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hostile (to)

Meanings of "hostile (to)" in German English Dictionary : 3 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
hostile (to) feindlich [adj]
hostile (to) feindselig [adj]
hostile (to) feindlich gesinnt (gegen) [adj]

Meanings of "hostile (to)" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 15 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
hostile to women misogyn [adj]
hostile to strangers xenophob [adj]
hostile to(wards) entrepreneurship unternehmerfeindlich [adj]
hostile to foreigners ausländerfeindlich [adj]
hostile to life lebensfeindlich [adj]
be hostile to jemanden anfeinden [v]
be hostile to anfeinden [v]
hostile to strangers fremdenfeindlich
hostile to women frauenfeindlich
been hostile to angefeindet
being hostile to anfeindend
be hostile to someone jemandem gegenüber feindlich gesinnt sein
be hostile to someone jemandem feind sein
hostile to foreigners fremdenfeindlich
hostile to the state staatsfeindlich [adj]