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English Spanish
made-up inventado [adj]
made-up inventada [adj/f]
made-up falso [adj]
made-up afeitado [adj] disused
made-up afeitada [adj/f] disused
made-up constituido [adj]
made-up maquillado [adj]
made-up pintado [adj]
made-up maquillada [adj/f]
made-up pintada [adj/f]
made-up acabado [adj]
made-up completo [adj]
made-up artificial [adj]
made-up confeccionado [adj]
made-up pintado (del rostro) [adj]
made-up compuesto [adj]
made-up completa [adj/f]
made-up acabada [adj/f]
made-up confeccionada [adj/f]
made-up compuesta [adj/f]
made-up producido [adj] CL
made-up producido [adj] PR PY AR UY child
made-up hecho [adj]

Meanings of "made-up" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
hole made in the earth to bury corpse sepultura [f]
wall made of adobe bricks tapia [f]
whiskey made from corn bourbon [m]
a traditional mexican spicy soup made with tripe menudo [m] MX
man-made object artificio [m]
dish made of raw meat or fish crudo [m]
article made of felt fieltro [m]
repair made on a painting arrepentimiento [m]
cot made of canvas catre [m]
payment (to be made) saldo [m]
be made of ser de [v]
be made up of estar formado por [v]
tailor-made a medida [adj]
made hecho [adj]
made of straw pajizo [adj]
factory-made industrial [adj]
solidly made sólido [adj]
home-made artesano [adj]
man-made artificial [adj]
solidly made macizo [adj]
made up maquillado [adj]
made hecha [adj/f]
made of straw pajiza [adj/f]
solidly made sólida [adj/f]
home-made artesana [adj/f]
solidly made maciza [adj/f]
made up maquillada [adj/f]
confection made of anacardium or cashew-nut anacardino [f]
bread made of fine bran acemita [f] CU
kind of linen made in arouca aroca [f]
cake made of cheese and flour almojábana [f]
fabric made from it alpaca [f]
cake made of flour, eggs, sesame and honey alpistela [f]
beverage made from wheat celia [f]
shop where clogs are made or sold chapinería [f]
shop where halters and collars are made and sold cabestrería [f]
place where canned goods are made or sold conservería [f]
strong drink made from fermented maize chicha [f]
cord/rope made of aloes cabuya [f]
sweet made with milk and eggs chiricaya [f] CR HN
sweetmeat made of sweet-potatoes, grated coconut and sugar cafiroleta [f] CU
hole made in a wall to try its thickness cala [f]
shop where orgeat of chufas is made or sold chufería [f]
back-fire made to prevent the spread of a forest fire contracandela [f] CU
place where engravings are made calcografía [f]
preserve made of citrons cidrada [f]
shop where churros arc made or sold churrería [f]
moist pie made with eggs, sultanas, olives calduda [f] disused PE
beverage made of white wine, cinnamon, sugar and egg clarea [f]
laces made by the lace-maker cordonería [f]
strong rope made of cocui fiber cocuiza [f] VE
cloak made of rug bernia [f]
building made of hewn stone cantería [f]
wound made by cutting cortadura [f]
sweetmeat made of sweet potato, coconut, sesame and sugar cantúa [f] CU
sweetmeat made of maize and sugar capia [f] AR BO PE
batter made of herbs and eggs capirotada [f]
injury made by a fang/tusk colmillada [f]
outside quire of a ream of hand-made paper costera [f]
travelling-bag made of canvas capotera [f] VE
cake made of maize caraca [f] CU
dish made of meat, dry potato and chilli carapulca [f] PE
gully made by torrents of water cárcava [f]
dust made by woodborer carcoma [f]
place where purses or bags are made or sold bolsería [f]
shop where laced shoes are made or sold borceguinería [f]
bread made from maize grain borona [f]
sausage made of pigs' haslets botagueña [f]
shop where carriages are made, repaired or sold carrocería [f]
cosmetic made of powdered eggshell cascarilla [f]
impression made upon the mind brecha [f] fig.
fine linen made in brittany bretaña [f]
sound made by a chestnut bursting in the fire castañetada [f]
stroke of the brush as made in painting brochado [f]
circular excavation made at the foot of a tree to collect water cavia [f]
beverage made of wine and chicha chabela [f] BO
shop where sieves are made or sold cedacería [f]
paste made of toasted maize ground with honey chancaca [f] AMER
cake of chancaca made with nuts and coconut chancaquita [f] AMER
ragout made of offal chanfaina [f]
asturian stew made of pork and beans fabada [f]
bread made of grit and bran galleta [f] AR
wall made of sods gallonada [f]
mound made as a boundary line gamella [f]
chips/dust made in boring escobina [f]
wine made from a variety of purple grape called garnacha garnacha [f]
place where lanterns are made or sold farolería [f]
weir made of canes, for catching fish encañizada [f]
shop where esparto-work is made or sold espartería [f]
way made in an hour hora [f] disused
place where horchata is made and sold horchatería [f]
wound made with a spur espoleadura [f]
something neatly made filigrana [f]
cloth made of silk and wool or silk and cotton filoseda [f]
refreshing beverage made of pomegranate granadina [f]
place where stereotypes are made estereotipa [f] disused
place where stereotypes are made estereotipia [f]
shop where mat-work is made and sold esterería [f]
basket made of yarey leaves jaba [f] CU
yarn made from hemp/flax estopilla [f]
jewel made up of different precious stones ensaladilla [f]
sauce made of milk/dates/rice flour jinestada [f]
place where stirrups are made or kept estribería [f]
dish made of boiled apples, milk of almonds, spice gualatina [f]
paste and stimulating drink made from guaran shrub seeds guaraná [f] CAM BO PY
dish formerly made of flour, milk and butter fresada [f]
short coat made of light material, worn by countryman guayabera [f] CU
sauce made of pepper, garlic and vinegar pebrada [f]
a clay or plaster model of a building made to scale maqueta [f]
thin cord made of sisal laja [f] CO
punt made of leather pelota [f] AMER
pap made of indian corn with sugar or honey mazamorra [f] AMER
kind of sausage made with honey melliza [f]
a dish made with maize olleta [f] VE
wall made of stone and mud pilca [f] AR PE
fabric made with the fibers of pineapple leaf piña [f] PH
flower made of feathers piocha [f]
hole made by worms lombriguera [f]
salad made with rocket and called oruga [f]
kind of wall made of clay and canes quincha [f] SA
refreshing beverage made of aniseed, water, sugar and cinnamon mistela [f]
cigar made of maize-leaf pajica [f]
rock from which upper millstones are made moleña [f]
a kind of porridge made of maize-meal polenta [f]
holes made by rabbits/conies madriguera [f]
cordage made from it majagua [f]
shoelace made of leather majuela [f]
relay of horses and place where the change is made parada [f]
liquor made from berries of chilean myrthus murtilla [f]
form in which a thing is made manifactura [f]
dish made of pork and maize patasca [f] AR
dish made of maize boiled with honey, cocoa and chilli nambimba [f] MX
a soup from philippines made of minced chicken, potatoes and pumpkins tinola [f]
shop where chairs are made or sold sillería [f]
splice or patch, made by winding a rope around the object to be tied trincafía [f]
a red, sweet, astringent wine made in rota (cádiz) tintilla [f]
noise made by stamping the feet on nuts trisca [f]
ring made of this alloy tumbaga [f]
cooling drink made with vinegar and sugar vinagrada [f]
sauce made with onion, oil and vinegar vinagreta [f]
drink made from cane juice, water and chilli sambumbia [f] CU
drink made from pine-apple, water and sugar sambumbia [f] MX
place where sambumbia is made and sold sambumbiería [f] CU MX
bread made of maize tanta [f] PE
present made to a person who bleeds sangría [f] outdated
drink made of red wine and lemon-juice sangría [f]
ravine made by a torrent torrentera [f]
fissures made by drought sarteneja [f] AND EC MX VE
cup made from a calabash totuma [f] AMER
brush made of bristles sedera [f]
building made of plaster yesería [f]
noise made by bawling or stamping with the feet trapa [f]
cord/rope made of aloes cabuyería [f]
gully made by torrents of water carcavina [f]
cosmetic made of powdered eggshell cascarita [f]
cake made of flour, eggs, sesame and honey alpistera [f]
molasses made of inferior honey melcocha (con miel de caña de azúcar) [f]
liquor made from berries of chilean myrthus murtina [f]
cigar made of maize-leaf pajilla [f]
wall made of stone and mud pirca [f] AR CL EC PE
loud chatter made by parrots or parakeets especially when young carretear [v] CU
be made sore escaldarse [v]
be made a bishop obispar [v]
be made profitable utilizarse [v]
made hollow ahuecable [adj]
made by artifice/art artificial [adj]
made slender/thin adelgazado [adj]
made of alabaster alabastrino [adj]
roughly made amazacotado [adj]
made use of aprovechado [adj]
made with sharp points acandilado [adj]
made ugly afeable [adj]
relating to cloth made in germany alemanisco [adj]
made in the shape of a coffin ataudado [adj]
made of the finest flour aflorado [adj]
made of steel acerado [adj]
made in the form of a cord acordonado [adj]
made to be placed against or joined to a thing arrimadizo [adj]
made in the form of a culverin aculebrinado [adj]
made into two-ply contrapeado [adj]
made of copper cobreño [adj]
made of hemp cañameño [adj]
well-made (body) bien hecho [adj]
made creado [adj]
made up compuesto [adj]
home-made casero [adj]
made of beaver castoreño [adj]
badly made furris [adj] MX NI ES
made of/belonging to flour harinero [adj]
made to order hechizo [adj]
ready-made hecho [adj]
cleverly made ingenioso [adj]
made of iron férreo [adj]
made of terra-cotta figulino [adj]
made/full of thorns espíneo [adj]
made of worsted estamíneo [adj]
made of tow estopeño [adj]
made of rushes juncino [adj]
just made, finished/gathered fresco [adj]
made of brick ladrilloso [adj]
made of marble marmoleño [adj]
made of marble marmóreo [adj]
machine-made/operated mecánico [adj]
made of laths (carpentry) listonado [adj]
made of osiers mimbroso [adj]
made of (or full of) straw pajoso [adj]
made of many-colored threads polímita [adj]
made to be riveted robladero [adj]
just made reciente [adj]
relating to/made up of roses rosado [adj]
made of spikenard nardino [adj]
made of butter mantecoso [adj]
home-made manual [adj]
made with violets violado [adj]
made of sayal cloth sayalesco [adj]
made of silk sedeño [adj]
ill-made zaparrastroso [adj]
made of marble marmoroso [adj]
material made of this fibre abacá [m]
conserve made of boiled honey arrope [m] rur. ES
anything artificially made artefacto [m]
a dish made of vegetables/meat and chilli ajiaco [m] AMER
sauce made of garlic and cumin seed ajicomino [m]
sauce made of oil and garlic ajolio [m] ARA
dish made of garlic and cheese ajoqueso [m]
ointment made of marjoram amaracino [m]
paste made of almonds, walnuts, honey alajú [m]
silk from outer part of cocoon and the cloth made from it adúcar [m]
noise made by a splinter when torn from the block astillazo [m]
ward or guard made by a weapon in fencing atajo [m]
paste made with molasses, cheese and ginger alfandoque [m] AMER
cake made with nuts and honey alfajor [m]
paste made of coarse wheat flour or semolina alfiltete [m]
gruel made of flour, sugar and eggs atolillo [m] CR HN NI
heavy or ill-made piece of furniture armatoste [m]
dessert made of egg, coconut, almond ante [m] MX
briquette, brick made with coal-dust and tar aglomerado [m]
offering for some person deceased made one year after funeral añal [m]
ragout made with coriander seed celindrate [m]
refreshment made of stewed plums, sugar and cloves chapurrado [m] CU
light thin stuff made of silk or thread cendal [m]
intoxicating beverage made with pulque, ear of maize, honey, clove and cinnamon charape [m] MX
dish made of charqui, chili, potatoes and beans charquicán [m] AR CL PE
abrasion made by a bullet grazing a solid object chasponazo [m]
paint made of red lead used for painting floors chauche [m]
cloth made of maguey fibre ayate [m] MX
dough made with maize, sugar, butter, eggs and cheese wrapped in green corn husk chigüil [m] EC
beverage made with chilli, roasted maize and cacao chilate [m] CAM
drink made with pulque and chilli chilote [m] MX rare
bug-trap made of twigs chinchero [m]
sweetmeat made of syrup, white of egg and lemon juice azucarillo [m]
bed made of the branches of trees cadalecho [m] rare
noise made when masticating strongly chiquichaque [m]
dish made with chilli, onions, tomatoes chirmol [m] EC
dish made with beaten eggs, maize, chilli, fruit of the anatta tree and salt chirulio [m] HN
channel made by rain-water badén [m]
kind of coarse fabric made in galicia cerrón [m]
drink made of cacao and corn chorote [m] MX
bark growing over cut made by pruning césped [m]
bread made of acorns/chestnuts calbote [m]
whip made of twisted lengths of leather chuzo [m] CU
impression made by this seal contrasello [m]
home-made wool cloth cambrón [m] CO
omelet made of maize clascal [m] MX
sack made of matting for bailing bayón [m] PH
kind of stewpot made of clay canco [m] AR
sweetmeat made of white wine, eggs, sugar candiel [m]
small gold chain made in china bejuquillo [m]
confection made of barberry fruit bérbero [m]
weir for fishing made of canes or reeds cañal [m]
cloth made of hemp cáñamo [m]
kind of linen made in hierzo bierzo [m]
tray made of reed bilao [m] PH
ancient tunic made of this linen cárbaso [m]
bruise made in metal bollo [m]
vessel made of cane bombón [m] PH
beverage made from sugar-cane cariaco [m] EC
sweet made of sweet potato and sugar boniatillo [m] CU
napped and tufted stuff made of thread and cotton yarn borlón [m]
dish made of crab roes and cassava caro [m] CU
alteration or correction made in a work castigo [m]
cheese made with skim milk catrintre [m] CL
impression made by the die cuño [m]
vessel made of an odoriferous earth of the same name búcaro [m]
dish made of meat, shellfish and vegetables, cooked on hot stones curanto [m] CL
mound made with the hoe cavacote [m]
bread made from tapioca flour cazabe [m]
sweetmeat made of yucca starch, water, sugar and eggs cusubé [m] CU
dish made of fish and chilli cebiche [m] AMER
ancient coin made at burgos burgalés [m]
drinking vessel made of horn chambado [m] AR CL
refreshment made from custard-apple, sugar and ice champola [m] CAM CU DO
chocolate made with cornflour champurrado [m] MX
kind of cloth formerly made in spain durando [m]
made-up dish guisado [m]
omelette made from maize envuelto [m] MX
porridge made of maize flour funche [m] CU PR
fuel made from the stones of olives erraj [m]
shell of various fruits, from which cups and other vessels are made gachumbo [m] AMER
well-made man galán [m]
swaddling-band made by crocheting fajero [m]
head-dress made of net-work escofión [m]
coif made of net-work garbín [m]
plantation of olive-trees, made with cuttings garrotal [m]
brand or mark made by or with a hot iron hierro [m]
noise made by a trigger at firing gatillazo [m]
sweet made of pineapple and coconut gaznate [m] MX
andalusian dish made of bread, oil, vinegar, onions and garlic gazpacho [m]
yellow paste made of sandarach, used by painters genolí [m]
dish made of shellfish with chilli enchilado [m] CU
sweet made of yucca, pineapple and ginger gofio [m] VE HN NI
badly made thing engendro [m]
pap made of boiled semolina grañón [m]
cloth made from coarse tow yarns estopón [m]
pottery made of this material refractory to heat and acids gres [m]
complaints formerly made in the cortes of aragon greuge [m] outdated
kind of linen made in germany imperio [m]
refreshing drink made of ripe bananas cooked and dissolved in water guabul [m] HN NI
vessel made of this guacal [m]
anything made of burlap guangocho [m] HN
jewel made with this gold guanín [m]
base gold made by indians guanín [m] CO PR DO
poorly made stew frangollo [m]
wine made with these grapes pedrojiménez [m]
mark made by the customs officials marchamo [m]
plaster made of pitch pegote [m]
beverage made from the sap of palm tree ñipe [m] PH
dress made of skins/furs pellico [m]
vessel in which maté is made mate [m]
hand-made cloth used for underwear ñandutí [m] SA
something made by art obraje [m]
first-class chicha [beverage made of maize) permaná [m] BO
rope made of esparto libán [m]
allotment of lands made by spaniards on the conquest of america repartimiento [m]
liquor made of maguey mescal [m] MX
coarse stuff made of goat's-hair picote [m]
kind of poncho made of coarse wool puyo [m] AR
linen cloth made in milan milán [m]
first-quality anisette made in pisco pisco [m] CL PE
patch-work made of furs used by the indians as a blanket quillango [m] AR
size or filler made of thin glue and plaster plaste [m]
large fan made of palm paipai [m] PH
sandal made of untanned leather llanque [m] PE
a dish made of fried bread, tomato, chile and other condiments revolcado [m] GT
bag made of palm leaves macuto [m] VE
a pier made of wood or bamboo (philippines) pantalán [m]
cake made of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar ponqué [m] CU VE
omelet made of the ears of green corn rigüe [m]
andalusian soup made with olive oil maimón [m]
pot in which pap is made papero [m]
kind of grape and wine made from it pardillo [m]
sauce made of must and mustard mostillo [m]
a drink made of maize/barley muday [m] CL
beverage made of barley and sugar pozol [m] MX
whip made of sea-cow's hide manatí [m]
printed cotton cloth made in rouen (france) ruán [m]
cake made of flour, must, butter mustaco [m]
dry paste made from carob beans patay [m] SA
hole made in a tree-trunk for dragging it narigón [m] CU
second curds after the first cheese has been made naterón [m]
refreshing drink made of toasted barley trique [m] CL
noise made by breaking glass tris [m]
finest fabric made from abaca fibre sinamay [m] PH
drink made of toasted flour of maize, cacao, anatta and sugar tiste [m] CAM
molasses made of inferior honey sobado [m] CR
noise made by clappers tableteado [m]
noise made by boards when trodden upon tableteado [m]
cup made from coconut shell tabo [m] PH
stamping made with the heels taconeo [m]
a cooling drink made from fruit juices salpicón [m] EC
gruel made of toasted maize ulpo [m] CL
bale made of hide/palm-leaf tanate [m] HN MX
middling sort of linen made in santiago santiago [m]
boat tilt or awning made of bamboo tapanco [m] PH
noise made by locking a door taque [m]
lasso or fetter lock made of leather torzal [m] AR
pot made of coarse clay tecomate [m] MX
sound made by tapping with the fingers sonetico [m]
a dish made of beef, onions and lemon-juice valdiviano [m] CL
bread made from the hour of the sweet yucca yare [m] VE
lace made without lifting from over the pattern tendido [m]
drink made of pulque, water, pineapple and cloves tepache [m] MX
meal made of toasted maize, coconut milk and butter tequiche [m] VE
cigar made of a single leaf veguero [m]
dish made of fish cooked with orange juice seviche [m] BO CU EC HN MX PA PE
beverage made of barley and sugar pozole [m] MX
bark growing over cut made by pruning céspede [m]
whip made of sea-cow's hide manato [m]
back-fire made to prevent the spread of a forest fire contrafuego [m]
anything artificially made mecanismo [m]
liquor made of maguey mexcal [m] MX
anything artificially made aparato [m]
a drink made of maize/barley mudai [m] CL
refreshment made of stewed plums, sugar and cloves champurrado [m]
sauce made of pepper, garlic and vinegar pebre [m/f]
made/composed of de [prep]
statement of intention to marry made by both parties before a priest dichos [m/pl]
dish made of flour, milk of almonds, sugar and cinnamon grasones [m/pl]
large and ill-made breeches zaragüelles [m/pl] outdated
duster made of strips of cloth zorros [m/pl]
andalusian soup made with olive oil maimones [m/pl]
purgative pills made of spices alefanginas [f/pl]
weather prognostication made in august for the following year cabañuelas [f/pl]
a kind of soup made of garlic, oil, chillies, vinegar and salt cachorreñas [f/pl]
duster made of thongs correas [f/pl]
slashes made in garment to show the lining cuchilladas [f/pl]
yearly present made to the workers in iron-mines doñas [f/pl] disused
ill-made zaparrastrosa [adj/f]
made with sharp points acandilada [adj/f]
made of steel acerada [adj/f]
made in the form of a cord acordonada [adj/f]
made of hemp cañameña [adj/f]
made in the form of a culverin aculebrinada [adj/f]
made slender/thin adelgazada [adj/f]
cleverly made ingeniosa [adj/f]
home-made casera [adj/f]
made of the finest flour aflorada [adj/f]
made of beaver castoreña [adj/f]
made of rushes juncina [adj/f]
made of alabaster alabastrina [adj/f]
made of brick ladrillosa [adj/f]
relating to cloth made in germany alemanisca [adj/f]
made of copper cobreña [adj/f]
roughly made amazacotada [adj/f]
made of laths (carpentry) listonada [adj/f]
made to be riveted robladera [adj/f]
relating to/made up of roses rosada [adj/f]
made up compuesta [adj/f]
made/full of thorns espínea [adj/f]
made of worsted estamínea [adj/f]
made of tow estopeña [adj/f]
made of sayal cloth sayalesca [adj/f]
made of butter mantecosa [adj/f]
made of silk sedeña [adj/f]
made of marble marmoleña [adj/f]
made of marble marmórea [adj/f]
made use of aprovechada [adj/f]
made into two-ply contrapeada [adj/f]
machine-made/operated mecánica [adj/f]
made of osiers mimbrosa [adj/f]
made of iron férrea [adj/f]
made to be placed against or joined to a thing arrimadiza [adj/f]
made of terra-cotta figulina [adj/f]
made creada [adj/f]
made in the shape of a coffin ataudada [adj/f]
just made, finished/gathered fresca [adj/f]
made of spikenard nardina [adj/f]
made of (or full of) straw pajosa [adj/f]
well-made (body) bien hecha [adj/f]
made of/belonging to flour harinera [adj/f]
made to order hechiza [adj/f]
ready-made hecha [adj/f]
made of marble marmorosa [adj/f]
made with violets violada [adj/f]
work made of adobe bricks adobera [f] disused
chair made from wicker or canvas on an iron frame africana [f] CU
drink made of unripened grape juice, water, and sugar agrazada [f]
venereal disease treatment made from roughbark lignum-vitae agua del palo [f] disused
drink made of water, honey, and spices agualoja [f]
drink made of water, honey, and spices aguamiel [f] MX HN NI CU DO CO VE EC PE BO AR
moorish gauze made of fine fabric albengala [f]
shelter made of stone, wood, or other material albergada [f] disused
footwear made out of esparto grass alborga (árabe) [f]
cloth made of cotton or silk anafalla [f] disused
cloth made of cotton or silk anafaya (árabe) [f] disused
game made of pieces or stones on a board like checkers andarraya [f]
made sad acongojar [v]
be made out adivinarse [v]
rub an animal's nose in the mess it made ahocicar [v] rare
be made narrow angostarse [v]
made of steel acerado [adj]
made of glass acristalado [adj]
dipped in ink made of ground gills agallado [adj]
made of threads ahebrado [adj]
made of alabaster alabastrino [adj]
with mint-made errors alabiado [adj] rare
made up aliñoso [adj] disused
made into crumbs amigajado [adj] disused
cloth made of manila hemp abacá [m]
mix made to tan skins or to give shine to fabrics adobo [m]
copper coin mixed with silver, made by king don juan i of castilla agnus (latín) [m]
copper coin mixed with silver, made by king don juan i of castilla agnus dei (latín) [m]
copper coin mixed with silver, made by king don juan i of castilla agnusdéi (latín) [m]
drink made of unripened grape juice, water, and sugar agraz [m]
dish made with legumes, meat, and chili pepper ajiaco [m]
a wine made of albillo grape albillo [m]
a wine made of albillo grape vino albillo [m]
clog with a sole made of cork alcorque (árabe) [m]
mexican folkloric fantastic animals made from paper-mâché or wood alebrije [m] MX
currency made during time of alfonso the tenth alfonsino [m]
canvas made in allariz, galicia, spain allariz [m]
bid made in an auction alzamiento [m] disused
liquor made with bitter almonds amargo [m]
made of steel de acero [loc/adj]
cake made of cheese and pastry quesada [f]
boat made of leather pelota [f]
alcoholic drink made maize chicha [f]
hole made in cala [f]
caked made of a coiled length of puff paste ensaimada [f]
stew made of beans pork sausage and bacon fabada [f]