota [f] CL television set
el éxito hace parecer sabio a un idiota success makes a fool seem wise
actuar como un idiota [v] fuck about
actuar como un idiota [v] fuck around
hacer el idiota [v] bugger about
hacer el idiota [v] play silly buggers
un idiota importante a certified idiot
un completo idiota a flaming idiot
un completo idiota a complete imbecile
un completo idiota a certified idiot
¿eres idiota? are you some sort of idiot?
un idiota a bag of rocks
un idiota an ass
completo idiota bloody fool
idiota (argot irlandés) eejit
maldito idiota flaming idiot
¿crees que soy idiota? do I look like an asshole to you?
idiota en extremo (ofensivo) numbnuts
el idiota del pueblo small town jerk
idiota ignorante redneck piece of shit
no seas tan idiota don’t be such a wuss
idiota-prodigio [m] idiot-prodigy
idiota-sabio [adj] idiot-savant
idiota-sabio idiot savant
idiota sabio idiot savant
idiota sapiente idiot savant
idiota-prodigio idiot-prodigy
idiota sapiente idiot-savant
idiota-sabio idiot-savant
idiota sabio idiot-savant
British Slang
tú idiota perezoso you lazy article
un idiota a right one
persona idiota/desagradable mutant
idiota importante prize idiot