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make a hit

Meanings of "make a hit" in Spanish English Dictionary : 2 result(s)

English Spanish
make a hit embocinar [v] CO
make a hit dar cuchillada [v]

Meanings of "make a hit" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 9 result(s)

English Spanish
hit a horse's sides with the heels to make it move forward arganear [v] CR:Nw
make a slapping noise when hands or feet hit the water chapalotear [v] BO
make a hit (with someone) dar cuchillada [v]
make a hit with people quedarse con el personal [v]
make a hit with people quedarse con el público [v]
make a hit with impresionar a
make a hit with agradar a
make a hit with tener éxito con
in soccer, to hit the ball with the interior or exterior part of the foot to make the ball follow a curved trajectory chanflear [v] CR AR UY BO