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Meanings of "untersuchungshaft" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 14 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
Untersuchungshaft [f] remand
Untersuchungshaft [f] pretrial detention
Untersuchungshaft [f] imprisonment before trial
Untersuchungshaft [f] detention pending trial
Untersuchungshaft [f] custody
Untersuchungshaft [f] remand in custody (before trial)
Untersuchungshaft [f] detention while awaiting trial
Untersuchungshaft [f] remand
Untersuchungshaft [f] detention awaiting trial
Untersuchungshaft [f] imprisonment on remand
Untersuchungshaft [f] detention awaiting/pending trial
Untersuchungshaft [f] pre-trial detention
EU Terms
Untersuchungshaft [f] detention before trial
Swiss Law
Untersuchungshaft [f] custody

Meanings of "untersuchungshaft" in English German Dictionary : 8 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
über jemanden die Untersuchungshaft verhängen [v] impose detention pending trial on someone
die Untersuchungshaft anrechnen [v] make allowance for time spent in custody on remand
jemanden in Untersuchungshaft behalten [v] remand someone in custody
jemanden gegen Kaution aus der Untersuchungshaft entlassen [v] remand someone on bail
jemanden in Untersuchungshaft nehmen [v] commit someone for trial
jemanden gegen Kaution aus der Untersuchungshaft entlassen [v] admit someone to bail
in Untersuchungshaft sein/sitzen [v] be detained pending trial
in Untersuchungshaft sein/sitzen [v] be held on remand