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Meanings of "water" in Spanish English Dictionary : 84 result(s)

English Spanish
water regar [v]
water aguar [v]
water abrevar [v]
water agua [f]
water lagrimear [v]
water llorar [v]
water cristianar [v]
water bautizar [v]
water hidráulico [adj]
water hídrico [adj]
water hidrológico [adj]
water acuático [adj]
water acuátil [adj]
water hidráulica [adj/f]
water hídrica [adj/f]
water hidrológica [adj/f]
water acuática [adj/f]
water lluvia [f]
water bañar [v]
water agua [f]
water abrevar [v]
water adaguar [v] ARA
water adrar [v]
water aguar [v] HN
water linfa [f]
water guata [f] CR
water peñasca [f] NI
water wata (inglés water) [f] CR
water mojar [v]
water dar agua a [v]
water manguerear [v] GT EC rare
water manguerear [v] NI CR PA PE BO PY AR CL UY
water manguerear [v] GT PA PE BO AR CL UY
water náutico [adj]
water vaso de agua [m]
water aguas [f/pl]
water jugo de nube [loc/nom] DO
water botella de agua
water agua potable
water agua (de piedras preciosas) [f]
water bautizar (el vino) [v]
water dar de beber a (los animales) [v]
water sacar agua [v]
water viso (de géneros) [m]
water acobi [f] NI
water guata [f] CR
water wuata [f] CR
water pañusa [f] SV jail
water diluir [v]
water diluir [v]
water agua [f]
water humedecer [v]
water aguar [v]
water óxido hídrico
water diluir con agua [v]
water diluir con agua
water abrevar [v]
water aguar [v]
water tomar agua [v]
water agua [f]
water agüilla [f]
water aguosidad [f]
water orina [f]
water viso [m]
water humor [m]
water fluido [m]
water orines [m/pl]
water fluidos corporales
water boca de agua
water diluir con agua [v]
water chorrear agua [v]
water tomar agua [v]
water hacer aguada [v]
water dar aguas [v]
water túnel conducto
water circuito de agua
water marea [f]
water hacer agua [v]
water abrevar [v]
water agua [f]
water agua (h2o) [f]
water abrevar [v]
water cristal [m]
water linfa [f]

Meanings of "water" in English Spanish Dictionary : 8 result(s)

Spanish English
water [m] bathroom [us]
water [m] CL bathroom
water [m] CL lavatory
water [m] CL wc
General Medicine
water [m] toilet
water [m] restroom [us]
water [m] pit
water [m] loo [uk]

Meanings of "water" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
holy-water bowl pileta [f]
body of water agua [f]
be suffocated in water ahogarse [v]
kill by immersion in water ahogar [v]
swim under water bucear [v]
water-resisting hidrófugo [adj]
water closed inodoro [m]
water meter hidrómetro [m]
(insects) water strider zapatero [m]
water resistant resistente al agua [m]
water dish bebedero [m]
still water remanso [m]
quantity of water in a river venaje [m]
water pore hidatodo [m]
spring (water) manantial [m]
(water) current curso [m]
water user regante [m/f]
water-bearing strata niveles [m/pl]
hard water agua dura
water table capa freática
water-ice nieve [f]
water on the brain hidrocefalia [f]
water mill aceña [f]
water nymph ondina [f]
water bottle cantimplora [f]
water carrier aguadora [f]
water seller aguadora [f]
soda water soda [f]
water-treatment plant potabilizadora [f]
tonic water tónica [f]
low water bajamar [f]
water-treatment plant depuradora [f]
water down diluir [v]
water down aguar [v]
take in water hacer aguas [v]
test the water tantear el terreno [v]
water-repellent hidrófugo [adj]
water-soluble hidrosoluble [adj]
soluble in water hidrosoluble [adj]
water-bearing acuífero [adj]
water lily nenúfar [m]
water repellant hidrófugo [m]
hot-water bottle calientapiés [m]
volume (of water) caudal [m]
water carrier aguador [m]
water seller aguador [m]
water jug aguamanil [m]
water supply aguaje [m]
mineral water tehuacán [m] MX
water heater termo [m]
low water level estiaje [m]
low water estiaje [m]
water tank tinaco [m] AMER
white-water rafting rafting [m]
water rail rascón [m]
water bowl bebedero [m]
water dispenser bebedero [m]
water polo waterpolo [m]
water pitcher bule [m]
water polo player waterpolista [m/f]
water- hidro- [pref]
water-repellent hidrófuga [adj/f]
water-bearing acuífera [adj/f]
water-ski hacer esquí acuático [v]
volume of water caudal [m]
tonic (water) tónico [m]
water fountain bebedero [m]
blade of water-wheel abéndula [f]
salt-water lagoon albarizo [f]
salt-water marsh albina [f]
small bubble of water ampolla [f]
water-skater araña [f]
allotted quantity of water for purposes of irrigation alema [f]
water-mill aceña [f]
water outlet in mines agogía [f]
verjuice-water with sugar agrazada [f]
outlet channel for surplus irrigation water almenara (provincial) [f]
impost on water for irrigation almoceda [f]
water used for irrigating ground sowed when dry aguacibera [f]
water in sores aguadija [f]
gum-water aguagoma [f]
rain-water agualluvia [f]
honey and water aguamiel [f]
sugar cane and water aguamiel [f] AMER
orange-flower water aguanafa [f]
painting in water-colours acuarela [f]
pool of water charca [f]
irrigation water-wheel cenia [f]
plot watered in an irrigation water-wheel cenia [f]
rosebud from which rose water is distilled cabezuela [f]
water-carrier (shepherds) ayuda [f]
conduit of water azacaya [f] AND
water pipe azacaya [f] rur. rare
hole dug on the sea-shore for drinking-water cacimba [f]
hole dug on the seashore for drinking water cachimba [f] AR UY
mark left by running water chorrera [f]
wax ball filled with water or perfume used in carnival bala [f]
holy-water basin caldereta [f]
holy-water basin calderilla [f]
water-tank cisterna [f]
basin of water cambija [f]
opening in mud walls to let in the water clavijera [f] rur. rare
water-clock clepsidra [f]
conduit for dirty water cloaca [f]
white water-lily cobertera [f] rur. rare
stone hot-water bottle caneca [f] CU
current (water) (agua) corriente [f]
impoundage (of water) corrivación [f]
water-cooler cantimplora [f]
water-main cañería [f]
water-pipe cañería [f]
flowing back of water coz [f]
gully made by torrents of water cárcava [f]
earthen jar for skimming oil from water bomba [f]
hardness (of water) crudeza [f]
fresh-water fish carpa [f]
water-cart carricuba [f]
main water-pipe comuna [f]
line of barrels towed on the water carrizada [f]
small and very sweet water-melon cuchuña [f] CL
water-closet casilla [f] EC
water reservoir casimba [f] CU PE VE
circular excavation made at the foot of a tree to collect water cavia [f]
a scaleless fresh-water fish challulla [f] PE
spring of water fuente [f]
a fresh-water tortoise of the antilles hicoteca [f]
water-jug gargantilla [f] PH
water closet garita [f]
soda water gaseosa [f]
water sprinkled with an aspergill hisopada [f]
water-pipe/conduit fístola [f]
ordeal of water ley caldaria [f]
fresh-water fish guabina [f] ANT CO SV HN VE
passage by water navegación [f]
water-nymph náyada [f]
water-closet necesaria [f]
small channel of water for irrigation regata [f]
surface foam on water lama [f]
water-closet privada [f]
engine/wheel for drawing water noria [f]
lime-water lechada [f]
water-closet letrina [f]
low water menguante [f]
small fresh-water fish (not edible) olomina [f] CR HN SV
water-sprite ondina [f]
holy water basin pila [f]
refreshing beverage made of aniseed, water, sugar and cinnamon mistela [f]
water closet retirada [f]
purification by water lustración [f]
high water plenamar [f]
stagnant water rebalsa [f]
mixture of vinegar and water posca [f]
water spout manga [f]
neck of a water-closet hopper mangueta [f]
orange-flower water nafa [f]
water-melon patilla [f] CO VE PR DO
orange-water naranjada [f]
storage water (in mills) presada [f]
water-jar-shop tinajería [f]
small water-jar tinajita [f]
water-main toma [f]
water-course tajea [f]
muddy water agua turbia [f]
drink made from cane juice, water and chilli sambumbia [f] CU
drink made from pine-apple, water and sugar sambumbia [f] MX
water-melon sandía [f]
a verbenaceous plant with a fruit resembling a small water-melon sandilla [f] CL
projection over a balcony or window to carry off the rain-water umbela [f]
float of a water-wheel voladera [f]
water-course vaguada [f]
water-melon zandía [f]
subterranean flow of water vena [f]
channel for water zubia [f]
spring of water venera [f]
hole dug on the seashore for drinking water cacimba [f]
conduit for dirty water alcantarilla [f]
gully made by torrents of water carcavina [f]
water reservoir cacimba [f]
water-carrier aguadora [f]
back-water contracorriente [f]
dead water agua estancada [f]
back-water agua estancada [f]
water-pipe/conduit fístula [f]
water-nymph náyade [f]
water-carrier azacana [f]
small water-jar tinajuela [f]
conduit for dirty water albañal [f]
water plants to excess ahogar [v]
dip cloth into alum water (in dyeing) alumbrar [v]
surround with water aislar [v]
water cattle abrevar [v]
moisten skins with water abrevar [v]
mix liquids with water amerar [v]
form a pool (water) apozarse [v] CO CL
accumulate (water) apozarse [v] CL CO
burst (water) abrotoñar [v]
put under water afondar [v]
wet with water antruejar [v] rur. rare
mix with water and honey aguamelar [v]
sweeten water aguamelar [v]
dilute with water aguar [v]
alight on the water acuatizar [v]
drain/draw off water avenar [v]
splash (in the water) chapalear [v]
clear a mill-stream of stagnant water desempalagar [v]
obstruct water-conduits azolvar [v]
back water with the oars and go astern ciar [v]
bale (water) baldear [v]
clean with buckets of water baldear [v]
go into the water bañarse [v]
throw water in fun bautizar [v]
throw into water capuzar [v]
gush out (water) borbollar [v]
boil over (water) borbotar [v]
become muddy (water) enturbiarse [v]
mix wine with water envinar [v]
stupefy fish by poisoning the water embarbascar [v]
emerge (from water) emerger [v]
move swiftly on the water or through the air hender [v]
sprinkle water with a broom or aspergillum escobazar [v]
bail water out of a boat escotar [v] outdated
draw water from a river escotar [v]
stop flowing (water) empozar [v] AMER
over-fill with water enaguachar [v]
cover with water enaguazar [v]
conduct water by means of aqueducts encambijar [v]
convey water through conduits encañar [v]
sprinkle holy water with an aspergill hisopear [v]
conduct water through a channel encauzar [v]
be surfeited with barley and water encebadarse [v]
be covered with water encharcarse [v]
moisten with water held in the mouth espurrear [v]
explore the depth of water fondear [v]
become salty (water) ensalobrarse [v]
mix flour and water before kneading fresar [v] rur. rare
sprinkle with water regar [v]
make water mear [v]
mix wine with water merar [v]
make water orinar [v]
dam water to form a pool rebalsar [v]
ripple (water) rizar [v]
cleave through water or air surcar [v]
boil with water and salt salcochar [v]
float on water sobreaguar [v]
turn on (water) soltar [v]
water, by deviation or overflow from a neighboring one sorregar [v]
cool water in the night air serenar [v]
gush out (water) borbollonear [v]
cover with water cubrir de agua [v]
moisten with water held in the mouth espurriar [v]
form a pool (water) empozarse [v]
cool water in the night air serenarse [v]
dabble in water salpicar con los pies en el agua [v]
gush out (water) borbollear [v]
heavier than water ahogadizo [adj]
washed over with water and honey aguamelado [adj]
relating to a water-tube (boiler) acuatubular [adj]
opaline (water) cárdeno [adj]
having much water caudal [adj]
having much water caudaloso [adj]
fresh (water) dulce [adj]
relating to water in which red-hot iron has been cooled (agua) herrada [adj]
water-loving hidrófilo [adj]
water-tight impermeable [adj]
iced (water) frío [adj]
beaten up with sugar and water (of eggs) mejido [adj]
soaked in water for sick persons panado [adj] rare
running (water) manantial [adj]
iced (water) helado [adj]
blade (water-wheel) alabe [m]
time for watering land where water is officially distributed ador [m]
alembic for distilling sea-water adrazo [m]
water-sprinkler aspersorio [m]
hollow for water around trees alcorque [m]
small vent or spiracle left in water pipes atabe [m]
balls of flour, honey and water alcuzcuz [m] rare
water-table alero [m]
stocking (water) with young fish alevinamiento [m]
water-mill keeper aceñero [m]
holy-water basin acetre [m]
reservoir of water aljibe [m]
drops of water aljófar [m]
water-carrier aguador [m]
place where earthen vessels with drinking water are kept aguaducho [m]
sprocket of a water-wheel aguador [m]
stall for selling water aguaducho [m]
water-jug aguamanil [m]
water for washing the hands aguamanos [m]
water motor aguamotor [m]
water snake acoatl [m] MX
water snake acuate [m]
place for alighting on the water acuatizaje [m]
water-gruel avenate [m]
lapping (of water on a beach) chapaleteo [m]
water reservoir in caves cenote [m] MX
water-carrier azacán [m]
water spout chiflón [m] AMER
hole dug on the seashore for drinking water cachimbo [m] AR UY
sludge obstructing a water conduit azolve [m] MX
public water-closet cagadero [m]
channel made by rain-water badén [m]
public water-closet cagatorio [m]
fresh-water fish bagre [m] AMER
spout of water chorro [m]
purple water-hen calamón [m]
holy-water basin cetre [m] disused
washing by throwing buckets of water baldeo [m]
bath-water baño [m]
fresh-water fish dardo [m]
disease of the sugar cane from lack of water calzón [m] MX
journey (of a water-carrier) camino [m]
curved piece of a water-wheel frame camón [m]
water-filled toy whistle which imitates the song of a canary canario [m] CL
bucket of water-wheel cangilón [m]
fresh-water lobster cangrejo [m]
crew's water-closet beque [m]
earthen jar to collect filtered water bernegal [m] VE
small fresh-water fish corroncho [m] CO VE
director of water/gas-works cañero [m]
jet of water caño [m]
cellar or other place for cooling water caño [m]
water-conduit colector [m]
water-divining power bletonismo [m]
hollow in which a water-wheel turns cárcamo [m]
water-pipe desaguador [m]
water-closet trap bombillo [m]
gushing up of water borbollón [m]
water-closet común [m]
gourd/calabash for water bototo [m] AMER
water cooler cubillo [m]
water-main conducto [m]
small well/reservoir of water cauchil [m] rur. rare
volume (water) caudal [m]
sweetmeat made of yucca starch, water, sugar and eggs cusubé [m] CU
small water-sprinkler guisopillo [m]
water closet excusado [m]
small water-worm gusarapillo [m]
water-worm gusarapo [m]
fresh-water sailor halacabuyas [m]
flour dissolved in water harinado [m]
barber's water-heater escalfador [m]
fresh-water tortoise galápago [m]
water-closet basin embudo [m]
water-ice helado [m]
water-skipper garapito [m]
small spring whence water bubbles out hervidero [m]
water germander escordio [m]
great cavern full of water hidrofilacio [m]
mixture of milk and water hidrogala [m]
water-dropwart enante [m]
deodorizer in water-closets inodoro [m]
water-conduit encañado [m]
common water-hemlock felandrio [m]
barley-water hordiate [m]
water-lily golfán [m]
place where salt water crystallizes espumero [m]
pond/pool of water estaño [m] disused
water-ice granizado [m]
water source fontanal [m]
spring of water fontanal [m]
source of water fontanal [m]
spring of water fontanar [m]
water spring fontanal [m]
refreshing drink made of ripe bananas cooked and dissolved in water guabul [m] HN NI
small fresh-water fish guajacón [m] CU
projection over a window or door to carry off the water guardapolvo [m]
water-rat guarén [m] CL
sugar-cane fire-water guaro [m] CAM
water-mark nivel [m]
water-melon pepón [m]
back-water remanso [m]
dead water remanso [m]
stagnant water remanso [m]
place for making water meadero [m]
clay left by water légamo [m]
meter for gas, water or electricity medidor [m] AMER
water-spring ojo [m]
fresh-water fish pilvén [m] CL
reservoir for water reservatorio [m]
spring of water mineral [m]
disease of water-melons and beans quintral [m] CL
water-closet retrete [m]
a ridge of rock near the surface of the water molejón [m] CU
water-rail rascón [m]
flow of water rebalaje [m]
horizontal water wheel rodete [m]
diamond of the first water naife [m]
water-jar-store tinajero [m] PR NI
maker/seller of water-jars tinajero [m]
water-spout surtidor [m]
jet of water surtidor [m]
water-radish sisimbrio [m]
sheet of water tablazo [m]
water main viaje [m]
water supply viaje [m]
food partly cooked with water and salt only salcocho [m] AMER
earthen jar for heating water tacho [m] AR CL MX PE UY
water-wheel tambre [m]
water-melon patch sandiar [m]
distribution of irrigating water by turns tandeo [m]
a water-lily taropé [m]
kind of water-rat satirio [m]
fresh-water crab seboro [m] BO
shelf for water jars zafariche [m] rur. rare
drink made of pulque, water, pineapple and cloves tepache [m] MX
a fresh-water fish tepemechín [m] CR SV HN
underground lake or deposit of water zonote [m] MX
spring of water venero [m]
water-filled toy whistle which imitates the song of a canary pito (vasija) [m]
conduit for dirty water sumidero [m]
water-radish jaramago [m]
small water-worm gusarapito [m]
gushing up of water borbotón [m]
back-water lugar apartado [m]
painter in water-colours acuarelista [m/f]
water-pipe canal [m/f]
sheet of water mar [m/f]
frames for water jars carried by horses aguaderas [f/pl]
foul water lavazas [f/pl]
opaline (water) cárdena [adj/f]
having much water caudalosa [adj/f]
washed over with water and honey aguamelada [adj/f]
heavier than water ahogadiza [adj/f]
beaten up with sugar and water (of eggs) mejida [adj/f]
iced (water) fría [adj/f]
soaked in water for sick persons panada [adj/f] rare
iced (water) helada [adj/f]
water-loving hidrófila [adj/f]
water mill aceña (árabe) [f]
water mill aceña (árabe) [f] rare
water-mill keeper aceñera [f]
water color painting acuarela (italiano) [f]
drink made of unripened grape juice, water, and sugar agrazada [f]
water from artesian wells agua artesiana [f]
artesian water agua artesiana [f]
bran water for horses agua blanca [f]
soft water agua blanda [f]
running water agua corriente [f]
hard water agua cruda [f]
water from the common sowthistle agua de cerrajas [f]
coconut water agua de coco [f]
imbibition water agua de imbibición [f] CU
carbonated water agua de litines [f]
mineral water agua de mesa [f]
ice water agua de nieve [f]
boiled water with raw cane sugar agua de panela [f] EC
running water agua de pie [f] rare
carbonated water agua de seltz [f]
lightly salted water agua delgada [f]
fresh water agua dulce [f]
hard water agua dura [f]
hard water agua gorda [f]
lustral water agua lustral [f]
holy water agua lustral [f]
calm water agua mansa [f]
placid water agua mansa [f]
calm water agua mansa [f] fig.
placid water agua mansa [f] fig.
mineral water agua mineral [f]
stagnant water agua muerta [f]
water under the bridge agua pasada [f]
hot water agua roja [f] disused
salt water agua salobre [f]
thermal water agua termal [f]
tonic water agua tónica [f]
running water agua viva [f]
irrigation water aguacibera [f]
loading potable water aguada [f]
taking livestock to water aguada [f] HN
drinking water aguada [f] HN
water carrier aguadora [f]
raw cane sugar cooked in water aguadulce [f] CO
honey water aguadulce [f] CO
raw cane sugar cooked in water aguadulce [f] CR
honey water aguadulce [f] CR
drink made of water, honey, and spices agualoja [f]
honey water aguamiel [f]
drink made of water, honey, and spices aguamiel [f] MX HN NI CU DO CO VE EC PE BO AR
water from pulping coffee aguamiel [f] HN
honey water extractor aguamielera [f] MX
water retention aguanosidad [f] disused
water carrier aguatera [f] LA
water pump bomba [f]
water pump aguatocha [f]
earthenware water vessel albarrada (árabe) [f]
salt residue in a sea water pool albina [f]
artificial water deposit albufera (árabe) [f]
artificial water deposit albuhera [f] disused
allotted quantity of water for irrigating a piece of land alema (árabe) [f]
vessel holding catholic mass wine or water ampolla [f]
waste water amurca [f] rare
give water to abrevar [v]
water down aclarar [v]
give water to adaguar [v] ARA
overfill with water enaguachar [v]
overfill with water aguachar [v]
spoil with too much water aguachinar [v]
add too much water aguachinar [v]
spoil with too much water enaguazar [v]
add too much water enaguazar [v]