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job position


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English Spanish
job position puesto de trabajo [m]

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English Spanish
unfilled (job position) desierto [adj]
job position of minister cartera [f]
insist on remaining in a job or position atornillarse [v] PR AR
get a job or a privileged position by influence enchambarse [v] HN
place someone in a position/job apernar [v] CL
fire someone from their job/position desgañotar [v] HN NI
fire or dismiss someone without previous warning from a job or position challar [v] CL
pertaining to someone who obtains a position or job by recommendation chambero [adj] HN derog.
job or public position cambur [m] VE
firing of a person from their job/position descamburamiento [m] VE
job or position in the treasury or public funds empleo de manejo [m] CO
person who obtained their job or position by recommendation chambista [m/f] HN derog.
incidental benefit of a job/position buscas [f/pl] PR disused
incidental benefit of a job/position buscas [f/pl] CU
apply for a job or position correr [v] US PR
about to lose a position or job olerle a alguien la cabeza a pólvora [v]
be a useless person in a job or in a position ser una figura decorativa [v]
harm somebody by removing him/her of his/her job position dar baje [v] MX
have a good economic position or a good job estar bien parado [v] MX BO
have a good economic position or job estar parado [v] GT PE
terminate from a position or job pegar el barquinazo [v] NI
terminate from a position or job pegar el raje [v] AR
lose a job or position of authority quitarle la teta [v] DO
help someone get a position or job servir de petate [v] HN SV
fired or dismissed from a job or removed from a position (person) colgado de la brocha [adj] CL
get a job or privileged position because of friendship, kinship, or belonging to a party parquear (inglés park) [v] BO
reinstatement (in a job or position) reintegro [m]
dismissal from a job or position destitución [f]
departure from a job or position dimisión [f]