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Meanings of "needle" in German English Dictionary : 24 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
needle Nähnadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle anstacheln [v]
needle nähen
needle reizen
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadelkristall [m]
needle Zeiger [m]
needle Holzbolzen [m]
needle Wandeinsteckholz [n]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Zeiger [m]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Nadel [f]
needle Zeiger [m]
Mechanical Engineering
needle Zeiger [m]
needle Abspielnadel [f]

Meanings of "needle" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 500 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
needle-sharp messerscharf [adj]
needle-shaped nadelförmig [adj]
single-needle Einnadel- [adj]
needle-shaped nadelig [adj]
needle-sharp gestochen scharf [adj]
needle-shaped lang und spitz [adj]
point of a needle Nadelspitze [f]
needle bush Nadelhülse [f]
needle fir Nadeltanne [f]
needle-point file Nadelfeile [f]
minikin needle Mini-Nadel [f]
stitching needle Heftnadel [f]
sponge needle Schwammnadel [f]
tattooing needle Tätowiernadel [f]
fine-needle biopsy Feinnadelbiopsie [f]
pine needle Kiefernadel [f]
single needle method Single-needle-Methode [f]
spruce-needle tart Fichtennadelpastete [f]
engraving needle Graviernadel [f]
knitting needle Stricknadel [f]
darning needle Stopfnadel [f]
knitting-needle Stricknadel [f]
piercing needle Piercingnadel [f]
tattoo needle Tätowiernadel [f]
steel needle Stahlnadel [f]
needle scaler Nadelpistole [f]
disposable needle Einwegkanüle [f]
crochet needle Häkelnadel [f]
dissecting needle Präpariernadel [f]
bamboo knitting needle Bambusstricknadel [f]
dip needle Inklinationsnadel [f]
eye needle Augennadel [f]
hollow needle Hohlnadel [f]
sewing needle Nähnadel [f]
needle gauge Nadellehre [f]
needle fir mandschurische Tanne (Abies holophylla) [f]
point of a needle Spitze einer Nadel [f]
needle abscission Nadelabfall [m]
needle exchange programme Spritzentausch [m]
needle felting Nadelfilz [m]
pine needle extract Kiefernnadelextrakt [m]
etcher's needle Stichel [m]
needle exchange programme Spritzenaustausch [m]
eye of a needle Nadelöhr [n]
prick someone with a needle jemanden mit einer Nadel stechen [v]
be on the needle fixen (Drogen nehmen) [v]
thread a needle einen Faden (in ein Nadelöhr) einfädeln [v]
thread a needle einen Faden einfädeln [v]
needle bushes Nadelhülsen [pl]
needle-point files Nadelfeilen [pl]
needle snails Mulmnadeln [pl]
variation of the magnetic needle magnetische Missweisung
pine needle oil Kiefernnadelöl
needle and thread Nadel und Faden
stitching needle Sticknadel
stitching needle Heftnadel
needle fishes Hornhechtartige
pine needle oil Piniennadelöl
needle exchange programme Austausch {m} von Spritzen (für Drogensüchtige)
point of a needle Nadelspitze
look for a needle in a haystack eine Nadel im Heuhaufen suchen
a needle match ein schweres Spiel
a needle match ein spannendes Spiel
as sharp as a needle aufgeweckt
as sharp as a needle sehr klug
be as sharp as a needle so spitz wie eine Nadel sein
needle sticheln [v]
needle ärgern [v]
assy of the touch needle Strichprobe [f]
to be shitting through the eye of a needle Dünnschiss haben [v]
injection needle Injektionsnadel
needle-bar control Nadelstangensteuerung
mending needle Repassiernadel
magnetic needle Magnetnadel
needle valve Nadelventil
multiple-needle sewing machine Mehrnadelnähmaschine
double-ended bearded needle Zweispitznadel
needle valve tap Kegelventil
needle bars Nadelbarren
needle cushion Nadelkissen
needle-bar drive Nadelstangenantrieb
needle control Nadelsteuerung
needle thread take-up device Nadelfadengeber
change of needle Nadelwechsel
needle electrode Nadelelektrode
bearded needle Spitzennadel
needle cylinder Nadelzylinder
needle protector Nadelschützer
needle support Nadelträger
needle protection Nadelschutz
needle container Nadelbehälter
needle receptacle Stricknadelbehälter
hand tufting needle Handtuftingnadel
tufting needle Tuftingnadel
needle guide Nadelführung
roller or needle bearing Rollen- oder Nadellager
needle cooling device Nadelkühlvorrichtung
needle plate Stichplatte
needle up positioning device Nadelhochstellvorrichtung
needle-operated punched card file Nadelkartei
guide needle Einführnadel
needle holder Nadelhalter
needle-point connection Stechspitzenverbindung
latch needle Zungennadel
needle threader Nadeleinfädler
needle electrometer Nadelelektrometer
magnetic needle of compass Magnetnadel von Kompass
circular knitting machine with a needle cylinder Rundstrickmaschine mit einem Nadelzylinder
machine needle Maschinennadel
hand embroidering needle Handsticknadel
hypodermic needle Injektionsnadel
needle presser Nadelpresse
needle-threading device Einfädelvorrichtung
needle manipulator Nadelhalter
needle clamping device Nadelklemmvorrichtung
compass needle Kompassnadel
needle latch opener Nadelzungenöffner
double needle drafting device Doppelnadelstabstreckwerk
fuel-metering pin or needle Brennstoffdüsennadel
puncturing needle Punktiernadel
needle galvanometer Nadelgalvanometer
needle-type axle bearing Nadelachslager
tufting needle drive Tuftingnadelantrieb
needle carrier Nadelträger
weft needle Eintragnadel
puncture devhollow needle Aufstechvorrichtung
needle plate Nadelplatte
needle drive Nadelantrieb
needle insertion device Nadeleinsetzvorrichtung
needle loom Nadelwebmaschine
perforating needle Perforiernadel
needle printer Nadeldrucker
spring needle Spitzennadel
needle-shaped nadelförmig [adj]
needle-shaped nadelig [adj]
needle valve Ventilnadel [f]
needle felting machine Nadelfilzmaschine [f]
needle loom Nadelfilzmaschine [f]
needle point Nadelspitze [f]
narrow fabric needle loom Nadelbandwebmaschine [f]
needle latch Nadelzunge [f]
needle bushing Nadelbüchse [f]
lace needle Stricknadel [f]
needle plate Stichplatte [f]
needle roller Nadelrolle [f]
needle bearing bush Nadellagerbüchse [f]
injector needle Düsennadel [f]
needle roller cup Nadelhülse [f]
needle jet Nadeldüse [f]
sapphire needle Saphirnadel [f]
needle penetration Nadelpenetration [f]
valve needle Ventilnadel [f]
nozzle needle Düsennadel [f]
needle bar Nadelbarre [f]
needle shaft Nadelschaft [f]
needle ledge Nadelleiste [f]
needle roller Nadel [f]
needle bushing Nadelhülse [f]
needle bar Nadelleiste [f]
needle sleeve Nadelhülse [f]
hypodermic needle Injektionsnadel [f]
needle bush Nadelbüchse [f]
needle strip Nadelleiste [f]
needle scaler Nadelpistole [f]
steel needle Stahlnadel [f]
jet needle Düsennadel [f]
compass needle Kompassnadel [f]
compass needle Magnetnadel [f]
dip needle Inklinationsnadel [f]
etching needle Radiernadel [f]
graving needle Graviernadel [f]
magnetic needle Magnetnadel [f]
multi-needle sewing machine Mehrnadel-Nähmaschine [f]
needle nose Flachrundzange [f]
needle nose pliers Spitzzange [f]
needle-nose pliers Nadelzange [f]
packing needle Packnadel [f]
sailmaker's needle Segelnadel [f]
needle nose Storchschnabelzange [f]
percussion needle Zündnadel [f]
needle nose Storchenschnabelzange [f]
hollow needle Hohlnadel [f]
separating needle Abstrichnadel [f]
nozzle needle seat Düsennadelsitz [m]
needle cage Nadellagerkäfig [m]
needle valve seat Nadelventilsitz [m]
needle printer Nadeldrucker [m]
needle pusher Nadelschieber [m]
needle seat Nadelsitz [m]
needle printer Nadeldruckerkopf [m]
needle head Nadelkopf [m]
needle slot Nadelkanal [m]
needle roller assembly Nadelkranz [m]
needle valve seat Ventilnadelsitz [m]
needle pulse Nadelimpuls [m]
needle cage Nadelkäfig [m]
carburet needle Schwimmernadel [m]
needle lift sensor Nadelbewegungssensor [m]
needle lift sensor Nadelhubgeber [m]
percussion needle Zündstift [m]
needle scaler Nadelentroster [m]
needle bearing Nadellager [n]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
needle roller bearing Nadellager [n]
needle oil Nadelöl [n]
needle thrust bearing Axialnadellager [n]
needle roller thrust bearing Axialnadellager [n]
needle bed Nadelbett [n]
carburetor needle valve Schwimmernadelventil [n]
needle index Zünglein [n]
needle vernadeln [v]
needle nadeln [v]
needle bearings Nadellager [pl]
needle lift sensors Nadelhubgeber [pl]
needle lift sensors Nadelbewegungssensoren [pl]
needle roller bearings Nadellager [pl]
needle valves Nadelventile [pl]
needle shut-off system Nadelverschlusssystem
needle-shaped Nadel-
needle roller Nadelrolle [f]
drawn cup needle roller bearing open end Nadelhülse [f]
needle felting machine Nadelfilzmaschine [f]
needle roller Nadel [f]
needle roller and cage assembly Nadelkranz [m]
needle roller cage Nadelkäfig [m]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
needle roller thrust bearing Axialnadellager [n]
needle roller bearing Nadellager [n]
needle roller bearing Nadelrollenlager [n]
needle-shaped zone nadelförmige Zone [f]
needle valve Kolbenschieber [m]
needle bearing cage Nadelkäfig [m]
needle-shaped crystal nadelförmiger Kristall [m]
needle-shaped particle nadelförmiges Teilchen [n]
thrust needle bearings Axialnadellager [pl]
needle bearings Nadellager [pl]
compass needle Kompassnadel [f]
aberration of the magnetic needle magnetische Missweisung
needle discolouration Nadelverfärbung [f]
needle curvature Nadelkrümmung [f]
needle density Nadeldichte [f]
needle density Benadelungsdichte [f]
needle length Nadellänge [f]
needle tip necrosis Nadelspitzennekrose [f]
sectional area of the needle Nadelquerschnittsfläche [f]
yellowing of needle tips Gelbspitzigkeit [f]
needle class Nadeljahrgang [m]
100-needle weight Hundertnadelgewicht [n]
needle dry weight Nadeltrockengewicht [n]
needle wax Nadelwachs [n]
percentage of needle loss Nadelverlustprozent [n]
valve needle Ventilnadel [f]
inoculation needle Impfnadel [f]
sewing needle Nähnadel [f]
compass-needle Kompassnadel [f]
iron needle Eisennadel [f]
acupuncture needle Akupunkturnadel [f]
hollow needle Hohlnadel [f]
sewing needle Nähnadel [f]
core needle biopsy procedure Stanzbiopsie [f]
hypodermic needle Injektionsnadel [f]
round (curved) needle Rundnadel [f]
syringe needle Spritzennadel [f]
aneurysm needle Aneurysma-Nadel [f]
pricking needle scharfe Nadel [f]
fine-needle aspiration cytology Feinnadelaspirationszytologie [f]
puncture needle Punktionskanüle [f]
fine needle puncture Feinnadelpunktion [f]
fine needle aspiration biopsy Feinnadelaspirationsbiopsie [f]
Huber needle Huber-Nadel [f]
needle biopsy of the liver Lebernadelbiopsie [f]
needle biopsy of the liver Leberpunktion [f]
hollow-bore needle Hohlnadel [f]
needle biopsy Nadelbiopsie [f]
needle sheath Nadelhülle [f]
Reverdin needle Reverdin-Nadel [f]
filling needle Abfüllnadel [f]
butterfly needle Butterfly-Kanüle [f]
butterfly needle without stylet Butterflynadel ohne Mandrin [f]
needle navigation Nadelnavigation [f]
Menghini needle Menghini-Nadel [f]
hollow needle Kanüle [f]
winged needle infusion set Venenverweilkanüle [f]
fine-needle biopsy Feinnadelpunktion [f]
disposable needle Einwegnadel [f]
hollow-bore needle Hohlkanüle [f]
fine-needle aspiration Feinnadelaspiration [f]
needle biopsy Nadelbiopsie [f]
needle trap Nadelfänger [m]
needle insertion Nadeleinstich [m]
core needle biopsy specimen Stanzbiopsat [n]
electromagnetic needle tracking elektromagnetisches Nadeltracking [n]
winged needle infusion set Venenpunktionsbesteck [n]
needle holder Nadelhalter [n]
core needle biopsy specimens Stanzbiopsate [pl]
analysing needle Analysenadeln [pl]
disposable hypodermic needle Einweg-Spritze
needle exchange Austausch von Spritzen
vicat needle Vicat-Nadel [f]
vicat needle Vicatnadel [f]
needle weir Nadelwehr [n]
vicat needle Vicat-Nadel
needle etching Nadelätzen [n]
needle loss Entnadelung [f]
needle density Benadelungsdichte [f]
needle curvature Nadelkrümmung [f]
needle density Nadeldichte [f]
needle length Nadellänge [f]
needle loss Nadelverlust [m]
needle class Nadeljahrgang [m]
needle dry weight Nadeltrockengewicht [n]
aberration of the magnetic needle magnetische Missweisung [f]
aberration of the magnetic needle Abweichung der Magnetnadel [f]
needle iron-stone Lepidokrokit [m]
needle iron-stone Goethit [m]
needle spar Aragonit [m]
needle iron-stone Rubinglimmer [m]
needle iron-stone Nadeleisenerz [n]
ice needle Eisnadel [f]
needle ice Eiskristall [m]
needle bearing Nadellagerung [f]
bearing needle Lagernadel [f]
needle sleeve Nadelhülse [f]
needle nose pliers Nadelzange [f]
needle bush Nadelbüchse [f]
steel needle Stahlnadel [f]
needle roller Nadelwalze [f]
needle cage Nadelkranz [m]
needle cage Nadelkäfig [m]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
needle bearing Nadellager [n]
axial needle bearing Axialnadellager [n]
needle thrust bearing Axialnadellager [n]
needle-leaved forest Nadelwald [m]
needle-leaved forest Nadelholzwald [m]
needle-leaved forests Nadelwälder [pl]
needle-leaved forests Nadelholzwälder [pl]
needle-leaved evergreen forest immergrüner Nadelwald
needle jet Nadeldüse [f]
paint needle Farbnadel [f]
float needle Schwimmernadel [f]
jet needle Düsennadel [f]
nozzle needle Düsennadel [f]
needle closing force Nadelschließkraft [f]
needle guide Nadelführung [f]
valve needle Ventilnadel [f]
needle (carburetor) Nadel [f]
needle jet Nadeldüse [f]
needle valve guide Nadelventilführung [f]
float needle Schwimmernadel [f]
carburetor needle [us] Vergasernadel [f]
carburettor needle [uk] Vergasernadel [f]
needle lift sensor Nadelbewegungssensor [m]
needle lift sensor Nadelhubgeber [m]
needle seat Düsennadelsitz [m]
needle-velocity sensor Nadelgeschwindigkeitsfühler [m]
nozzle-needle seat Düsennadelsitz [m]
needle-lift sensor Nadelhubgeber [m]
needle lift Düsennadelhub [m]
needle bearing Nadellager [n]
needle valve Schwimmernadelventil [n]
needle roller bearing Nadellager [n]
float needle valve Schwimmernadelventil [n]
needle instrument Zeigerinstrument [n]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
Model Railroading
needle bearing Nadellager [n]
needle bearing Nadellager [n]
needle-nose pliers Flachzange [f]
Electrical Engineering
needle counter tube Sondenzählrohr [n]
needle valve Nadelventil [n]
larding needle Spicknadel [f]
trussing needle Bridliernadel [f]
trussing needle Dressiernadel [f]
needle beans Prinzeßbohnen [pl]
tongue needle Zungennadel [f]
needle spacing Teilung [f]
bearded needle Spitzennadel [f]
needle pitch Teilung [f]
spring needle Spitzennadel [f]
embroidery needle Sticknadel [f]
beading needle Perlnadel [f]
latch needle Zungennadel [f]
circular needle Rundnadel [f]
cable needle Hilfsnadel [f]
needle groove Nadelrinne [f]
compound needle Schiebernadel [f]
needle spacing Nadelteilung [f]
knitting needle Wirknadel [f]
needle lace Nadelspitze [f]
needle pitch Nadelteilung [f]
cable needle (cn) Hilfsnadel [f]
circular knitting needle Rundstricknadel [f]
darning needle Stopfnadel [f]
knitting needle Stricknadel [f]
lace needle Sticknadel [f]
round velvet needle Ritznadel [f]
tapestry needle Sticknadel [f]
twin needle (sewing machine) Doppelnadel (Nähmaschine) [f]
sewing needle Nähnadel [f]
spring (beard) needle Spitzennadel [f]
round velvet needle Zugnadel (Samt) [f]
needle bar (sewing machine) Nadelstange [f]
needle trade Konfektion [f]
needle-felting machine Nadelfilzmaschine [f]
round velvet needle Zugnadel [f]
twin needle (sewing machine) Doppelnadel [f]
automatic needle positioner Nadelpositionierung [f]
needle bar Nadelstange [f]
needle felt Nadelfilz [m]
needle bar Nadelstab [m]
needle bar Nadelbalken [m]
needle felting Nadelfilz [m]
needle bar Nadelbalken [m]
needle bed Nadelbett [n]
needle plate Nadelblech [n]
needle bed Nadelbett [n]
needle-felting machines Nadelfilzmaschinen [pl]
needle bars Nadelstangen [pl]
right needle rechte Nadel
needle lace Nadelspitze
embroidery needle Sticknadel
beading needle Perlnadel
back needle bed hinteres Nadelbett
cable needle (cn) Hilfsnadel
circular needle Rundnadel
cable needle Hilfsnadel
sea needle Gewöhnlicher Hornhecht
needle dogfish Nadel-Dornhai
spruce needle Fichtennadel [f]
larch needle Lärchennadel [f]
pine needle Kiefernadel [f]
needle spikerush Nadelsimse [f]
needle spike rush Nadelsimse [f]
needle palm Nadelpalme [f]
fir needle Tannennadel [f]
needle bush Cassia [f]
needle blight Nadelbleichung [f]
needle litter Nadelstreu [f]
needle palm Nadelpalme (Rhapidophyllum hystrix) [f]
pine needle Kiefernnadel [f]
needle spikerush Nadel-Sumpfbinse [f]
needle fir mandschurische Tanne [f]
venus's needle Venuskamm [m]
venus's needle Nadelkörbel [m]
shepherd's-needle Venuskamm [m]
shepherd's needle Nadelkerbel [m]
venus's needle Nadelkerbel [m]
Spanish needle Zweizahn [m]
shepherd's needle Nadelkörbel [m]
needle juniper Igelwacholder [m]
needle juniper Nadelwacholder [m]
needle juniper Strandwacholder (Juniperus rigida) [m]
needle juniper Strandwacholder [m]
needle spikerush Nadelsumpfried [n]
needle grass Föngras [n]
needle grass Halfagras [n]
needle grass Silberährengras [n]
needle grass Raugras [n]
Spanish needle Nagelkraut [n]
needle grass Goldährengras [n]
needle grass Espartogras [n]
pine needle oil Fichtennadelöl [n]
pine needle oil Kiefernnadelöl [n]
needle grasses Federgräser und Pfriemengräser (Stipa) (botanische Gattung) [pl]
needle grasses Federgräser und Pfriemengräser [pl]
Spanish needle Behaarter Zweizahn
black needle rush Bodden-Binse
needle whin Englischer Ginster
needle furze Englischer Ginster
black needle rush Salz-Binse
needle bush Süße Akazie
needle fir Mandschurische Tanne
sprawling needle sunrose Gemeines Heideröschen
Adam's needle Fädige Palmlilie
needle grass Goldährengras
needle grass Föngras
needle grass Silberährengras
needle grass Espartogras
needle grass Halfagras
Spanish needle Nagelkraut
needle spikerush Nadelsumpfried
needle spikerush Nadelsimse
larch needle Lärchennadel
needle grass Raugras
Spanish needle Zweizahn
shepherd's needle Nadelkörbel
venus's needle Nadelkerbel
venus's needle Nadelkörbel
venus's needle Venuskamm
shepherd's needle Nadelkerbel
shepherd's-needle Venuskamm
needle palm Nadelpalme
pine needle Kiefernnadel
needle spike rush Nadelsimse
spruce needle Fichtennadel
needle bush Cassia
fir needle Tannennadel
pine needle Kiefernadel
needle grass Alpen-Raugras