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zoological family

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Anglais Allemand
zoological family Tierfamilie [f]
zoological family zoologische Familie [f]

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Anglais Allemand
peacock flies (zoological family) Fruchtfliegen [pl]
mealybugs (zoological family) Schmierläuse [pl]
bird spiders (zoological family) Vogelspinnen (Theraphosidae) (zoologische Familie) <Vogelspinne> [pl]
tyrant flycatchers (zoological family) Neuweltfliegenschnäpper [m]
American sparrows (zoological family)[us] Ammern (Emberizidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
anatidae (zoological family) Entenvögel (Anatidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
antbirds (zoological family) Ameisenvögel (Thamnophilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
barn owls (zoological family) Schleiereulen (Tytonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bowerbirds (zoological family) Laubenvögel (Ptilonorhynchidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
cockatoos (zoological family) Kakadus (Cacatuidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
cotingas (zoological family) Schmuckvögel (Cotingidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
cranes (zoological family) Kraniche (Gruidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
formicariids (zoological family) Ameisenpittas (Formicariidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
gnateaters (zoological family) Mückenfresser (Conopophagidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
helmetshrikes (zoological family) Brillenwürger (Prionopidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
indicator birds (zoological family) Honiganzeiger (Indicatoridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
New World condors (zoological family) Neuweltgeier (Cathartidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
New World vultures (zoological family) Neuweltgeier (Cathartidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
New Zealand wattlebirds (zoological family) Lappenvögel (Callaeidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
Old World vultures (zoological family) Altweltgeier (Aegypiinae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
Old World flycatchers (zoological family) Fliegenschnäpper (Muscicapidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
Old World warblers (zoological family) Grasmückenartige (Sylviidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ovenbirds (zoological family) Töpfervögel (Furnariidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
penduline tits (zoological family) Beutelmeisen (Remizidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pigeons and doves (zoological family) Tauben (Columbidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
river kingfishers (zoological family) Eigentliche Eisvögel (Alcedinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tapaculos (zoological family) Bürzelstelzer (Rhinocryptidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
thrushes (zoological family) Drosseln (Turdidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
timaliids (zoological family) Timalien (Timaliidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
titmice (zoological family) Meisen (Paridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
toucans (zoological family) Tukane (Ramphastidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true finches (zoological family) Finken (Fringillidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true wrens (zoological family) Zaunkönige (Troglodytidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
typical owls (zoological family) Eigentliche Eulen (Strigidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
screamers (zoological family) Wehrvögel (Anhimidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
seriemas (zoological family) Seriemas (Cariamidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sulidas (zoological family) Tölpel (Sulidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
swifts (zoological family) Segler (Apodidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
wood kingfishers (zoological family) Baum-Eisvögel (Halcyonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
woodcreepers (zoological family) Baumsteiger (Dendrocolaptidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
asities (zoological family) Jalas (Philepittidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
bellmagpies and allies (zoological family) Flötenvögel (Cracticidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
grebes (zoological family) Steißfüße (veraltet) (Podicipedidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tyrant flycatchers (zoological family) Tyrannen (Tyrannidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
satinbirds (zoological family) Furchenvögel (Cnemophilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sunbirds and spiderhunters (zoological family) Honigsauger (Nectariniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
weavers (zoological family) Widahfinken (Ploceidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Pipras (Pipridae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Langschwanzfischer (Cerylidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
American sparrows (zoological family) Ammern [pl]
anatidae (zoological family) Entenvögel [pl]
antbirds (zoological family) Ameisenvögel [pl]
asities (zoological family) Jalas [pl]
asities (zoological family) Lappenpittas [pl]
auks (zoological family) Alkenvögel [pl]
auks (zoological family) Alke [pl]
auks (zoological family) Alken [pl]
Australasian robins (robins, scrub-robins, and flycatchers) (zoological family) Schnäpper [pl]
barn owls (zoological family) Schleiereulen [pl]
bellmagpies and allies (zoological family) Flötenvögel [pl]
bellmagpies and allies (zoological family) Würgerkrähen [pl]
birds of paradise (zoological family) Paradiesvögel [pl]
bowerbirds (zoological family) Laubenvögel [pl]
bustards (zoological family) Trappen [pl]
cockatoos (zoological family) Kakadus [pl]
corvids (zoological family) Rabenvögel [pl]
cotingas (zoological family) Schmuckvögel [pl]
cranes (zoological family) Kraniche [pl]
formicariids (zoological family) Ameisenpittas [pl]
frogmouths (zoological family) Eulenschwalme [pl]
gnateaters (zoological family) Mückenfresser [pl]
grebes (zoological family) Steißfüße [pl]
grebes (zoological family) Lappentaucher [pl]
haliplids (zoological family) Wassertreter [pl]
helmetshrikes (zoological family) Brillenwürger [pl]
indicator birds (zoological family) Honiganzeiger [pl]
indigobirds and whydahs (zoological family) Witwenvögel [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Pipras [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Manakins [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Schnurrvögel [pl]
mimids (mockingbirds, thrashers, and tremblers) (zoological family) Spottdrosseln [pl]
New World condors (zoological family) Neuweltgeier [pl]
New World vultures (zoological family) Neuweltgeier [pl]
New Zealand wattlebirds (zoological family) Lappenvögel [pl]
nightjars (zoological family) Nachtschwalben [pl]
oilbirds (zoological family) Fettschwalme [pl]
Old World flycatchers (zoological family) Fliegenschnäpper [pl]
Old World vultures (zoological family) Altweltgeier [pl]
Old World warblers (zoological family) Grasmückenartige [pl]
ovenbirds (zoological family) Töpfervögel [pl]
pelicans (zoological family/genus) Pelikane [pl]
penduline tits (zoological family) Beutelmeisen [pl]
pigeons and doves (zoological family) Tauben [pl]
pittas (zoological family) Pittas [pl]
puffbirds (zoological family) Tamatias [pl]
puffbirds (zoological family) Faulvögel [pl]
rails, crakes, coots, and gallinules (zoological family) Rallenvögel [pl]
rails, crakes, coots, and gallinules (zoological family) Rallen [pl]
river kingfishers (zoological family) Eigentliche Eisvögel [pl]
tapaculos (zoological family) Bürzelstelzer [pl]
thrushes (zoological family) Drosseln [pl]
timaliids (zoological family) Timalien [pl]
titmice (zoological family) Meisen [pl]
toucans (zoological family) Tukane [pl]
true finches (zoological family) Finken [pl]
true wrens (zoological family) Zaunkönige [pl]
typical owls (zoological family) Eigentliche Eulen [pl]
tyrant flycatchers (zoological family) Tyrannen [pl]
satinbirds (zoological family) Furchenvögel [pl]
satinbirds (zoological family) Furchenvogelartige [pl]
screamers (zoological family) Wehrvögel [pl]
seriemas (zoological family) Seriemas [pl]
sulidas (zoological family) Tölpel [pl]
sunbirds and spiderhunters (zoological family) Honigsauger [pl]
sunbirds and spiderhunters (zoological family) Nektarvögel [pl]
swifts (zoological family) Segler [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Wasser-Eisvögel [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Fischer-Eisvögel [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Langschwanzfischer [pl]
weavers (zoological family) Webervögel [pl]
weavers (zoological family) Widahfinken [pl]
wood kingfishers (zoological family) Baum-Eisvögel [pl]
woodcreepers (zoological family) Baumsteiger [pl]
tyrant flycatchers (zoological family) Neuweltfliegenschnäpper [m]
stargazers (zoological family) Sterngucker (Uranoscopidae) (zoologische Familie) [m]
stargazers (zoological family) Himmelsgucker [m]
stargazers (zoological family) Sterngucker [m]
(African) mole rats (zoological family) Sandgräber [pl]
alpheid shrimps (zoological family) Knallkrebse [pl]
amber snails (zoological family) Bernsteinschnecken (Succineidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
anglerfishes (zoological family)[austr] Anglerfische [pl]
anguids (zoological family) Schleichen (Anguidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
aphids (zoological family) Röhrenblattläuse [pl]
ark clams.(zoological family) Archenmuscheln (Arcidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
armadillos (zoological family) Gürteltiere (Dasypodidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
armoured scale insects (zoological family) Deckelschildläuse (Diaspididae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
asities (zoological family) Lappenpittas [pl]
awl snails (zoological family) Ahlenschnecken (Subulinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
balanidae (zoological family) Seepocken (Balanidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bears (zoological family) Großbären [pl]
bellmagpies and allies (zoological family) Würgerkrähen [pl]
blue-eyes (zoological family) Blauaugen (Pseudomugilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bonnet snails (zoological family) Helmschnecken (Cassidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
broad-winged moths (zoological family) Breitflügelmotten (Chimabachidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bull dog flies (zoological family) Bremsen (Tabanidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
calcareous tubeworms (zoological family) Kalkröhrenwürmer (Serpulidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
chizzywinks (zoological family) Zuckmücken [pl]
chromodorid nudibranchs (zoological family) Prachtsternschnecken (Chromodorididae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
cicadidae (zoological family) Singzikaden (Cicadidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
comb stars (zoological family) Kammsterne (Astropectinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
common sawflies (zoological family) Echte Blattwespen (Tenthredinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
conches (zoological family) Trompetenschnecken [pl]
conidae sea snails (zoological family) Kegelschnecken (Conidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
cossid millers (zoological family) Holzbohrer (Cossidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
damselfishes (zoological family) Korallenbarsche [pl]
darkening beetles (zoological family) Schwarzkäfer [pl]
diadematidae (zoological family) Diadem-Seeigel (Diadematidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
disc corals (zoological family) Pilzkorallen (Fungiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
dormice (zoological family) Schlafmäuse [pl]
drain flies (zoological family) Schmetterlingsmücken (Psychodidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Taufliegen [pl]
eagle rays (zoological family) Adlerrochen (Myliobatidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
eared seals (zoological family) Ohrenrobben (Otariidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
echidnas (zoological family) Ameisenigel [pl]
elmids (zoological family) Hakenkäfer (Elmidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ensign flies (zoological family) Schwingfliegen (Sepsidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ensign scales (zoological family) Röhrenschildläuse (Ortheziidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
eriocraniidae (zoological family) Trugmotten (Eriocraniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ermine moths (zoological family) Gespinst- und Knospenmotten (Yponomeutidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
eucinetids (zoological family) Purzelkäfer (Eucinetidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
fairy longhorn moths (zoological family) Langhornmotten (Adelidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
false click beetles (zoological family) Kammkäfer (Eucnemidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
froghoppers (zoological family) Blutzikaden (Cercopidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
galagos (zoological family) Buschbabys [pl]
gall gnats (zoological family) Gallmücken (Cecidomyiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
gallflies (zoological family) Gallwespen (Cynipidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
geckos (zoological family) Geckos (Gekkonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
gelechiid moths (zoological family) Palpenmotten (Gelechiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
geometer moths (zoological family) Spanner (Geometridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
grass-miner moths (zoological family) Grasminiermotten (Elachistidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
great apes (zoological family) Große Menschenaffen [pl]
grebes (zoological family) Lappentaucher [pl]
greenbottles (zoological family) Schmeißfliegen (Calliphoridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ground beetles (zoological family) Laufkäfer [pl]
hammerhead sharks (zoological family) Hammerhaie (Sphyrnidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
helmet gurnards (zoological family) Flughähne (Dactylopteridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
hide beetles (zoological family) Erdkäfer (Trogidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
hister beetles (zoological family) Stutzkäfer (Histeridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
hollow-shelled snails (zoological family) Küstenschnecken (Ellobiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
horntail wasps (zoological family) Holzwespen (Siricidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
hornworms (zoological family) Schwärmer (Sphingidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
horse bot flies (zoological family) Magendasseln [pl]
ichneumon wasps (zoological family) Schlupfwespen (Ichneumonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
iguanas and related species (zoological family) Leguane (Iguanidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
issid planthoppers (zoological family) Käferzikaden (Issidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
katydids (zoological family)[us] Laubheuschrecken (Tettigoniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
kauri moths (zoological family) Kauri-Motten (Agathiphagidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
keelback slugs (zoological family) Egelschnecken [pl]
lancetfishes (zoological family) Lanzenfische (Alepisauridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
leaf beetles (zoological family) Blattkäfer (Chrysomelidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
leaf-miner flies (zoological family) Minierfliegen (Agromyzidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
leaf-mining moths (zoological family) Miniermotten [pl]
limpets (zoological family) Napfschnecken (Patellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
longicorns (zoological family) Bockkäfer (Cerambycidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
lyonetiidae moths (zoological family) Schlangenminiermotten [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Schnurrvögel [pl]
micropterigidae moths (zoological family) Urmotten (Micropterigidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
midget moths (zoological family) Zwergminiermotten (Nepticulidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mongooses (zoological family) Mangusten (Herpestidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
monkfish (zoological family) Seeteufel (Lophiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
moray eels (zoological family) Muränen (Muraenidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mosquito eaters (zoological family) Schnaken (Tipulidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mosquitoes (zoological family) Stechmücken (Culicidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mould beetles (zoological family) Moderkäfer [pl]
mud-loving beetles (zoological family) Sägekäfer (Heteroceridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mudspringers (zoological family) Schlammspringer (Periophthalmus) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
murex snails (zoological family) Stachelschnecken (Muricidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
murids (zoological family) Langschwanzmäuse (Muridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
New World marsh turtles (zoological family) Neuwelt-Sumpfschildkröten (Emydidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
nut clams.(zoological family) Nussmuscheln (Nuculidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
oarfishes (zoological family) Riemenfische (Regalecidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
owlet moths (zoological family) Eulenfalter (Noctuidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
oxychilidae snails (zoological family) Glanzschnecken (Oxychilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
parmacellids (zoological family) Mantelschnegel (Parmacellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
peramelids (zoological family) Eigentliche Nasenbeutler (Peramelidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pit scales (zoological family) Pockenläuse (Asterolecaniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
planthoppers (zoological family) Glasflügelzikaden (Cixiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
plutellidae moths (zoological family) Schleier- und Halbmotten (Plutellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pocket gophers (zoological family) Taschenratten (Geomyidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pomfrets (zoological family) Seebrassen [pl]
pond snails (zoological family) Schlammschnecken (Lymnaeidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
possums (zoological family) Beutelratten (Didelphidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
procyonids (zoological family) Kleinbären (Procyonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
prominents (zoological family) Zahnspinner (Notodontidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
punkies (zoological family)[us] Gnitzen [pl]
pupillidae snails (zoological family) Puppenschnecken (Pupillidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
rare click beetles (zoological family) Mulmkäfer (Cerophytidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
river snails (zoological family) Sumpfdeckelschnecken (Viviparidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
roundback slugs (zoological family) Wegschnecken (Arionidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
rust flies (zoological family) Nacktfliegen (Psilidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
tanagers (zoological family) Tangaren (Thraupidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith] [pl]
terrestrial hermit crabs (zoological family) Landeinsiedlerkrebse (Coenobitidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tettigometrid planthoppers (zoological family) Ameisenzikaden (Tettigometridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
thiarids (zoological family) Kronenschnecken (Thiaridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
thornfishes (zoological family) Eisfische (Bovichtidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tineid moths (zoological family) Echte Motten (Tineidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tischeriidae moths (zoological family) Schopfstirnmotten (Tischeriidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
toads (zoological family) Kröten (Bufonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
top snails (zoological family) Kreiselschnecken (Trochidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tortoise limpets (zoological family) Schildkrötenschnecken (Lottiidae) (zoologische Famile) [pl]
tortoise scales (zoological family) Napfschildläuse (Coccidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tortoises (zoological family) echte Landschildkröten (Testudinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tree frogs (zoological family) Laubfrösche (Hylidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tritons (zoological family) Tritonschnecken (Ranellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
tritons (zoological family) Tritonshörner (Charonia) (zoologische Gattung) [pl]
tropiduchid planthoppers (zoological family) Mückenzikaden (Tropiduchidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true conchs (zoological family) Flügelschnecken (Strombidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true crickets (zoological family) Echte Grillen (Gryllidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true oysters (zoological family) Austern (Ostreidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true seals (zoological family) Hundsrobben (Phocidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
true whelks (zoological family) Hornschnecken [pl]
typical orb-weaver spiders (zoological family) echte Radnetzspinnen (Araneidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
typical snails (zoological family) Schnirkelschnecken (Helicidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
satinbirds (zoological family) Furchenvogelartige [pl]
sauries (zoological family) Makrelenhechte [pl]
scallops (zoological family) Kammmuscheln (Pectinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
scorpionfish (zoological family) Skorpionfische (Scorpaenidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sea devils (zoological family) Rutenangler (Ceratiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sedge moths (zoological family) Rundstirnmotten [pl]
serranids (zoological family) Sägebarsche (Serranidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
shingles (zoological family) Feilenfische (Monacanthidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
shrews (zoological family) Spitzmäuse (Soricidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
skates (zoological family) echte Rochen (Rajidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
skin beetles (zoological family) Speckkäfer (Dermestidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
skipjacks (zoological family) Schnellkäfer (Elateridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
skippers (zoological family) Dickkopffalter (Hesperiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
snout moths (zoological family) Zünsler (Pyralidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
solenodons (zoological family) Schlitzrüssler (Solenodontidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
spider mites (zoological family) Spinnmilben (Tetranychidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
spider wasps (zoological family) Wegwespen (Pompilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
spittlebugs (zoological family) Schaumzikaden (Aphrophoridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
squirrels (zoological family) Hörnchen (Sciuridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
stag beetles (zoological family) Schröter (Lucanidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sunbirds and spiderhunters (zoological family) Nektarvögel [pl]
sundials (zoological family) Perspektivschnecken [pl]
swimming crabs (zoological family) Schwimmkrabben (Portunidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
synaptids (zoological family) Wurmseegurken (Synaptidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
velvet spiders (zoological family) Röhrenspinnen (Eresidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
Venus clams (zoological family) Venusmuscheln (Veneridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
viverrids (zoological family) Schleichkatzen (Viverridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Wasser-Eisvögel [pl]
water-penny beetles (zoological family) Sumpfwiesenkäfer [pl]
weavers (zoological family) Webervögel [pl]
weevers (zoological family) Petermännchen (Trachinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
weevils (zoological family) Rüsselkäfer (Curculionidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
weta (zoological family) Weta [pl]
window-gnats (zoological family) Fenstermücken [pl]
winkles come ashore (zoological family) Nadelschnecken [pl]
Wold World marsh turtles (zoological family) Altwelt-Sumpfschildkröten (Geoemydidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
woolly conifer aphids (zoological family) Tannengallläuse [pl]
worm eels (zoological family) Schlangenaale (Ophichthidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
wrasses (zoological family) Lippfische (Labridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
(African) mole rats (zoological family) Maulwurfratten (Bathyergidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
acrididae grasshoppers (zoological family) Acrididae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
agriolimacidae (zoological family) Kleinschnegel (Agriolimacidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
alderflies (zoological family) Wasserflorfliegen (Sialidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
alpheid shrimps (zoological family) Pistolenkrebse (Alpheidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
anglerfishes (zoological family)[austr] Fühlerfische (Antennariidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
aphids (zoological family) Röhrenläuse (Aphididae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bears (zoological family) Echte Bären (Ursidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
bovids (zoological family) Rinderartige (Bovidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
butterflyfish (zoological family) Borstenzähner (Chaetodontidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
callitrichids (zoological family) Krallenäffchen (Callitrichidae/Callitrichinae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
cancridae crabs (zoological family) Felsenkrabben (Cancridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
case moths (zoological family) Miniersackträger (Coleophoridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
chafers (zoological family) Scarabaeidae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
chevrotains (zoological family) Zwergböckchen (Tragulidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
conches (zoological family) Tritonshörner (Tritoniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
damselfishes (zoological family) Riffbarsche [pl]
darkening beetles (zoological family) Dunkelkäfer (Tenebrionidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Gärfliegen [pl]
echidnas (zoological family) Schnabeligel [pl]
eelpouts (zoological family) Gebärfische (Zoarcidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
flower scarabs (zoological family) Cetoniinae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
gad flies (zoological family) Biesfliegen (Oestridae) (zoololische Familie) [pl]
galagos (zoological family) Galagos (Galagonidae/Galagidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
gomphocerine grasshoppers (zoological family) Gomphocerinae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
great apes (zoological family) Menschenaffen im engeren Sinn (Hominidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
ground beetles (zoological family) Carabidae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
horse bot flies (zoological family) Magenbremsen (Gasterophilinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
leafhoppers (zoological family) Kleinzikaden (Cicadellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
leaf-mining moths (zoological family) Blatttütenmotten (Gracillariidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
long-toed water beetles (zoological family) Klauenkäfer (Dryopidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
lyonetiidae moths (zoological family) Langhorn-Blattminiermotten (Lyonetiidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
manakins (zoological family) Manakins [pl]
manatees (zoological family) Manatis (Trichechidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
marlins (zoological family) Marline (Istiophoridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mealybugs (zoological family) Wollläuse (Pseudococcidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
metallic wood-boring beetles (zoological family) Buprestidae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
mould beetles (zoological family) Lathridiidae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
peacock flies (zoological family) Bohrfliegen (Tephritidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pomfrets (zoological family) Brachsenmakrelen [pl]
punkies (zoological family)[us] Gnitten [pl]
true whelks (zoological family) Spindelschnecken (Buccinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sauries (zoological family) Trughechte (Scomberesocidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sedge moths (zoological family) Wippmotten (Glyphipterigidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
soft bodied plant beetles (zoological family) Moorweichkäfer (Dascillidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
sundials (zoological family) Sonnenuhrschnecken (Architectonicidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
water kingfishers (zoological family) Fischer-Eisvögel [pl]
water-penny beetles (zoological family) Bachkäfer (Psephenidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
wentletraps (zoological family) Wendeltreppen (Epitoniidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
weta (zoological family) Anostostomatidae (zoologische Familie) [pl]
window-gnats (zoological family) Pfriemenmücken (Anisopodidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
winkles come ashore (zoological family) Mulmnadeln (Aciculidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
wood borers (zoological family) Klopfkäfer [pl]
woolly conifer aphids (zoological family) Fichtengallläuse [pl]
chizzywinks (zoological family) Schwarmmücken (Chironomidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
damselfishes (zoological family) Jungfernfische (Pomacentridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
dormice (zoological family) Bilche (Gliridae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Mostfliegen [pl]
echidnas (zoological family) Echidna (Tachyglossidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
feather duster worms (zoological family) Federwürmer (Sabellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
keelback slugs (zoological family) Großschnegel (Limacidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
keyhole limpets (zoological family) Lochnapfschnecken [pl]
punkies (zoological family)[us] Bartmücken (Ceratopogonidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
wood borers (zoological family) Nagekäfer (Ptinidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
woolly conifer aphids (zoological family) Tannenläuse [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Essigfliegen [pl]
keyhole limpets (zoological family) Lochschnecken (Fissurellidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
pomfrets (zoological family) Pomfrets (Bramidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
woolly conifer aphids (zoological family) Tannensauger (Adelgidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Fruchtfliegen [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Obstfliegen (Drosophilidae) (zoologische Familie) [pl]
(African) mole rats (zoological family) Maulwurfratten [pl]
acrididae grasshoppers (zoological family) Acrididae [pl]
acrididae grasshoppers (zoological family) Feldheuschrecken [pl]
agriolimacidae (zoological family) Kleinschnegel [pl]
agriolimacidae (zoological family) Ackerschnecken [pl]
alderflies (zoological family) Schlammfliegen [pl]
alderflies (zoological family) Wasserflorfliegen [pl]
alpheid shrimps (zoological family) Pistolenkrebse [pl]
amber snails (zoological family) Bernsteinschnecken [pl]
anglerfishes (zoological family) Anglerfische [pl]
anglerfishes (zoological family) Fühlerfische [pl]
anguids (zoological family) Schleichen [pl]
aphids (zoological family) Röhrenläuse [pl]
ark clams.(zoological family) Archenmuscheln [pl]
armadillos (zoological family) Gürteltiere [pl]
armored catfishes (zoological family) Panzer- und Schwielenwelse [pl]
armoured scale insects (zoological family) Deckelschildläuse [pl]
Australian ground frogs (zoological family) Australische Südfrösche [pl]
awl snails (zoological family) Ahlenschnecken [pl]
balanidae (zoological family) Seepocken [pl]
bears (zoological family) Echte Bären [pl]
bethylid wasps (zoological family) Plattwespen [pl]
bichirs and reedfishes (zoological family) Flösselfische [pl]
bichirs and reedfishes (zoological family) Flössler [pl]
bichirs and reedfishes (zoological family) Flösselhechte [pl]
biddies (zoological family) Quelljungfern [pl]
blue-eyes (zoological family) Blauaugen [pl]
bonnet snails (zoological family) Helmschnecken [pl]
bovids (zoological family) Hornträger [pl]
bovids (zoological family) Rinderartige [pl]
broad-winged moths (zoological family) Breitflügelmotten [pl]
butterflyfish (zoological family) Falterfische [pl]
butterflyfish (zoological family) Borstenzähner [pl]
calcareous tubeworms (zoological family) Kalkröhrenwürmer [pl]
callitrichids (zoological family) Krallenaffen [pl]
callitrichids (zoological family) Krallenäffchen [pl]
camelids (zoological family) Kamele [pl]
cancridae crabs (zoological family) Taschenkrebse [pl]
cancridae crabs (zoological family) Felsenkrabben [pl]
case moths (zoological family) Miniersackträger [pl]
case moths (zoological family) Sackträgermotten [pl]
catfishes (zoological family) Katzenfische [pl]
chafers (zoological family) Blatthornkäfer [pl]
chafers (zoological family) Scarabaeidae [pl]
chevrotains (zoological family) Zwergböckchen [pl]
chevrotains (zoological family) Hirschferkel [pl]
chizzywinks (zoological family) Schwarmmücken [pl]
chizzywinks (zoological family) Tanzmücken [pl]
chromodorid nudibranchs (zoological family) Prachtsternschnecken [pl]
cicadidae (zoological family) Singzikaden [pl]
comb stars (zoological family) Kammsterne [pl]
common sawflies (zoological family) Echte Blattwespen [pl]
conches (zoological family) Tritonshörner [pl]
conidae sea snails (zoological family) Kegelschnecken [pl]
cossid millers (zoological family) Holzbohrer [pl]
crab spiders (zoological family) Krabbenspinnen [pl]
crown conchs, busycon whelks and their relatives (zoological family) Kronenschnecken und Birnenschnecken [pl]
cuckoo wasps (zoological family) Goldwespen [pl]
damselfishes (zoological family) Jungfernfische [pl]
darkening beetles (zoological family) Dunkelkäfer [pl]
diadematidae (zoological family) Diadem-Seeigel [pl]
disc corals (zoological family) Pilzkorallen [pl]
dormice (zoological family) Bilche [pl]
dormice (zoological family) Schläfer [pl]
drain flies (zoological family) Schmetterlingsmücken [pl]
drosophila family (zoological family) Obstfliegen [pl]
dryinid wasps (zoological family) Zikadenwespen [pl]
eagle rays (zoological family) Adlerrochen [pl]
eared seals (zoological family) Ohrenrobben [pl]
echidnas (zoological family) Echidna [pl]
eelpouts (zoological family) Aalmuttern [pl]
eelpouts (zoological family) Gebärfische [pl]
elmids (zoological family) Hakenkäfer [pl]
ensign flies (zoological family) Schwingfliegen [pl]
ensign scales (zoological family) Röhrenschildläuse [pl]
eriocraniidae (zoological family) Trugmotten [pl]
ermine moths (zoological family) Gespinst- und Knospenmotten [pl]
eucinetids (zoological family) Purzelkäfer [pl]
fairy longhorn moths (zoological family) Langhornmotten [pl]
false click beetles (zoological family) Kammkäfer [pl]
feather duster worms (zoological family) Federwürmer [pl]
feather duster worms (zoological family) Fächerwürmer [pl]
feather duster worms (zoological family) Lederröhrenwürmer [pl]
flower scarabs (zoological family) Rosenkäfer [pl]
flower scarabs (zoological family) Cetoniinae [pl]
froghoppers (zoological family) Blutzikaden [pl]
gad flies (zoological family) Dasselfliegen [pl]
gad flies (zoological family) Biesfliegen [pl]
galagos (zoological family) Galagos [pl]
gall gnats (zoological family) Gallmücken [pl]
gallflies (zoological family) Gallwespen [pl]
geckos (zoological family) Geckos [pl]
gelechiid moths (zoological family) Palpenmotten [pl]
geometer moths (zoological family) Spanner [pl]
gomphocerine grasshoppers (zoological family) Gomphocerinae [pl]
gomphocerine grasshoppers (zoological family) Grashüpfer [pl]
grass-miner moths (zoological family) Grasminiermotten [pl]
greenbottles (zoological family) Schmeißfliegen [pl]
ground beetles (zoological family) Carabidae [pl]
hackled orb weavers (zoological family) Kräuselradnetzspinnen [pl]
hammerhead sharks (zoological family) Hammerhaie [pl]
hard ticks (zoological family) Schildzecken [pl]
helmet gurnards (zoological family) Flughähne [pl]
hide beetles (zoological family) Erdkäfer [pl]
hister beetles (zoological family) Stutzkäfer [pl]
hollow-shelled snails (zoological family) Küstenschnecken [pl]
horntail wasps (zoological family) Holzwespen [pl]
hornworms (zoological family) Schwärmer [pl]
horse bot flies (zoological family) Magenbremsen [pl]
ichneumon wasps (zoological family) Schlupfwespen [pl]
iguanas and related species (zoological family) Leguane [pl]
issid planthoppers (zoological family) Käferzikaden [pl]
jack/horse mackerels and scads (zoological family) Stachelmakrelen [pl]
jack/horse mackerels and scads (zoological family) Pferdemakrelen [pl]
jumping spiders (zoological family) Springspinnen [pl]
katydids (zoological family) Laubheuschrecken [pl]
kauri moths (zoological family) Kauri-Motten [pl]
keds (zoological family) Lausfliegen [pl]
keelback slugs (zoological family) Schnegel [pl]
keelback slugs (zoological family) Großschnegel [pl]
keyhole limpets (zoological family) Lochschnecken [pl]
keyhole limpets (zoological family) Schlitzschnecken [pl]
keyhole limpets (zoological family) Schlitznapfschnecken [pl]
lancetfishes (zoological family) Lanzenfische [pl]
leaf beetles (zoological family) Blattkäfer [pl]
leafhoppers (zoological family) Kleinzikaden [pl]
leafhoppers (zoological family) Zwergzikaden [pl]