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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "aguachada" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 10 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
aguachada [adj/f] AR CL tame
aguachada [adj/f] AR UY rur. (a horse) overweight due to inactivity
aguachada [adj/f] AR:Nw rur. (a plant) grown poorly due to excess of water
aguachada [adj/f] AR:Nw rur. (an animal) in bad shape
aguachada [adj/f] rur. related to a young animal who has lost its mother
aguachada [adj/f] AR rur. related to an animal, usually a lamb, not drinking the mother's milk, who has become emaciated, weak or sick
aguachada [adj/f] CL AR rur. (anima) tame
aguachada [adj/f] CL AR rur. (animal) meek
aguachada [adj/f] CL calmed down
aguachada [adj/f] CL calmed