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Meanings of "overgrown" in Spanish English Dictionary : 32 result(s)

English Spanish
overgrown fragoso [adj]
overgrown fragosa [adj/f]
overgrown breñoso [adj]
overgrown confragoso [adj] disused
overgrown cubierto de matojos [adj]
overgrown machón [adj] PR rur.
overgrown vicioso [adj] GT
overgrown cubierta de matojos [adj/f]
overgrown anormalmente crecido
overgrown excesivamente crecido
overgrown vicioso [adj]
overgrown talludo [adj]
overgrown loco [adj]
overgrown talluda [adj/f]
overgrown viciosa [adj/f]
overgrown lleno [adj]
overgrown entapizado [adj]
overgrown cubierto [adj]
overgrown revestido [adj]
overgrown inmenso [adj]
overgrown grande [adj]
overgrown enorme [adj]
overgrown entapizada [adj/f]
overgrown llena [adj/f]
overgrown revestida [adj/f]
overgrown cubierta [adj/f]
overgrown demasiada [adj/f]
overgrown inmensa [adj/f]
overgrown macuco [adj]
overgrown grandullón [adj]
overgrown macuca [adj/f]
overgrown grandullona [adj/f]

Meanings of "overgrown" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 26 result(s)

English Spanish
overgrown plot of land cepeda [f]
overgrown plot of land cepera [f]
be overgrown by tall grass acaguasarse [v] CU
be overgrown with grass enyerbarse [v]
overgrown with hair cabelludo [adj]
overgrown girl pelusona [f] CL
get overgrown enmalezarse [v] CAR SCN
be overgrown with tall grass acaguasarse [v] CU
cut the overgrown hooves of a horse deschapinar [v] AR rur.
that has overgrown hooves that make it difficult to walk (horse or cattle) chapino [adj] PA AR UY rur.
being overgrown with grass empastado [adj] GT CR
old and with overgrown hooves maceta [adj] PY AR UY rur.
having overgrown grass empastado [adj] GT CR
overgrown boy pelusón [m] CL
overgrown with weeds cubierto de mala hierba
land overgrown with heath used in charcoal-making cepeda [f]
overgrown youth/girl zagalona [f]
land overgrown with heath used in charcoal-making cepera [f]
be overgrown with grass enyerbarse [v] AMER
be overgrown recrecer [v]
overgrown youth/girl zagalón [m]
overgrown grass that stands out in a meadow empina [f] ES local
become overgrown with trees enmaniguarse [v] CU PR
overgrown with hair cabellado [adj] disused
overgrown novice noviciote [m]
overgrown youth pollancón [m]