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Meanings of "luder" in English German Dictionary : 62 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
Luder [n] minx
Luder [n] hussy
Luder [n] bitch
Luder [pl] biatches
Luder [pl] hussies
Luder [pl] slatterns
British Slang
Luder [n] prozzy
Luder [n] tom
Luder [n] brass
Luder [n] slag
Luder [n] brass nail
Luder [n] see you next tuesday (cunt)
Luder [n] spunk bucket
Luder [n] cow
Luder [n] pro
Luder [n] slattern
Luder [n] biatch
Luder [n] babe
Luder [n] bitch
Luder [n] betch (bitch)
Luder [n] floozie
Luder [n] woman of ill repute
Luder [n] wench
Luder [n] whore
Luder [n] cyprian
Luder [n] beyotch
Luder [n] moll
Luder [n] scarlet woman
Luder [n] ho
Luder [n] tramp
Luder [n] bizzle (rap slang)
Luder [n] pute (fr)
Luder [n] fickle
Luder [n] lady of pleasure
Luder [n] beatch
Luder [n] slut
Luder [n] slapper (uk)
Luder [n] bawd
Luder [n] fancy woman
Luder [n] harlot
Luder [n] floozy
Luder [n] tart
Luder [n] strumpet
Luder [n] streetwalker
Luder [n] slutch
Luder [n] quean
Luder [n] hustler
Luder [n] lady of the evening
Luder [n] trull
Luder [n] sporting lady
Luder [n] broad
Luder [n] doxy
Luder [n] painted woman
Luder [n] hooker
Luder [n] beeyatch
Luder [n] drab
Luder [n] hoe
Luder [n] prossie
Luder [n] cocotte
Luder [pl] hoes
Luder [n] lure
Luder lure

Meanings of "luder" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 18 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
Promi-Luder [n] celeb babe
Promi-Luder [n] celeb chick
Promi-Luder [n] celebutante
ein freches Luder a cheeky brat
raffiniertes Luder [n] sly cow
ein dummes Luder a stupid person
ein dummes Luder a stupid brat
Luder [pejorativ] [n] a crafty bitch
das Luder [v] bitch
geiles Luder nympho
das Luder slut
das Luder hussy
das Luder bitch
das Luder tramp
das Luder minx
das Luder beyotch
das Luder biatch
das Luder betch (bitch)