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Meanings of "volverse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 27 result(s)

Spanish English
volverse [v] become
volverse [v] compound of the infinitive volver and the pronoun se
volverse [v] turn
volverse [v] turn round
volverse [v] turn inside out
volverse [v] turn upside down
volverse [v] go off
volverse [v] turn back
volverse [v] go back
volverse [v] turn sour
volverse [v] turn sour
volverse [v] change an opinion
volverse [v] retract an opinion
volverse [v] get
volverse [v] begin be
volverse [v] grow
volverse [v] swing (round)
volverse [v] twist
volverse [v] become like
volverse [v] make
volverse [v] render
volverse [v] tumble
volverse [v] turn away
volverse [v] turn about
volverse [v] turn around
volverse [v] come back
volverse [v] return

Meanings of "volverse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

Spanish English
volverse loco [v] go mad
volverse atrás [v] back out
volverse atrás [v] turn back
volverse atrás [v] withdraw
volverse denso [v] become denser
volverse enemigo de [v] become an enemy of
volverse loco [v] become mad
volverse rojo [v] become red (face)
volverse esencial [v] become essential
volverse melancólico [v] become melancholic/sullen
volverse diestro/mañoso [v] become skilful
volverse materialista [v] become materialistic
volverse prudente [v] become prudent
volverse grosero/rudo [v] become coarse
volverse incierto [v] become uncertain
volverse desierto [v] become deserted
volverse hacia atrás [v] look back
volverse hacia atrás [v] look behind oneself
volverse majara [v] go haywire
volverse a casar [v] remarry
volverse presidente [v] become president
volverse loco [v] lose one's marbles
volverse popular [v] become popular
volverse agresivo [v] become aggressive
volverse atrás [v] change one's mind
volverse un hábito [v] become a habit
volverse pies atrás [v] go back along the one way has come
volverse de espaldas [v] turn one's back
volverse luminoso [v] become luminous
volverse malo [v] become bad
volverse mal educado [v] become impolite
volverse malicioso [v] become malicious
volverse mas extraño [v] become stranger
volverse más caro [v] become more expensive
volverse mas fuerte poco a poco [v] become stronger gradually
volverse más poderoso [v] become more powerful
volverse más popular [v] become more popular
volverse más independiente [v] become more independent
volverse más grave [v] become a more serious
volverse menos frecuente [v] become less frequent
volverse más serio [v] become more serious
volverse más pronunciado [v] become steep
volverse movilizado [v] become mobilized
volverse misericordioso [v] become merciful
volverse natural [v] become natural
volverse noble [v] become lofty
volverse notorio [v] become notorious
volverse obligatorio [v] become compulsory
volverse nudoso [v] become knobby
volverse operativo [v] become operative
volverse pacífico [v] become peaceful
volverse obstinado [v] become obstinate
volverse peludo [v] become hairy
volverse perceptible [v] become perceptible
volverse pequeño [v] become small
volverse pérfido [v] become perfidious
volverse práctico [v] become practical
volverse placentero [v] become pleasurable
volverse productivo [v] become productive
volverse puntiagudo [v] become pointed
volverse prominente [v] become prominent
volverse primitivo [v] become primitive
volverse puros nervios [v] become all nerves
volverse atrofiado [v] become stunted
volverse rabioso [v] become rabid
volverse racional [v] become rational
volverse atractivo [v] become attractive
volverse rápido [v] become fast
volverse rebelde [v] become rebellious
volverse como el ébano [v] become like ebony
volverse resbaladizo [v] become slippery
volverse raro [v] become rare
volverse salvaje [v] become wild
volverse consciente de sí mismo [v] become self-aware
volverse como el granito [v] become like granite
volverse cojo [v] become limp
volverse significativo [v] become meaningful
volverse severo [v] become severe
volverse empinado [v] become steep
volverse sentimental [v] become emotional
volverse crujiente [v] become crisp
volverse frecuente [v] become frequent
volverse sedentario [v] become sedentary
volverse sospechoso [v] become suspicion
volverse herboso [v] become grassy
volverse sin sentido [v] become nonsensical
volverse grave (enfermedad) [v] become severe (illness)
volverse gracioso [v] become funny
volverse incapaz [v] become unable
volverse simple [v] become plain
volverse tacaño [v] become stingy
volverse incisivo [v] become pointed
volverse subjetivo [v] become subjective
volverse técnico [v] become technical
volverse superficial [v] become superficial
volverse infructuoso [v] become fruitless
volverse inservible [v] become unserviceable
volverse loco por [v] be a sucker for
volverse torpe [v] become clumsy
volverse insignificante [v] become almost meaningless
volverse un amante [v] become lover
volverse manso como un cordero [v] become as gentle as a lamb
volverse polvo [v] becoming dust
volverse miserable [v] become miserable
volverse un rey [v] become king
volverse un problema [v] become problem
volverse travieso [v] become mischievous
volverse transparente [v] becoming transparent
volverse sofocante [v] become stuffy
volverse soleado [v] become sunny
volverse una amenaza [v] become menace
volverse severo [v] becoming severe
volverse una molestia [v] become a nuisance
volverse urgente [v] become urgent
volverse trillado (una idea) [v] become hackneyed
volverse valioso [v] become valuable
volverse un desagradecido [v] become ungrateful
volverse utilizable [v] become usable
volverse transparente [v] become transparent
volverse valiente [v] become doughy
volverse vago [v] become vague
volverse un ermitaño [v] becoming a hermit
volverse un repollo [v] become a cabbage
volverse vanidoso [v] become self-important
volverse acolchado [v] become fluffy
volverse ansioso [v] become eager
volverse caprichoso [v] become flighty
volverse arriesgado [v] become risky
volverse canoso [v] become grey
volverse anticuado [v] become old fashioned
volverse cortés [v] become polite
volverse copioso [v] become plentiful
volverse cenagoso [v] become muddy
volverse corto (de inteligencia) [v] become slow-witted
volverse desemejante [v] become dissimilar
volverse cuestionable [v] become questionable
volverse desvergonzado [v] become shameless
volverse especial [v] become special
volverse importante [v] become important
volverse importante [v] become significant
volverse frondoso [v] become forested
volverse insolvente [v] become insolvent
volverse inservible [v] become functionless
volverse intolerante hacia [v] become intolerant of
volverse muy empinado [v] become very steep
volverse intratable [v] become intractable
volverse muy encorvado [v] become very stooped
volverse inútil para trabajar [v] become unemployable
volverse ofensivo [v] become obnoxious
volverse obeso [v] become obese
volverse muy rígido [v] become very rigid
volverse rutinario [v] become routine
volverse ordinario [v] become ordinary
volverse pecoso [v] become freckled
volverse parlanchín [v] become overtalkative
volverse solitario [v] become lonely
volverse tibio [v] become tepid
volverse un bastardo [v] bastardise
volverse travieso [v] become saucy
volverse trivial [v] become shallow
volverse un abstemio [v] become a teetotal
volverse un glotón [v] become gluttonous
volverse una pandilla [v] become gang
volverse un cochino [v] become swinish
volverse vergonzoso [v] become disreputable
volverse indigente [v] become destitute
volverse demasiado difícil (algo/alguien) [v] become too much for (someone) to take
volverse más duro [v] become tough
volverse indigente [v] become destitute
volverse tumefacto [v] become tumid
volverse abundante [v] become abundant
volverse algo definitivo [v] become definite
volverse altamente cuestionable [v] become highly questionable
volverse aburrido [v] become boring
volverse abigarrado [v] become variegated
volverse amigable de inmediato [v] become friendly at once
volverse aburrido [v] become stuffy
volverse anormal [v] become abnormal
volverse aún más importante [v] become even more important
volverse astuto [v] become shrewd
volverse acojinado [v] become fluffy
volverse avalentado [v] become doughy
volverse aguzado [v] become sharp
volverse bien organizado [v] become well-arranged
volverse aguado [v] become watery
volverse banal [v] become banal
volverse barato [v] become cheap
volverse autónomo [v] autonomise
volverse bueno en algo [v] become good at
volverse calvo [v] become baldheaded
volverse bello [v] become beautiful
volverse calloso [v] become calloused
volverse bárbaro [v] barbarise
volverse canallesco [v] become swinish
volverse cateto [v] derog. become slow-witted
volverse caliente [v] become hot
volverse desagradable [v] become obnoxious
volverse carnoso [v] become fleshy
volverse crítico [v] become critical
volverse deforme [v] become unshapely
volverse canónicamente impuros [v] become canonically unclean
volverse cercano a [v] become close to
volverse espacioso [v] become spacious
volverse colorido [v] become colourful
volverse estereotipado [v] become hackneyed
volverse disponible [v] become available
volverse cercanos [v] become close
volverse estático [v] become static
volverse comprensible [v] become understandable
volverse cómodo [v] become comfortable
volverse gangrenoso [v] become gangrenous
volverse hambriento [v] become hungry
volverse frívolo [v] become shallow
volverse indigno [v] become disreputable
volverse conocido como [v] become known as
volverse contemporáneo [v] become contemporary
volverse cristalizado [v] become crystallized
volverse de conocimiento público [v] become public knowledge
volverse cristalino [v] become crystalline
volverse crucial [v] become crucial
volverse inoperante [v] become unserviceable
volverse inerte [v] become lifeless
volverse más claro [v] become clearer
volverse lo contrario [v] become contrary
volverse justo [v] become fair
volverse deseable [v] become desireable
volverse ​​definitivo [v] become final
volverse dependientes [v] become dependent
volverse delicado [v] become delicate
volverse nítido [v] become crisp
volverse monótono [v] become/get monotonous
volverse deshilachado [v] become threadbare
volverse detallado [v] become detailed
volverse desolado [v] become desolate
volverse mordaz [v] become pointed
volverse difícil [v] become difficult
volverse diferente [v] become different
volverse picarón [v] become saucy
volverse no funcional [v] become unfunctional
volverse dinámico [v] become dynamic
volverse ordenado [v] become orderly
volverse distinto [v] become distinct
volverse raído [v] become threadbare
volverse disfuncional [v] become dysfunctional
volverse profundo [v] become deep
volverse discutible [v] become disputable
volverse raquítico [v] become stunted
volverse dócil [v] become tame
volverse triste [v] become forlorn
volverse dominante [v] become dominant
volverse repetitivo [v] battologize
volverse educado [v] become polite
volverse simple [v] become simple
volverse robusto [v] become robust
volverse en una obsesión [v] become an obsession
volverse eficiente [v] become efficient
volverse una cuadrilla [v] become gang
volverse un zapallo [v] become a cabbage
volverse en un mito [v] become a myth
volverse egoísta [v] become selfish
volverse un hecho [v] become fact
volverse eterno [v] become eternal
volverse estéril [v] become sterile
volverse escaso [v] become scanty
volverse estéril [v] become barren
volverse veleidoso [v] become flighty
volverse experto (en algo) [v] become past master (at something)
volverse experimentado [v] become experienced
volverse extraño [v] become strange
volverse exuberante [v] become exuberant
volverse fértil [v] become fertile
volverse fan de alguien [v] become fan of someone
volverse famoso a una edad temprana [v] become famous at a young age
volverse fibroso [v] become fibrous
volverse firme [v] become firm
volverse fluido [v] become fluid
volverse frío [v] become cold
volverse gelatinoso [v] become jelly-like
volverse funcional [v] become functional
volverse global [v] become global
volverse histérico sobre algo [v] become hysterical over
volverse globalizado [v] become globalized
volverse gomoso [v] become gummy
volverse hermoso [v] become beautiful
volverse ilógico [v] become illogical
volverse hostil hacia [v] become hostile towards
volverse hombruno [v] become mannish
volverse imposible [v] become impossible
volverse imaginario [v] become imaginary
volverse inadecuado [v] become inadequate
volverse incapaz [v] become incapable
volverse incomprensible [v] become incomprehensible
volverse impúdico [v] become impudent
volverse indistinto [v] become indistinct
volverse inestable [v] become unstable
volverse inevitable [v] become inevitable
volverse infiel [v] become infidel
volverse infeliz [v] become unhappy
volverse infantil [v] become infantile
volverse ingrato [v] become thankless
volverse inflexible [v] become inflexible
volverse ingrato [v] become unthankful
volverse influyente [v] become influential
volverse inmanejable [v] become unmanageable
volverse inmune [v] become immune to
volverse inmaduro [v] become callow
volverse inoperable [v] become inoperable
volverse inoperativo [v] become inoperative
volverse inquieto [v] become restive
volverse inseguro [v] become unsound
volverse insoportable [v] become unbearable
volverse inteligente [v] become sharp
volverse insensibles [v] become insensitive
volverse inútil [v] become helpless
volverse intolerante [v] become intolerant
volverse inútil [v] become useless
volverse introvertido [v] become introverted
volverse inutilizable [v] become unuseable
volverse invernal [v] become winter
volverse inutilizable [v] become unusable
volverse insolente [v] become saucy
volverse intrépido [v] become doughy
volverse tajante [v] become crisp
volverse jorobado [v] become hunchbacked
volverse soso [v] become stuffy
volverse irracional [v] become unreasonable
volverse vigorizante [v] become crisp
volverse irreconocible [v] become unrecognizable
volverse irreparable [v] become unserviceable
volverse escaso [v] become rare
volverse inánime [v] become lifeless
volverse bobo [v] become a cabbage
volverse libre y sencillo [v] become free and easy
volverse famoso [v] burst into prominence
volverse laico [v] be laicized
volverse tradicional [v] be traditionalised
volverse tradicional [v] be traditionalized
volverse arrugado (rostro) [v] be puckered
volverse a agregar [v] be re-added
volverse indigente [v] be left homeless
volverse muy agitado [v] be really shaken up
imposibilidad de volverse del revés [f] irreversibility
imposibilidad de volverse del revés [f] irreversibleness
volverse patas arriba [v] capsize
volverse pálido [v] blanch
volverse de espaldas [v] hide the face from
volverse atrás [v] go back
volverse tonto [v] idiotize
volverse gris/cano [v] gray
volverse gris/cano [v] grey
volverse intenso [v] intensify
volverse hebreo [v] hebraize
volverse hacia [v] point to
volverse loco [v] be or go mad
volverse loco [v] madden
volverse formal [v] get sober
volverse sobrio [v] sober
volverse cuerdo [v] sober
volverse cuerdo [v] sober down
volverse dócil y manejable [v] supple
volverse flexible [v] supple
volverse obediente [v] supple
volverse agrio [v] turn sour
volverse (atrás) [v] turn back
volverse adentro [v] turn in
volverse contra [v] turn on
volverse la tortilla [v] turn the tables
volverse atrás [v] revert
volverse rudo [v] roughen
volverse muerto [v] stagnate
volverse contra [v] round on
volverse atrás [v] stand off
volverse lentamente [v] work round
volverse humo [v] end in smoke
acto de volverse verde greening
volverse loco [v] be freaked out
volverse cada vez más grande [v] get bigger and bigger
volverse loco enloquecerse [v] go crazy
volverse loco [v] let drive
volverse loco [v] let fly
volverse la albarda a la barriga [loc/v] turn out all wrong
volverse loco lose one's head
volverse loco por go a bundle on
volverse loco go berserk
volverse rico get rich
volverse paranoico get paranoid
volverse atrás [v] think back
volverse loco [v] flip out
volverse a adaptar a [v] readjust to
volverse atrás [v] cry off
volverse popular [v] catch on
volverse atrás [v] back down
volverse más serio (un asunto) [v] precipitate into something
volverse contra [v] turn against
volverse en contra de [v] turn against
volverse loco [v] lose one's mind
volverse un engreído [v] get above oneself
volverse loco [v] go berserk
volverse loco [v] go insane
volverse útil [v] come in useful
volverse floreciente [v] come into bloom
volverse floreciente [v] come into blossom
volverse nítido [v] come into focus
volverse de dominio público [v] come out in the open
volverse tormentoso [v] come up a storm
volverse loco [v] take leave of one's senses
volverse las tornas [v] make one's plans turn back on one
volverse las tornas [v] undergo a radical change
volverse las tornas [v] turn the tables on
volverse las tornas [v] turn the tables
volverse las tornas [v] cause a reversal in someone's plans
volverse las tornas [v] turn the tide
volverse las tornas [v] reverse a situation and gain the advantage
volverse insignificante [v] fade into insignificance
volverse loco [v] flip one's lid
volverse loco [v] be driven round the bend
volverse loco [v] do one's nut
volverse loco [v] explode with anger
volverse loco [v] go through the roof
volverse loco [v] be going spare
volverse loco [v] be het up
volverse muy popular [v] go a bomb
volverse loco [v] go up the wall
volverse loco [v] go wacko
volverse loco [v] go wacky
volverse loco [v] go ape
volverse loco [v] go apeshit
volverse loco [v] go around the bend
volverse loco de ira [v] have a fit
volverse loco [v] go cuckoo
volverse loco [v] go daffy
volverse evidente para alguien [v] hit someone between the eyes
volverse evidente para alguien [v] hit someone right between the eyes
volverse loco [v] hit the ceiling
volverse loco [v] go haywire
volverse engreído [v] grow too big for one's boots
volverse presumido [v] grow too big for one's britches
volverse loco de rabia [v] go into orbit
volverse hiperactivo [v] go into overdrive
volverse loco [v] go kooky
volverse muy popular [v] go like a bomb
volverse loco [v] go loco
volverse loco [v] go loony
volverse loco [v] go mental
volverse loco [v] go nuts
volverse loco [v] go nutty
volverse loco [v] go off
volverse loco [v] go off one's rocker
volverse loco [v] go off one's nut
volverse menos exitoso [v] go off the boil
volverse loco [v] go off the deep end
volverse loco de ira [v] go off the deep end
volverse loco [v] go off the wall
volverse loco [v] have taken leave of one's senses
volverse loco [v] go out of one's mind
volverse loco [v] go psycho
volverse de público conocimiento [v] go public
volverse loco [v] go stir-crazy
volverse popular [v] be on the march
volverse loco [v] be out of one's mind
volverse loco de felicidad [v] be over the moon
volverse loco [v] pop one's cork
volverse más cuidadoso [v] pull in one's horns
volverse loco [v] run amok
volverse loco [v] be spitting feathers
volverse más ambicioso [v] raise one's sights
volverse atrás [v] show the white feather
volverse agua de cerrajas [v] end in smoke
volverse mico [v] become crazy or confused
volverse mico [v] get in a pretty pickle
volverse tarumba [v] go crazy
volverse mico [v] lose it
volverse mico [v] go out of one's senses
volverse tarumba [v] become insane
volverse mico [v] get confused
volverse mico [v] out of one's head
volverse chicha [v] VE be ruined
volverse boronas [v] VE break into little pieces
volverse breco [v] HN become tense
volverse chicha [v] VE be ruined
volverse etcétera [v] DO deteriorate physically
volverse humo [v] CO vanish into thin air
volverse la vaca toro [v] AR be rebellious
volverse mono [v] PY AR UY make an effort
volverse mono [v] CL become irritated
volverse mono [v] HN get tired of looking for something without finding it
volverse ojo de hormiga [v] MX duck out
volverse pura lengua [v] MX promise more than one delivers
volverse puro cuento [v] CR not fulfill one's promise
volverse sereta [v] VE break into pieces
volverse un etcétera [v] PR VE become confused
volverse un ocho [v] PA PR CO VE BO become confused
volverse una mantequilla [v] PA CL be submissive
volverse una mogolla [v] PR become confused
volverse sereta [v] VE fall apart completely
volverse una mogolla [v] PR become disturbed
volverse chicha [v] VE break down
volverse un etcétera [v] PR VE get mixed up
volverse un ocho [v] PA PR CO VE BO get mixed up
volverse chicha [v] VE get ruined