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drink fruit juice


Significados de "drink fruit juice" en diccionario español inglés : 1 resultado(s)

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drink fruit juice beber zumo de frutas [v]

Significados de "drink fruit juice" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 12 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
rice/corn drink with fruit juice and sugar carato [m] VE rare
rice/corn drink with fruit juice and sugar carato [m] PR rur.
drink made of fruit cocktail or fruit juice with alcohol, soda, and ice bul (del inglés) [m] PR
sugar grains and extract fruit juice that is diluted in water to make a soft-drink culey (inglés) [m] HN NI PA
refreshing drink made with crushed ice, extracts, and fruit juice frío frío [m] DO
fermented drink made with fruit juice guarapo [m] CO
refreshing drink made from crushed ice, extracts, and fruit juice guayao [m] DO
fermented maguey cactus drink mixed with fruit juice pulque curado [m] MX
homemade drink accompanied with fruit juice, sugar, and rum guarapita [f] VE
drink fruit juice, soda, or chicha fresquearse [v] HN
refreshing drink made with vanilla, pineapple juice, chunks of pineapple, babaco, passion fruit, cooked corn or mote, and strawberry comeibebe [m] EC
drink prepared with moonshine and fruit juice, generally citrus compuesto [m] NI CR CU disused