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Meanings of "imperial" in Spanish English Dictionary : 15 result(s)

English Spanish
imperial imperial [adj]
imperial imperial [f]
imperial perilla [f]
imperial cesáreo [adj]
imperial imperatorio [adj]
imperial candado [m] CO
imperial imperatoria [adj/f]
imperial cesárea [adj/f]
imperial pera [f]
imperial soberano [adj]
imperial principal [adj]
imperial predominante [adj]
imperial soberana [adj/f]
imperial papel imperial
imperial cúpula morisca [f]

Meanings of "imperial" in English Spanish Dictionary : 14 result(s)

Spanish English
imperial [adj] imperial
imperial [f] imperial
imperial [f] upper-deck
imperial [adj] GT king size
imperial [f] coach top
imperial [f] top seats on a stagecoach
imperial [adj] kind of small black plum
imperial [adj] purple
imperial [adj] sceptred
imperial [m] outside
imperial [m] imperial gallon
imperial [f] poop-royal
imperial [m] GT imperial carpet grass (axonopus scoparius)
imperial [m] GT imperial grass (axonopus scoparius)

Meanings of "imperial" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 131 result(s)

English Spanish
imperial decree decreto de abono [m]
his imperial majesty su majestad imperial [pron]
imperial system sistema anglosajón de medidas
british imperial system sistema imperial británico
imperial state/nation imperio [m]
imperial/regal power púrpura [f]
imperial air lines línea aérea imperial BO
imperial gallon imperial [m]
imperial green verde de parís
imperial gallon galón imperial
imperial eagle águila imperial oriental
imperial green verde imperial
Marine Biology
imperial surf clam almeja [f]
imperial shag cormóran imperial
imperial blackfish rufo imperial
spanish imperial eagle águila imperial [f]
iberian imperial eagle águila imperial [f]
pink-bellied imperial-pigeon dúcula ventrirrosa
white imperial-pigeon dúcula luctuosa
red-knobbed imperial pigeon dúcula cerarroja
micronesian imperial-pigeon dúcula de micronesia
purple-tailed imperial pigeon dúcula ventrirrufa
grey imperial pigeon dúcula gris
goliath imperial pigeon dúcula goliat
grey imperial-pigeon dúcula grís
imperial amazon amazona imperial
eastern imperial eagle aguila imperial oriental
bismarck imperial-pigeon dúcula negra
mountain imperial pigeon dúcula dorsicastaña
christmas imperial-pigeon dúcula de la christmas
chestnut-bellied imperial pigeon dúcula de las salomón
imperial shag cormorán imperial
peale's imperial-pigeon dúcula ladradora
vanuatu imperial-pigeon dúcula de nuevas hébridas
white-bellied imperial pigeon dúcula de forsten
barking imperial pigeon dúcula ladradora
nicobar imperial pigeon dúcula de nicobars
chestnut-bellied imperial-pigeon dúcula de las salomón
mindoro imperial pigeon dúcula de mindoro
imperial pheasant faisán imperial
nukuhiva imperial-pigeon dúcula de las marquesas
pink-bellied imperial pigeon dúcula ventrirrosa
silver-tipped imperial pigeon dúcula luctuosa
grey-necked imperial-pigeon dúcula de carlota
spectacled imperial pigeon dúcula de anteojos
pacific imperial-pigeon dúcula del pacífico
red-knobbed imperial-pigeon dúcula cerarroja
yellowish imperial pigeon dúcula amarilla
pink-headed imperial-pigeon dúcula rosácea
green imperial-pigeon dúcula verde
christmas imperial pigeon dúcula de la christmas
imperial woodpecker picamaderos imperial
pied imperial-pigeon dúcula bicolor
micronesian imperial pigeon dúcula de micronesia
zoe's imperial-pigeon dúcula de zoé
dark-backed imperial-pigeon dúcula dorsioscura
vanuatu imperial pigeon dúcula de nuevas hébridas
new caledonian imperial-pigeon dúcula goliat
spanish imperial eagle águila imperial ibérica
blue-tailed imperial-pigeon dúcula coliazul
green imperial pigeon dúcula verde
pinon's imperial pigeon dúcula de pinon
pied imperial pigeon dúcula bicolor
collared imperial pigeon dúcula acollarada
collared imperial-pigeon dúcula acollarada
cinnamon-bellied imperial-pigeon dúcula moluqueña
dark-backed imperial pigeon dúcula dorsioscura
elegant imperial pigeon dúcula coliazul
black imperial pigeon dúcula negra
polynesian imperial pigeon dúcula de las sociedad
white-bellied imperial-pigeon dúcula de forsten
imperial shag cormorá imperial
rufescent imperial pigeon dúcula capuchina
pinon's imperial-pigeon dúcula de pinon
pink-headed imperial pigeon dúcula rosácea
pacific imperial pigeon dúcula del pacífico
purple-tailed imperial-pigeon dúcula ventrirrufa
spice imperial-pigeon dúcula ceranegra
seram imperial pigeon dúcula de seram
cinnamon-bellied imperial pigeon dúcula moluqueña
timor imperial-pigeon dúcula de timor
spice imperial pigeon dúcula ceranegra
mindoro imperial-pigeon dúcula de mindoro
grey-headed imperial pigeon dúcula colibarrada
torresian imperial pigeon dúcula australiana
imperial eagle aguila imperial oriental
spotted imperial pigeon dúcula de carlota
mountain imperial-pigeon dúcula dorsicastaña
finsch's imperial pigeon dúcula de finsch
white-eyed imperial-pigeon dúcula de anteojos
marquesan imperial pigeon dúcula de las marquesas
island imperial-pigeon dúcula insular
finsch's imperial-pigeon dúcula de finsch
eastern imperial eagle águila imperial oriental
shining imperial-pigeon dúcula capuchina
zoe's imperial pigeon dúcula de zoé
spanish imperial eagle aguila imperial ibérica
torresian imperial-pigeon dúcula australiana
grey-headed imperial-pigeon dúcula colibarrada
timor imperial pigeon dúcula de timor
island imperial pigeon dúcula insular
imperial snipe agachadiza imperial
polynesian imperial-pigeon dúcula de las sociedad
imperial quart cuarto imperial
imperial gallon galón inglés
Units Of Length
imperial gallon (gal) = 4 qt = 8 pt = 4.546 l galón imperial (gal) = 8 pintas = 4.546 litros (l)
imperial fluid ounce (fl oz) = 8 fl dr = 480 minims onza líquida (fl oz) = 8 fl dr = 480 minims
pounds per imperial gallon (lb/gal) libras por galón imperial (lb/gal)
miles per imperial gallon (imp.mpg) = mi/ millas por galón imperial (imp.mpg) = mi/
imperial quart (qt) = 2 pt = 8 gills = 40 fl oz cuarto imperial (qt) = 2 pt = 8 gills = 40 fl oz
imperial gill (gi) = 5 fl oz = 40 fl dr gill imperial (gi) = 5 fl oz = 40 fl dr
imperial bushel (bu) = 8 gal = 36.3687 l bushel imperial (bu)  = 8 gal = 36.3687 litros (l)
imperial barrel = 35 gal = 159.11 l barril imperial = 35 gal = 159.11 litros (l)
imperial pint (pt) = 4 gills = 20 fl oz = 160 fl dr pinta imperial (pt) = 20 onzas = 0.568 litros (l)
units of volume-imperial uk liquid and dry unidades de volumen-imperial
imperial system sistema de pesas y medidas anglosajón
imperial gallon galón imperial
british imperial gallon galón imperial ingles
imperial gallon galón ingles
imperial pâté paté imperial
imperial eagle águila imperial oriental
imperial gallon galón imperial
imperial rose rosa imperial [f] PR
crown imperial (fritillaria imperialis) corona imperial [f]
imperial carpet grass (axonopus scoparius) pasto imperial [m] GT CO
imperial carpet grass (axonopus scoparius) imperial [m] GT
imperial carpet grass (axonopus scoparius) gramalote [m] EC
imperial grass (axonopus scoparius) imperial [m] GT
imperial grass (axonopus scoparius) pasto imperial [m] GT CO
imperial grass (axonopus scoparius) gramalote [m] EC
imperial crown corona imperial [f]