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to jibe

Meanings of "to jibe" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 41 result(s)

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jibe escarnio [m]
jibe escarnecimiento [m]
jibe escarnio [m]
jibe chuzonería [f]
jibe puntazo [m]
jibe pulla [f]
jibe concordar [v]
jibe puyazo
repeated joke or jibe, that can be offensive and in bad taste at times chalequeo [m] VE
jibe indague [m] PR rur.
jibe titeo [m] AR disused
jibe titeo [m] BO:E
jibe como [m] disused
jibe cuerda [f] CU DO
jibe chacotería [f] AR disused
jibe chacotería [f] NI
jibe chotería [f] CU
taunt, jibe chuchuqueada [f] HN
jibe indagación [f] PR rur.
jibe embromada [f] HN
jibe chotería [f] CU
jibe farra [f] PY
jibe fayanca [f] disused
jibe tandear [v] CL
jibe tascar [v] HN
jibe titear [v] AR disused
not jibe with no estar de acuerdo con [v]
jibe with estar de acuerdo con [v]
offense or jibe chamarra [f] SV
jibe cháchara [f] EC
taunt, jibe chicaneada [f] AR:Nw
jibe choreta [f] HN
jibe risionada [f] MX:N
jibe tanda [f] CL
jibe tiradera [f] PA CO
jibe tiradera [f] PR teen
jibe chicanear [v] AR
jibe escarnecer [v]
jibe trasluchada [f]
jibe trasluchar [v]
jibe mudar un botavante [v]

Meanings of "to jibe" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 3 result(s)

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jibe [m] CU DO sieve used mainly by construction workers to sift sand
jibe [m] CU screen
jibe [m] CU sieve