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Meanings of "piece" in Spanish English Dictionary : 94 result(s)

English Spanish
piece sección [f]
piece pieza [f]
piece triza [f]
piece trozo [m]
piece pedazo [m]
piece pedazo [n]
piece pastilla [f]
piece china [f]
piece porción [f]
piece troncha [f]
piece brizna [f]
piece casco [m]
piece sosco [m] AMER
piece lempo [m]
piece tolete [m] AMER
piece troncho [m] AMER
piece cacho [m]
piece chiringo [m] HN
piece fragmento [m]
piece ostugo [m]
piece retal [m]
piece retazo [m]
piece tramo [m]
piece onza [f]
piece parte [f]
piece (moneda) moneda [f]
piece peón [m]
piece cutuco [m] SV
piece canto [m] PR
piece gajo [m] DO VE PY
piece kuruvíka [m] PY
piece nuco [m] SV
piece ñoco (kikongo) [m] SV
piece ñolo [m] PR
piece ñuco [m] HN SV
piece ñuñuco [m] SV
piece pilinche [m] GT
piece rolo [m] VE
piece truco [m] DO
piece zocotroco [m] CU AR UY
piece retazo
piece pieza de artillería
piece composición [f]
piece cosa [f]
piece acción [f]
piece apedazar [v]
piece echar pedazos [v]
piece remiendo [m]
piece hecho [m]
piece escrito [m]
piece rasgo [m]
piece acto [m]
piece cuadro [m]
piece casco (de botella) [m]
piece pelpa [m] PE
piece pipa de cristal para cannabis
piece revólver
piece arma
piece pieza [f]
piece parte [m]
piece pedazo [m]
piece segmento [m]
piece remendar [v]
piece parcela [f]
piece división [f]
piece pieza [f]
piece pieza [f]
piece bulto [m]
piece miembro [m]
piece pedazo
piece trozo
piece artículo [m]
piece pieza [f]
piece repuesto [m]
piece pedazo [m]
piece trozo
piece juntarse [v]
piece reparar [v]
piece anudar [v]
piece juntar [v]
piece unirse [v]
piece unir [v]
piece armar [v]
piece órgano [m]
piece recambio [m]
piece trozo
piece pedazo
piece pedazo
piece pedazo [m]
piece pieza (cañón/fusil/escopeta) [f]
piece pieza [f]
British Slang
piece sánguche
piece pieza [f]
piece figura [f]

Meanings of "piece" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
piece of advice consejo [m]
piece of meat presa [f]
portion or piece of food presa [f]
tie (piece of clothing) corbata [f]
(chess) black piece negra [f]
capture a piece comer [v]
piece of paper papelito [m]
piece of furniture trasto [m]
piece of luggage bulto [m]
piece of wood leño [m]
piece of wood madero [m]
especially a small piece papelito [m]
any fabric or paper piece for clean trapo [m]
(diminutive of noun pedazo) small piece pedacito [m]
any piece of cloth trapo [m]
piece of gossip chisme [m]
a piece of chalk tiza [n]
piece of news nueva [f]
piece of bad luck sal [f] MX CAM DO CO EC PE
piece of ground parcela [f]
piece of graffiti pintada [f]
piece of play jugada [f]
piece of cloth tela [f]
piece of news especie [f]
piece of property posesión [f]
piece (of meat) presa [f] CL
piece of toast tostada [f]
piece of work faena [f]
piece of evidence prueba [f]
piece of candy [us] golosina [f]
piece of elastic goma [f]
piece together armar [v]
in one piece enterizo [adj]
one-piece enterizo [adj]
piece of junk cacharro [m]
small piece cacho [m]
piece of candy [us] caramelo [m]
piece of elastic elástico [m]
short piece pasillo [m]
piece of land solar [m]
piece of apparatus aparato [m]
piece of play lance [m]
three-piece suit terno [m]
piece of pottery tiesto [m]
piece of material trapo [m]
piece of rag trapo [m]
piece of junk trasto [m]
three-piece suite tresillo [m]
piece of glass cristal [m]
piece of land quiñón [m]
piece of bad luck azar [m]
piece of information dato [m]
piece of furniture mueble [m]
in one piece enteriza [adj/f]
one-piece enteriza [adj/f]
piece of news noticia [f]
piece of coal carbón [m]
piece of land predio [m]
three-piece suit temo [m]
piece of leather put round a last to make the shoe wider alza [f]
piece of wood inserted in a wall almojaya [f]
piece of chamois-skin used for polishing alpañata [f]
stripe on a piece of cloth cenefa [f]
head-piece/vignette cabecera [f]
highest part of piece of ground cabezada [f]
set of drawers in a piece of furniture cajonería [f]
small piece cut out of a melon to try its flavour cala [f]
wrong side of a piece of cloth contrahaz [f]
piece of ordenance bastarda [f] disused
rough chunk/piece of wood bauza [f]
piece put in the elbow of a jacket to strengthen it codera [f]
piece of thread/tape beta [f]
end of a piece of cloth cola [f]
toe-piece of a shoe capellada [f]
head-piece of a helmet/casque capellina [f]
piece of land that can be irrigated all at once cosera [f] rur. rare
a piece of ancient armour colla [f]
fowling-piece carabina [f]
piece of wind-instrument bomba [f]
cross-piece cruceta [f]
farcical piece caroca [f]
cod-piece bragueta [f]
minute piece brizna [f]
piece of forest where the wood has been scorched by fire chamicera [f]
stiffening piece in garments fuerza [f]
piece of cultivable land haza [f]
fowling-piece escopeta [f]
section of mud-wall pre-fabricated in one piece emplenta [f]
hardened and wrinkled piece of rawhide garra [f] CO UY
piece for widening a garment hijuela [f]
metal piece of harness encalada [f]
piece of news especie [f] rare
ancient piece of ordnance espera [f]
small piece of ordnance (shotgun) espingarda [f]
piece of jewellery joya [f]
piece of insolence frescura [f]
low-lying, level piece of ground surrounded by mountains nava [f]
small piece pecezuela [f]
small piece of string for fastening presilla [f]
triangular piece of anything nesga [f]
small piece attached to the bits of a bridle meajuela [f]
short piece/essay in prose prosita [f]
end of a piece of linen pestaña [f]
piece of whalebone sown near eyelet-hole ojetera [f]
little piece piecezuela [f]
piece of work pieza [f]
piece/roll of cloth pieza [f]
piece of ordnance pieza [f]
piece or man in the games of draughts, chess pieza [f]
skinny piece of flesh piltraca [f]
square piece of linen covering the chalice palia [f]
main piece (carpentry) madre [f]
piece of meat or fish posta [f]
milled copper piece parpalla [f]
end of a piece of cloth muestra [f]
leg of a piece of furniture pata [f]
piece of jewelry prenda [f]
largest face of a piece of timber tabla [f]
piece of broken china used as castanets tarreña [f]
piece of bark toza [f]
piece of ground assigned to servants as part of their wages senara [f]
string-piece of a staircase zanca [f]
small piece of ground terrezuela [f]
mosaic piece tesela [f]
head-piece (of a bridle) testera [f]
piece of ground enclosed by bounds or landmarks suerte [f]
chess piece pieza de ajedrez [f]
skinny piece of flesh piltrafa [f]
take (a piece in a game of draughts) comer [v]
give a piece of one's mind desahogarse [v]
support a beam by a cross-piece or stay embrochalar [v]
of one piece enterizo [adj]
in one piece monobloque [adj]
piece of ploughed ground left fallow aramio [m]
large dry piece of mortar argamasón [m]
heavy or ill-made piece of furniture armatoste [m]
cross-piece atravesaño [m]
telephone ear-piece auditivo [m]
piece of ancient armor that served to cover the arm avambrazo [m]
piece of an earthen pot cacharro [m]
piece of felt used to wax twine in making rockets cerotero [m]
piece of cloth torn off desgarrón [m]
piece of pumpkin steeped in honey or syrup calabazate [m]
back of altar-piece contrarretablo [m]
upper-and under-piece of a balustrade barandal [m]
curved piece of a water-wheel frame camón [m]
ancient piece of ordnance can [m]
piece of timber coairón [m] rur. rare
elbow-piece of armour codal [m]
small piece of bread canterito [m]
piece of blackish or greenish dry honeycomb destiño [m]
piece of a door-lock dentellón [m]
modesty-piece bobillo [m]
round piece of bass mat put about the hubs of wheels as a cap of defense bocín [m]
large piece of timber bolo [m]
piece of cow-dung boñigo [m]
piece of wood which fastens a fowling net botón [m] rur. rare
triangular piece of ground cuchillo [m]
triangular piece in a garment cuchillo [m]
piece of timber doblero [m] rur. rare
five-peseta piece duro [m]
ornamental piece of artificial fruit frutero [m]
central piece of a wooden ceiling harneruelo [m]
piece of ground in which maslin is sown herrenal [m]
light piece of iron herrezuelo [m]
large fowling-piece escopeten [m]
small piece of iron hierrezuelo [m]
piece of soft linen used in the sick-room to wash and refresh the mouth hisopillo [m]
foot-piece of a stirrup hondón [m]
old joke/piece of news fiambre [m]
piece of jewelry in the form of a clasp firmal [m]
star-shaped piece in fireworks estrellón [m]
piece torn from clothing jirón [m]
piece of timber implantón [m] rur. rare
small piece pedacico [m]
small piece pedazuelo [m]
cross-piece of a door or window frame peinazo [m]
small bit/piece pellizco [m]
a piece of paper clinging to the frisket and preventing the impression of some part of a sheet lardón [m]
piece (in draughts) peón [m]
mending piece remiendo [m]
piece of horse's bridle perrillo [m]
eye-piece ocular [m]
piece of barren, uncultivated ground mestal [m]
altar-piece retablo [m]
light fowling-piece retaco [m]
table center-piece ramillete [m]
ball or piece of lead plomo [m]
rough piece of ground reventadero [m]
little piece poco [m]
piece of timber 18 feet long machón [m]
small piece of timber maderico [m]
large piece of timber madero [m]
large piece of paper papelón [m]
piece bitten off mordisco [m]
small piece of arable ground rebujal [m]
piece of business pasaje [m]
piece of black chewing tobacco naco [m] AMER
pattern/piece of bone-lace prendido [m]
length of a piece of cloth tiro [m]
big piece of scandal trueno [m]
heel-piece of a shoe tacón [m]
mouth-piece of a bassoon tudel [m]
piece of work trabajo [m]
piece of wood attached to a dog's collar trabanco [m]
a piece of timber about 4 yards long valais [m]
piece of gypsum yesón [m]
piece of ground terruño [m]
piece of bread zato [m]
piece of bread zoquete [m]
short piece of wood zoquete [m]
loose piece of metal suelto [m]
cross-piece travesaño [m]
chess piece trebejo [m]
a three-piece suite (furniture) tresillo [m]
small piece of timber maderillo [m]
small piece of timber maderito [m]
small piece pedacito [m]
piece bitten off mordiscón [m]
piece of ground terruzo [m]
small piece pedacillo [m]
piece of ground in which maslin is sown herreñal [m]
piece of an earthen pot cacharros [m/pl]
piece put into the fork of a pair of breeches entrepiernas [f/pl]
of one piece enteriza [adj/f]
allotted quantity of water for irrigating a piece of land alema (árabe) [f]
large piece of candy adoquín (árabe) [m]
piece of paper to ignite alegrador [m] disused
piece or place of an oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
fly piece alzapón [m] ES local
two-piece suit ambo [m] CL AR UY
piece by piece uno a uno [adv]
piece of hooliganism gamberrada [f]
piece of jewelry alhaja [f]
piece of luck chiripa [f]
piece of nonsense barbaridad [f]
piece of wood madera [f]
piece of luck chamba [f]
piece of nonsense burrada [f]
piece of advice indicación [f]
long flat piece of iron llanta [f]
piece of nonsense sandez [f]
mouth-piece boquilla [f]
nasty piece of work malasombra [f]
piece of nonsense bobada [f]
piece of jewelry joya [f]
fowling piece escopeta [f]
a piece of advice una sugerencia [f]
a piece of money una moneda [f]
a piece of money una minucia [f]
carved piece of woos madera [f]
kind of musical piece aria [f]
piece of cake bicoca [f]
face piece frentera [f]
piece of cake cucaña [f]
piece of chalk tiza [f]
piece of food presa [f]
black piece (chess) negra [f]
piece of junk maula [f]
20 dollar gold piece morocota [f]
short comic piece making fun of someone mojiganga [f]
y-shaped piece of wood to harvest latex horqueta [f]
piece of meat taken from the jowl of a steer osa  [f] VE
art piece obra de arte [f]
art piece pieza artística [f]
first important piece of mineral drawn from a mine and preserved as a relic aguicha [f] BO
the main piece of mineral drawn from a mine and preserved as relic aguicha [f] BO
a piece of leather or garment placed in the saddlebag badana [f] AR UY
high top hat with a narrow brim, woven from a single piece of cane boca de canasta [f] DO
telephone mouth piece bocina [f] MX HN CO VE
iron piece of a costa rican wagon axle bocina [f] CR
musical piece performed by a military band bolera [f] BO
improvised sling made from a piece of leather cachamblaca [f] SV
the performance of body rhythmic movements, generally in couples, in a musical piece or a series of them bailada [f] MX
pocket in a piece of clothing baisa [f] SV
(among the paperers) a common paper that is usually placed under the final piece for a better fix camisa [f] BO CL
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana desbajeradora [f] CR
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana desbajadora [f] CR
tool composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron at one of the ends used to cut the leaves of a banana esbajadora [f] CR
piece of shell from the calabash fruit used to scrape and smooth a ceramic vessel cuchara de guacal [f] HN
piece of shell from the calabash fruit used to scrape and smooth a ceramic vessel cuchara de jícara [f] HN
piece of hide that unites the two extremes of the rubber or oilcloth of a slingshot cuereta [f] HN SV
triangular shaped piece of paper or fabric cuchilla [f] NI
small piece of glass placed on the tail of a kite to cut the string and release it cuchilla [f] CU PR
piece of machete or knife cushta [f] SV
piece of timber attached to a large hook used to catch sharks in the pacific ocean cimbra [f] MX
round piece of silver used to decorate a saddle chapeta [f] MX
piece of paper on which a student makes a note of formulas and information in order to use them secretly during a test chanchulla [f] BO
piece of junk chiva [f] VE
small piece of sweet bread, in the form of an animal, person, or plant figura de pan [f] EC
piece of paper foja [f] GT disused
piece of paper foja [f] HN cult
piece of paper foja [f] MX EC PE BO CL AR UY
game where five adolescent girls write their names on pieces of paper and on the back they write marriage, hate, or love, then each chews their piece of paper and throws it at the ceiling, if it sticks the wish will be granted carta rusa [f] BO:E
piece of junk carajada [f] GT HN SV NI CR BO DO derog.
piece of junk carambada [f] HN SV NI
piece of cake carpintería [f] PA
rectangular piece of leather that is part of a horse's tack ala [f] AR UY rur.
piece of junk catana [f] CU
piece of junk catanare [f] CU
piece of boneless meat carnaza [f] PY AR UY
tip of the spine, formed by the last piece of the sacrum bone and all those of the coccyx garisapa [f] VE:W
tip of the spine, formed by the last piece of the sacrum bone and all those of the coccyx garizapa [f] VE:W
piece of hard and wrinkled leather garra [f] NI PR CO VE rur.
piece of sole leather, wet and cut into strips garra de cuero [f] HN:W
piece of junk guanacada [f] NI
piece of junk gafedad [f] VE
piece of junk guarandinga [f] VE
piece of the tobacco leaf that remains in the stem when tearing it off galla [f] PR rur.
(on a guitar and other stringed musical instruments) piece opposite of the pegs where the strings are tied cola de pato [f] HN
skin removed in a single piece copina [f] MX rare
trapezoidal piece used to join wooden boards that form a corner cola de pato [f] MX
piece of gossip conversa [f] VE
piece of gossip copucha [f] CL
altar piece escultura del altar [f]
lined and perforated piece of paper hoja tabaré [f] UY
rectangular and yellowish piece of paper, with one roughened side, used especially in drawing hoja de garbanzo [f] UY
hair piece hair piece (inglés) [f] US PR
art piece obra de arte [f]
art piece pieza de arte [f]
battle piece ficha de combate [f]
piece of junk llaga [f] HN:N
piece of junk lata [f] GT
piece of junk leña [f] PR derog.
piece of cloth used to finish the edges on a garment manera [f] CU
cheek piece martingala (francés) [f] AR UY rur.
piece of junk macana [f] BO CL PY UY
women's one-piece malla entera [f] BO AR UY
women's one-piece malla enteriza [f] AR UY
women's one-piece swimsuit malla entera [f] BO AR UY
women's one-piece swimsuit malla enteriza [f] AR UY
piece of gossip onda [f] HN
tiny piece milaña [f] DO
tiny piece mincha [f] CO:C,Ne
tiny piece miñanga [f] AR disused
tiny piece miñanga [f] UY
tiny piece miñinga [f] DO
tiny piece mirringa [f] CU
piece of trash miñanga [f] AR disused
piece of trash miñanga [f] UY derog.
juicy piece of gossip oreja [f] DO
piece of trash ñañaca [f] BO
piece of trash ñola [f] HN
piece of trash ñanga [f] EC:N derog.
piece of trash ñarra [f] EC rare
piece of trash ñaña [f] BO
small piece ñica [f] GT
piece of junk miñanga [f] AR disused
piece of junk miñanga [f] UY derog.
piece of junk ñañaca [f] BO
piece of junk ñola [f] HN
piece of junk ñanga [f] EC:N derog.
piece of junk ñarra [f] EC rare
piece of junk ñaña [f] BO
piece of junk paja [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU VE EC BO
small piece of dough cooked in broth to make soup pantruca [f] CL
piece of cake papaya [f] PE CL
piece of cake papa [f] MX CL AR UY
piece of cake papaya [f] VE
piece of junk pañusa [f] SV
piece of junk pachilla [f] EC
square shaped piece of fabric that joins another to make tablecloths, quilts and other garments pastilla [f] PE
piece of trash pendejada [f] DO VE EC BO CL
piece of honeycomb penca [f] CL
large piece of pork crackling penca [f] PR rur.
piece of clothing prenda [f] GT
piece of cord pucha [f] SV
piece of junk puchuela [f] EC
piece of junk puercada [f] HN SV derog.
piece of junk putada [f] SV
end piece puntilla [f] CL
piece of uneven clothing quecha [f] CL
piece of meat troncha [f] NI
piece of meat troncha [f] PE rare
piece of preserved fish troncha [f] CU
machete with a missing piece tunca [f] HN SV NI rur.
piece of cloth zaraza [f] HN:E
piece of cake verdurita [f] BO AR UY
(literature/art) piece obra [f]
(for a time piece) be slow quedarse atrás [v]
(for a time piece) be slow quedarse atrasado [v]
tax a piece of property acensuar [v]
piece together montar [v]
piece together juntar [v]
be a piece of cake ser coser y cantar [v]
be a piece of cake ser pan comido [v]
be a piece for something ser una pieza para algo [v]
outline with ropes a piece of land to be planted acordonar [v] CU
fasten (a piece of clothing worn) atrincarse [v] VE
be a piece of ser un pedazo de [v]
fold a piece of cloth bastillear [v] BO
fold a piece of cloth bastillar [v] PE
carve a wooden piece bichar [v] VE
split a piece of wood longitudinally desguabilar [v] NI
skin animals by removing their skin in a single piece copinar [v] MX rare
apply liquid with a piece of cloth on the palate or in the throat, for healing purposes hisopear [v] PE disused
be a piece of ser una pieza de [v]
be a piece of ser parte de [v]
violently break a piece of wood or break branches off a log kajllar [v] BO:S,C,E
place drawers in a piece of furniture encajonar [v] DO BO
a piece of money (algo) insignificante [adj]
three-piece de tres piezas [adj]
two-piece de dos piezas [adj]
related to the piece of clothing, specially knickers, made of a checkered white and grey fabric bataraz [adj] AR UY rur.
that has a piece missing (cutting implement) desjachado [adj] HN
piece of cake (thing or job) chichón [adj] GT HN SV NI
piece of cake (thing) chichudo [adj] HN
ragged (piece of clothing) chiraposo [adj] EC
tight (piece of clothing) chiringo [adj] PR
located in the corner of a room (piece of furniture) esquinado [adj] MX
being a piece of junk caratoso [adj] HN
(piece of clothing) shorter than usual jolín [adj] MX
(piece of clothing) shorter than usual jolino [adj] MX
piece of cake mamero [adj] HN
piece of cake mamey [adj] CO
piece of cake mango [adj] DO
being a piece of trash mugriento [adj] CL AR UY derog.
being a piece of junk mugriento [adj] CL AR UY derog.
piece of cake papayo [adj] PE CL EC
piece of cake papelito [adj] EC child
being a piece of cake pacho [adj] HN SV
being a piece of junk pedorro [adj] HN AR UY
piece of cake queque [adj] CR
piece of cake quitado [adj] PR
piece of stale bread tarugo [m]
piece of mind bienestar [m]
heel-piece talón [m]
friction piece frotador [m]
piece of rubble cascote [m]
end-piece complemento [m]
piece of stale bread mendrugo [m]
transition piece adaptador [m]
distant piece suplemento [m]
piece of old junk armatoste [m]
piece of cannelloni canelón [m]
one-piece monobloque [m]
a piece of advice un consejo [m]
piece of macaroni macarrón [m] ES
piece of one's mind zapatillazo [m] fig.
one-piece swimsuit trajebaño [m] rare
piece of paper papel [m]
piece work trabajo a destajo [m]
a short news piece resumen [m]
piece of bread roll chusco [m]
piece of meat found in a stew tropezón [m]
piece work destajo [m]
small piece (of land) rincón [m]
piece of land cultivating corn maizal [m]
drum-shaped piece tambor [m]
piece (phone) aparato [m]
crock (piece of pottery) cacharro [m]
piece of junk cachivache [m]
piece of ceramic art ceramio [m]
shard piece of broken pottery cacharro [m]
small piece trocito [m]
croquette made of corn starch, salt, and cheese formed into a thin piece that is folded at the ends and fried almojábano [m] PA
piece of meat salted, smoked and dried to preserve it tasajo [m]
piece of material to cover cattle eyes tapaojos [m] CO HN VE
piece/area of savanna paño (de sabana) [m]
wishbone used in a game (two people grab one end of the forked bone and whoever ends up with the larger piece wins) apostador [m] CO EC
piece of furniture placed next to a wall arrimo [m] CL
piece of land in the auriferous basins where sediments and mineral debris are gathered and subsequently collected aventadero [m] PE BO
long and very wide one-piece dress. balandrán [m] HN SV NI
piece of fabric barbiquejo [m] BO
blow given with a piece of bamboo bambuazo [m] PR
blow given with a piece of bamboo bamburrazo [m] PR
metal piece agrafe [m] UY AR disused
piece of junk bodoque [m] NI
piece of cake bofe [m] PR
piece of twisted raw leather barzón [m] NI
round piece of something bojote [m] HN SV
piece of cake bolazo [m] UY
musical piece played by military bands at religious processions or important burials bolera [m] BO
piece of cake bilí [m] PR
piece of paper used to randomly sort examination question among students bolo [m] BO
piece of metal that is placed between the sole and the template to reinforce the shoes cambrallón [m] HN
piece of metal that is placed between the sole and the template to reinforce the shoes cambrallón [m] HN
piece of metal that is placed between the sole and the template to reinforce the shoes cambrellón [m] NI
a piece of any fish, generally dried and salted dogfish, that is consumed mainly during the holy week period bacalao [m] PY AR UY
poisoned piece of meat used to kill animals bocado [m] SV NI
piece of dry clay bodoque [m] AR
ear-shaped piece of wood used by shoemakers to sew the sole bofo [m] HN
round piece of something bojote [m] HN SV
piece of cake boleto [m] UY
piece of meat cut from the hindquarter boliche [m] CU
piece that ties the cable to the crane bolillo de güinche [m] PR
piece of unworked wood, long and thick, ready to be sawed bolo [m] CU
piece of gossip binazo [m] CR
piece of cake bollo [m] UY
piece of cake bombón [m] CU
piece of cloth billete [m] DO
piece of junk bigote [m] PR
a metallic piece placed between the heel and the sole's bottom camello [m] BO
curved piece of wood that forms the rim of a wheel camón [m] CU rur.
piece of sackcloth which is tied to sterilized rams like an apron and soaked in liquid chalk so that it leaves a mark on ewes in heat delantal [m] PY UY
edge board that results from sawing a piece of wood in a square/rectangular shape descostillo [m] SV
piece of gossip cuecho [m] NI
(in string instruments) piece of wood in which the sound box has been carved, polished, and decorated cuartón [m] PR
piece of brick used in masonry cuartón [m] EC
piece of leather places on top of one's pants and that covers from the buttocks to the abdomen, worn by miners culero [m] CL