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Meanings of "manage" in Spanish English Dictionary : 92 result(s)

English Spanish
manage dirigir [v]
manage gestionar [v]
manage lograr [v]
manage administrar [v]
manage manejar [v]
manage manipular [v]
manage gobernar [v]
manage operar [v]
manage pilotear [v]
manage apañarse [v]
manage arbitrarse [v]
manage ir tirando [v]
manage arreglárselas [v]
manage arreglarse [v]
manage trampear [v]
manage regentar [v]
manage regir [v]
manage gerenciar [v]
manage gobernar [v]
manage desenvolverse [v]
manage brujulear [v]
manage guiar [v]
manage tratar [v]
manage acertar [v]
manage administrar [v]
manage amañar [v]
manage ingeniarse [v]
manage manejarse [v]
manage poder con [v]
manage tirar [v]
manage trastear [v]
manage conseguir [v]
manage ocuparse [v]
manage apañárselas [v]
manage poder [v]
manage batirse [v] HN EC BO CL
manage manijar [v] SV rare rur.
manage manillar [v] DO
manage monitorear (inglés monitor) [v] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU DO PR CO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
manage zocar [v] CR
manage conseguir [v]
manage monitoreo [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU DO PR CO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
manage conducir [v]
manage procurar [v]
manage menear [v]
manage traer [v]
manage hacer andar [v]
manage usar [v]
manage domar [v]
manage tratar con prudencia [v]
manage amansar [v]
manage obrar [v]
manage acertar [v]
manage hallar modo [v]
manage componérselas [v]
manage abordar [v]
manage dar abasto [v]
manage arreglárselas [v]
manage averiguarse (avenirse con alguien) [v]
manage guberciar [v] DO disused
manage regentear [v] MX
manage roncar [v] PY
manage calzarse [v]
manage avenírselas [v] disused
manage barajárselas [v]
manage apañárselas [v]
manage administrar [v]
manage llevar [v]
manage dirigir [v]
manage gestionar [v]
manage manejar [v]
manage regir [v]
manage regentar [v]
manage regentear [v]
manage administrar [v]
manage administración [f]
manage regentear [v]
manage levar [v]
manage preparar [v]
manage valerse [v]
manage gestionar [v]
manage manejar [v]
manage maniobrar [v]
manage cuidar [v]
manage hacer funcionar [v]
manage dirigir una explotación [v]
manage atender [v]
manage ocuparse de [v]
manage llevar [v]
manage ocuparse de
manage pilotear [v]
manage manejar [v]

Meanings of "manage" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 210 result(s)

English Spanish
manage it pegar la [v]
manage to get recabar [v]
manage to do something conseguir hacer algo [v]
manage a mine aviar [v] BO CL
manage real hacienda accounts beneficiar [v]
person who knows how to manage in certain situations chacha [f] CO
be able to manage bastarse [v]
manage to get agenciar [v]
manage one's finances administrarse [v]
manage to get merendarse (coloquial) [v]
manage one's affairs gobernarse [v]
manage the situation desenvolverse [v]
manage to see distinguir [v]
direct or manage manejar [v]
stage-manage urdir [v]
stage-manage maquinar [v] fig.
stage-manage dirigir [v]
manage time administrar tiempo [v]
manage money administrar dinero [v]
manage by oneself valerse por sí mismo [v]
manage to do something arreglárselas para hacer algo [v]
manage one’s own relations administrarse [v]
manage to do something alcanzar a hacer algo [v]
manage with something arreglarse con algo [v]
manage without something arreglarse sin algo [v]
manage to in atinar a [v]
manage to in atinar a con [v]
manage to in atinar a en [v]
manage to do something procurar hacer algo [v]
manage to do ingeniárselas [v]
manage a company/institution following the rules of the democratic action party of venezuela adequizar [v] VE
can't manage without someone no poder arreglárselas sin alguien [v]
manage to face and avoid difficulties campanearse [v] PY
manage a property, especially a ranch cuidar [v] VE:C
manage in activities or matters expedirse [v] BO CL cult
manage a company or institution gerentear [v] CL
manage something corretear [v] CU
manage a brothel mampiolar [v] DO
direct (manage) conducir [v]
difficult to manage (a situation) de argolla [adj] CU
person who knows how to manage in certain situations chacho [m] CO
manage people or situations muñequeo [m] EC BO CL UY
manage things well industriarse [v]
manage skillfully ingeniarse [v]
manage or direct a business affair encaminar [v]
manage well enderezar [v]
manage/administer an estate mayordomear [v]
manage to exist pasar [v]
manage (a horse) llevar [v]
manage to llegar [v]
know how to manage someone coger las vueltas a alguien [v]
know how to manage someone coger la vuelta a alguien [v]
manage or survive with difficulty sacar un cinco pelado [v]
manage the house correr con la casa [v]
manage one's existence barely vivir en precario [v]
manage without hacerle la cruz [v] BO CL AR
manage without echar por el desvío [v] CL
how do you manage? ¿cómo te las arreglas?
I'll manage ya me apañaré !
we'll manage it somehow lo arreglaremos de alguna manera
manage with apañarse con [v]
manage on apañárselas con [v]
manage on arreglarse con [v]
manage with apañárselas con [v]
manage with arreglarse con [v]
manage on arreglárselas con [v]
manage with arreglárselas con [v]
manage to bastar para que... [v]
just manage to scrape by aprobar por los pelos [v]
manage pretty well arreglárselas muy bien [v]
manage alone buscarse la vida [v]
manage on one's own buscarse la vida [v]
manage one's existence barely cascarear [v] MX
manage one's business manipular [v]
manage with tact trastear [v]
manage to do something acertar a hacer algo [v]
manage to batir [v] BO
manage life on one's own nadar alguien sin calabazas [v]
manage life on one's own no necesitar de calabazas para nadar [v]
co-manage coadministrar [v]
manage jointly coadministrar [v]
manage project team dirigir el equipo del proyecto [v]
manage stakeholder expectations gestionar las expectativas de los interesados [v]
direct and manage project execution dirigir y gestionar la ejecución del proyecto [v]
officially appoint someone to manage the finances of a company that cannot pay its debts declararse en suspensión de pagos [v]
manage real estate gestionar bienes inmuebles [v]
manage accounts gestionar cuentas [v]
manage data gestionar datos [v]
manage debt gestionar deudas [v]
manage money gestionar dinero [v]
manage credit gestionar el crédito [v]
manage marketing gestionar el marketing [v]
manage marketing gestionar el mercadeo [v]
manage the market gestionar el mercado [v]
manage liabilities gestionar el pasivo [v]
manage personnel gestionar el personal [v]
manage the program gestionar el programa [v]
manage the project gestionar el proyecto [v]
manage businesses gestionar empresas [v]
manage money gestionar fondos [v]
manage investments gestionar inversiones [v]
manage quality gestionar la calidad [v]
manage the portfolio gestionar la cartera [v]
manage the company gestionar la compañía [v]
manage debt gestionar la deuda [v]
manage the estate gestionar la herencia [v]
manage the line gestionar la línea [v]
manage production gestionar la producción [v]
manage the network gestionar la red [v]
manage a partnership gestionar la sociedad [v]
manage resources gestionar los recursos [v]
manage risks gestionar los riesgos [v]
manage operations gestionar operaciones [v]
manage systems gestionar sistemas [v]
manage tasks gestionar tareas [v]
manage lands gestionar tierras [v]
manage sales gestionar ventas [v]
manage for another procurar [v]
manage commerce manejar el comercio [v]
manage growth manejar el crecimiento [v]
manage inventory manejar el inventario [v]
manage demand manejar la demanda [v]
manage the economy manejar la economía [v]
manage inflation manejar la inflación [v]
manage shares manejar las acciones [v]
manage rates manejar las tasas [v]
manage exchange rates manejar las tasas de cambio [v]
manage costs manejar los costes [v]
manage costs manejar los costos [v]
manage funds manejar los fondos [v]
manage expenses manejar los gastos [v]
manage prices manejar los precios [v]
manage wages manejar los salarios [v]
manage real estate administrar bienes inmuebles [v]
manage accounts administrar cuentas [v]
manage data administrar datos [v]
manage debt administrar deudas [v]
manage money administrar dinero [v]
manage commerce administrar el comercio [v]
manage growth administrar el crecimiento [v]
manage credit administrar el crédito [v]
manage marketing administrar el marketing [v]
manage marketing administrar el mercadeo [v]
manage the market administrar el mercado [v]
manage liabilities administrar el pasivo [v]
manage personnel administrar el personal [v]
manage the program administrar el programa [v]
manage the project administrar el proyecto [v]
manage businesses administrar empresas [v]
manage investments administrar inversiones [v]
manage money administrar fondos [v]
manage quality administrar la calidad [v]
manage the portfolio administrar la cartera [v]
manage the company administrar la compañía [v]
manage demand administrar la demanda [v]
manage debt administrar la deuda [v]
manage the economy administrar la economía [v]
manage the estate administrar la herencia [v]
manage inflation administrar la inflación [v]
manage the line administrar la línea [v]
manage production administrar la producción [v]
manage the network administrar la red [v]
manage a partnership administrar la sociedad [v]
manage shares administrar las acciones [v]
manage rates administrar las tasas [v]
manage exchange rates administrar las tasas de cambio [v]
manage costs administrar los costes [v]
manage costs administrar los costos [v]
manage funds administrar los fondos [v]
manage expenses administrar los gastos [v]
manage prices administrar los precios [v]
manage resources administrar los recursos [v]
manage risks administrar los riesgos [v]
manage operations administrar operaciones [v]
manage systems administrar sistemas [v]
manage tasks administrar tareas [v]
manage lands administrar tierras [v]
manage sales administrar ventas [v]
manage exchange rates manejar los tipos de cambio [v]
co-manage codirigir [v]
manage a corporation administrar la sociedad [v]
manage a corporation gestionar la sociedad [v]
manage expenditures manejar los gastos [v]
manage expenditures administrar los gastos [v]
manage funds administrar fondos [v]
manage funds gestionar fondos [v]
manage stock administrar las acciones [v]
manage stock manejar las acciones [v]
manage trade administrar el comercio [v]
manage trade manejar el comercio [v]
manage to overcome the problem lograr superar el problema
manage property administrar una propiedad
licence to a minor to manage his own estate venia [f]
manage a partnership comanditar [v]
handle manage reglamentar [v]
manage real estate administrar bienes inmuebles [v]
manage commerce administrar el comercio [v]
manage businesses administrar empresas [v]
co-manage codirigir [v]
manage trade administrar el comercio [v]
manage commerce manejar el comercio [v]
manage poorly manejar mal [v]
Estate Law
manage the property administrar los bienes [v]
manage profiles administrar perfiles
manage newsgroups administrar grupos de noticias
manage newsgroup administrar grupos de noticias
manage mail account administrar cuenta de correo
manage newsgroups gestionar grupos de noticias
manage data administrar datos
remedial project manage administrador del proyecto de restauración