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the village

Significados de "the village" en diccionario español inglés : 31 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
village pueblo [m]
village población [f]
village aldea [f]
village villa [f]
village poblado [m]
village aldeano [adj]
village villanesco [adj]
village aldeana [adj/f]
village villanesca [adj/f]
village aldea [f]
village alquería (árabe) [f]
village calle [f]
village aldeaniego [adj] rare
village localidad [f]
village comuna [f] DO
village llacta [f] PE rur.
village llajta [f] PE BO
village majada [f] SV
village lugareño [m]
village pueblucho [m]
village cafería [f]
village caserío [m]
village lugar [m]
village villaje [m]
village villar [m]
village pueblecito [m]
village municipio [m]
village comunidad [f]
village poblado [m]
British Slang
village palurdo
village sin valor

Significados de "the village" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 107 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
small village aldea [f]
little village pueblito [m]
indian village toldería [f]
global village aldea global [f]
native to andes, village of antiquity andina [f]
being from that village aldeano [adj]
native to andes, village of antiquity andino [adj]
small village aldeón [m] derog. rare
native to andes, village of antiquity andino [m]
village of huts cabañal [m]
small village caserío [m]
little village aldehuela [f]
group of village musicians of poor quality banda choca [f] SV
town, city or village ciudadela [f] EC
female civil servant governing a small town or village corregidorra [f] CO
residents of a town, village, or city llacta [f] PE rur.
residents of a town, village, or city llajta [f] PE BO
institution existing in each village to promote the development of the community and ensure the solution of their problems junta comunal [f] PA
be selected as village of the year ser seleccionado como pueblo del año [v]
be selected as village of the year ser seleccionada como aldea del año [v]
village chief gamonal [m]
a small village un pueblecito [m]
village idiot tonto del pueblo [m]
village idiot monigote [m]
small village pueblito [m]
police or military officer in charge of policing a canton or village cabo cantonal [m] HN
male civil servant governing a small town or village corregidor [m] CO
fireworks (at the start of a village festival) camarazos [m/pl] GT PA
a small village un pequeño pueblo
a small village un pequeño caserío
a small village una pequeña aldea
global village aldea global
a village in asturias covadonga
a village in zamora ilanes
little village aldea pueblecito
village square plaza de la villa
in village style aldeanamente [adv]
small village aldehuela [f]
indian village caluma [f] PE
boundary line of town/village/estate delantera [f]
village street rúa [f]
deserted and ruined village tapera [f] SA
small village aldeílla [f]
small village aldeíta [f]
one belonging to a village lugareña [f]
boundary line of town/village/estate línea fronteriza [f]
belonging to a village aldeaniego [adj]
belonging to a village pueblerino [adj]
belonging to a village poblano [adj] AMER
village of arabs aduar [m]
insignificant little village aldeorrio [m]
village of huts cabañal [m]
civic body of a small town or village concejo [m]
small village casar [m]
small village lugarcico [m]
small village lugarejo [m]
one belonging to a village lugareño [m]
a large, ugly or straggling village lugarón [m]
ugly village poblacho [m] derog.
a large, ugly village poblazo [m]
small village poblezuelo [m]
unimportant, backward village villorrio [m]
insignificant little village aldeorro [m]
small village lugarcillo [m]
a large, ugly or straggling village lugarote [m]
small village lugarcito [m]
small village lugarcejo [m]
ugly village poblachón [m] derog.
hamlet (a small village) lugar [m]
settlement (small town, village) pueblo [m]
families or houses in a town or village humos [m/pl]
belonging to a village pueblerina [adj/f]
belonging to a village aldeaniega [adj/f]
belonging to a village poblana [adj/f] AMER
village inhabited by a community marca [f] BO
headman (the chief man especially of a tribal or traditional village) jefe [m]
musician in a military or village band cachimbo [m] PE
be settled in a village or place estar de asiento [v]
eject someone from a place (a village/city) correr a alguien a gorrazos [v]
drive someone from/out of/off/away from a village/town correr a alguien a gorrazos [v]
village with silver mines real de minas [m] MX
village idiot idiota del pueblo
village idiot tonto del pueblo
the village idiot tonto del pueblo
one does not need a guide when the village is in sight no se precisa un guía cuando el pueblo está a la vista (literal)
village in the andean highlands, with rustic homes and a stable population estancia [f] BO
village of garifunas caribal [m] HN
village leader alcalde de monterilla [m] rare
village idiot tonto del pueblo
from...province, and ...village de … provincia, … ciudad y … pueblo
village bank banco comunal
village banking sistema de bancos comunales
village banking methodologies metodologías de banca comunal
township-village enterprises comunidades empresariales rurales
International Law
global village aldea mundial
global village aldea global
village (a dense group of animal habitations) colonia [f]
village weaver (ploceus cucullatus) madam sagá [f] DO
village indigobird viuda senegalesa
village weaver tejedor común
village center plaza central
a garland of fresh fruit for a patron saint village celebration aguña [f] CL
primitive constitution (a village) condición [f]
wick (a village or hamlet) lugar [m]
thorpe (a small village) pueblo [m]
thorp (a small village) pueblo [m]
wick (a village or hamlet) pueblo [m]