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line-in entrada de línea [f]
line-in entrada de línea

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line raya [f]
line línea [f]
line fila [f]
line (us) cola [f]
line [us] fila [f]
line of knit stitches unravelled carrera [f]
punch line of a joke gracia [f]
straight line recta [f]
wrinkle line arruga [f]
line forrar [v]
line rayar [v]
line with paper empapelar [v]
on line conectado [adj]
on-line conectado [adj]
on-line online [adj]
balance line equilibrador [m]
line verso [m]
line trazo [m]
line of business rubro [m]
mooring line calabrote [m]
story line argumento [m]
base line base [f]
dividing line divisoria [f]
finishing line llegada [f]
finishing line meta [f]
forward line delantera [f]
guide line maestra [f]
line trazada [f]
line arruga [f]
line andana [f]
line sarta [f]
line carrera [f]
line ringla [f]
line ringlera [f]
line hila [f]
line hilada [f]
line hilera [f]
line vía [f]
line estacha [f]
line [us] cola [f]
line of cars tropa [f]
line of sight visual [f]
line-up alineación [f]
oblique line oblicua [f]
parallel (line) paralela [f]
cut in line [us] colarse [v]
line arrugar [v]
line aforrar [v]
line flanquear [v]
line linear [v]
line bordear [v]
line guarnecer [v]
line up formar [v]
line up formarse [v]
line up disponer [v]
line up ahilar [v]
line up enfilar [v]
line up alinear [v]
line up alinearse [v]
line up [us] hacer cola [v]
off-line autónomo [adj]
on-line lineal [adj]
branch line ramal [m]
crossed line cruce [m]
fishing line seda [m]
line hilo [m]
line ringle [m]
line cordel [m]
line renglón [m]
line of writing renglón [m]
line-out saque [m]
main line tronco [m]
plumb line plomo [m]
thin line hilo [m]
trunk line tronco [m]
verse line verso [m]
washing line tendedero [m]
off-line autónoma [adj/f]
base-line base [f]
baulk-line (in billiards) cabaña [f]
boundary line of town/village/estate línea fronteriza [f]
boundary line of town/village/estate delantera [f]
broken line poligonal [f]
clothes-line post berlinga [f] AND
coach/stage line carrera [f]
cross-hatching line contrarraya [f]
deviation from the straight line vuelta [f]
deviation from the straight line desviación [f]
extra line of beds in a hospital ward galera [f]
fishing line cuerda [f]
fishing line cork veleta [f]
fishing line float veleta [f]
fishing-line tanza [f] rur. rare
front tile on each line of roof tiling bocateja [f]
grading line rasante [f]
head-line cabecera [f]
lead-line sondaleza [f]
line prosapia [f]
line cutting off the quotient in division galera [f]
line for hauling seines sirga [f]
line of barrels towed on the water carrizada [f]
line of bricks in a kiln daga [f]
line of troops manga [f]
line/branch of a family casa [f]
line/stroke of a burin burilada [f]
long line of things/people tiramira [f]
meridional line meridiana [f]
mound made as a boundary line gamella [f]
pipe line tubería [f]
route of a line of steamers carrera [f]
sounding line sondaleza [f]
sounding-line bolina [f]
spiral line espira [f]
spiral line espiral [f]
steamship line mensajería [f]
thin line vírgula [f]
three horses in line triga [f]
tow-line estacha [f]
tow-line sirga [f]
twist, spiral, line/motion rosca [f]
very thin line virgulilla [f]
cover/line with skins empellejar [v]
deviate from the right line salirse (de la línea recta) [v]
deviate from the right line perder la línea/nivel/dirección que le corresponde [v]
deviate from the right line desmentir [v]
fit/line with lead emplomar [v]
form a line of contravallation contravalar [v]
line (as clothes) forrar [v]
line (clothes/vessels) aforrar [v]
line a shoe barretear [v]
line with concrete encachar [v]
line with cork acorchar [v]
line with rope (demijohn) ensogar [v]
pierce/string in a line enfilar [v]
place in a row/line enfilar [v]
seek refuge outside the boundary line acotarse [v]
start from a fixed base-line basar [v]
constructed by line/rule acuerdado [adj]
first in a line primicerio [adj]
in a straight line directo [adj]
in line enhilado [adj]
ranged into line acordelado [adj]
a straight line through the point where the optical axes meet horópter [m]
a straight line through the point where the optical axes meet horóptero [m]
angling line sedal [m]
ball passing the line pasavoleo [m]
dividing line filo [m]
erasing line tachón [m]
fishing line with several fishhooks palangre [m]
fishing-line used for streaming curricán [m]
fishing-line with many hooks espinel [m]
float of fishing-line corcho [m]
head-line título [m]
head-line encabezamiento [m]
line surco [m]
line elegantly drawn rasgo [m]
line for writing ringlero [m]
line of business renglón [m]
line of goods ramo [m]
line of poetry verso [m]
line-reel carretel [m] rur. rare
people ranged in a line who pass materials or loads from hand to hand hormiguillo [m]
plumb-line tendel [m]
sergeant or corporal who attends to dressing the line guía [m]
ship of the line real [m]
sloping line to show proper slant when learning to write caído [m]
speciality/line of business giro [m]
straight line rayo [m]
thickening of line in a letter cabeceado [m]
twelfth part of a line punto [m]
word used to fill up a line of verse ripio [m]
constructed by line/rule acuerdada [adj/f]
first in a line primiceria [adj/f]
in a straight line directa [adj/f]
in line enhilada [adj/f]
ranged into line acordelada [adj/f]
line drive línea [f]
perpendicular line normal [f]
line (of poetry) verso [m]
air-line línea aérea [f]
bee line línea recta [f]
clothes-line tendedera [f]
clothes-line cuerda de la ropa [f]
heaving-line estacha [f]
helical line espira [f]
junction line línea de empalme [f]
line carta muy breve [f]
line esquela [f]
line línea de vapores [f]
line línea telegráfica [f]
line serie [f]
line descendencia [f]
line línea divisoria [f]
line sucesión [f]
line línea de conducta [f]
load-line línea de un buque [f]
load-line línea de flotación [f]
load-water line línea de flotación [f]
load-water line línea de un buque [f]
loxodromic line línea loxodrómica [f]
neck-line escotadura [f]
sounding-line sondaleza [f]
tape-line lienza [f]
telegraph-line línea telegráfica [f]
towing line estacha [f]
tram-line vía [f]
trunk line línea principal [f]
line leer en alta voz [v]
line colocarse en fila [v]
line colocarse en posición [v]
line hacer concebir (animales) [v]
line estar en línea [v]
line trazar líneas [v]
line hacer líneas sobre [v]
line delinear [v]
line colocar en fila/hileras [v]
line disponer en fila/hileras [v]
line poner en fila/hileras [v]
line aleccionar [v]
line línea por línea [v]
line enseñar [v]
toe the line conformarse [v]
deep sea line escandallo [m]
fishing line cordel de pescar [m]
heaving-line calabrote [m]
life-line cable de salvamento [m]
line perfil [m]
line confín [m]
line término [m]
line curse de acción [m]
line límite [m]
line croquis [m]
line sedal [m]
line esquicio [m]
line hilo de un discurso [m]
line ramo de negocios [m]
line engraving grabado de líneas [m]
line of business ramo de negocios [m]
neck-line escote [m]
ship of the line navio de línea [m]
ship of the line navio de alto bordo [m]
towing line remolque [m]
tow-line cable de remolque [m]
tow-line cabo de remolque [m]
tram-line carril de tranvía [m]
trawl-line palangre [m]
line linde [m/f]
southward of the line al sur del ecuador [loc/adv]
fleet of seventeen sail of the line escuadra de diecisiete navios de línea
line-reel carretel de la caña de pescar
spider-line hilo de tela de araña para micrómetros
tape-line cinta para medir
above-the-line encima de la línea [adv]
above-the-line por encima de la línea [adv]
all the way along the line por cualquier lado [adv]
all the way along the line por todo el camino (literal) [adv]
all the way along the line en cualquier momento [adv]
along the same line a lo largo del mismo carril [adv]
along the same line a lo largo de la misma línea [adv]
below the poverty line por debajo de la línea de pobreza [adv]
below the poverty line por debajo del umbral de la pobreza [adv]
in a straight line a vuelo de pájaro [adv]
a child game in which children make a circle taken hand in hand and as they turn they sing a line about a little basket plenty of buttons. canastita [f] NI
actor's line línea del actor [f]
actor's line línea del actor [f]
allocation and payment of a telephone line ready for installation ficha telefónica [f] HN
area behind the starting line on a race track grilla [f] PA CO CL AR UY
arrangement of items in a line alineación [f]
available cash credit line disponibilidad en efectivo de la línea de crédito [f]
bad line mala línea [f]
bikini line línea de bikini [f]
bottom fishing with line and hook cala [f] PR
bread line (queue) cola del pan [f]
bread line (queue) línea del pan (cola) [f]
by line firma del autor [f]
by-line firma de autor [f]
children's game in which the two teams line up and wrapping arms around each other's waist with the first child holding onto something fixed cebolla siqui [f] BO:W,C
children's game in which the two teams line up and wrapping arms around each other's waist with the first child holding onto something fixed, the opposing team tries to separate the children in line cebollita jiqui jiqui [f] BO rare
children's game involving throwing coins at a line the winner comes the closest raya [f] BO:W
competition of ten-line stanza singers accompanied by guitars cantadera [f] PA
contour line isolínea [f]
crossed line interferencia [f]
device which is used to guide a line gatera [f]
domestic line línea local [f]
domestic line línea nacional [f]
dotted line línea puntuada [f]
dotted line línea discontinua [f]
drove of animals going in a single line reata [f]
feathers that grow around the neck of birds, from the crest to the horizontal line of the body colilla [f] PR
finish line meta [f]
fire line ronda [f] GT HN SV NI PA
fishing line brazolada [f] AR:Ne
four-line stanza recited by dance couples in certain traditional dances relación [f] PY AR UY
game like drawing straws to select a winner which involves drawing a line for each participant and marking one then covering the lines and having the participants select a line with the winner being the participant to select the marked line cachiporra [f] CO:W
girl in a chorus line corista [f]
halfway line divisoria [f]
improvised composition in the form of quatrains or ten-line stanzas, that is accompanied by harp or guitar music cumanana [f] PE:N
level line escora [f]
line rabiza [f] DO
line andanada [f]
line letra [f]
line línea [f] PR BO
line perica [f] CO VE
line cola [f]
line bet línea [f] DO
line item partida [f] HN
line of cocaine línea [f] MX HN SV CO BO:E CL AR UY drug
line of parked or moving cars cordillera de carros [f] CU
line of scrimmage línea de ataque [f]
line of scrimmage línea de golpeo [f]
line of work of and indigenous guardian of a ranch house guasicamía [f] EC:C rare
line of work of gas fitters gasfitería [f] EC PE CL
line used for bottom fishing cala [f] PR
little line rayita [f]
load line escora [f]
lucrative line of work chiripa [f] DO
main water line paja [f] GT SV NI CR
material formed from asbestos fibers and metal wires, which is mainly used to line brake pads cinta de frenos [f] PY AR UY
middle line crujía [f]
nylon fishing line mica [f] PR
offensive line línea ofensiva [f]
passage between two palisades used to line up cattle manga [f] MX GT NI CR VE CL AR UY
person who does not keep their turn in a line and takes advantage of any circumstance to cut ahead coladora [f] BO
pitch line (marbles) chunga [f] SV
plumb line cala [f] PR
plumb line plomada [f]
product line línea [f] PR BO
property line guardarraya [f] MX:Se GT HN NI DO PR
railway line vía [f]
someone that fishes with a hook and line pescadora [f]
sounding line sonda [f]
(line) run trazar (una línea) [v]
approach the ball as much as possible without going over the line previously drawn on the ground (marbles) cantearse [v] DO
be killed in line of duty fallecer en acto de servicio [v]
be killed in line of duty fallecer en cumplimiento de su deber [v]
be killed in the line of duty fallecer en cumplimiento de su deber [v]
be killed in the line of duty fallecer en acto de servicio [v]
be out of line estar fuera de lugar [v]
be out of line or proper arrangement estar fuera de alineación [v]
be sent to the front line ser enviado al frente (combate) [v]
bring in line poner en línea [v]
butt in line colarse [v]
cross the finish line cruzar la meta final [v]
cross the line cruzar la raya [v]
cross the line pasarse de la raya [v]
cross the line propasarse [v]
cross the line pasar de raya [v]
cross the line pasar de la raya [v]
cross the line querer misa [v] VE
cross the line zumbarse [v] CAR
cross the line to the point of losing one's good sense descachimbarse [v] HN
cut in line saltarse la cola [v]
cut in line colarse (en la cola) [v]
do a line of blow conectarse (inglés) [v] PE drug
do a line of cocaine conectarse (inglés) [v] PE drug
draw a line (on a paper) tirar una línea (sobre un papel) [v]
draw a line around circunscribir [v]
draw the line fijar los límites [v]
draw the line at something no pasar por algo [v]
draw the line at something negarse a algo [v]
drop someone a line mandar unas letras a alguien [v]
fish with hook and line pescar con caña [v]
fish with hook and line pescar con anzuelo {m} [v]
form a line hacer cola [v]
form a line hacer fila [v]
form a line formarse [v] MX
form a line guardar cola [v]
get in line marcar [v] CU
get into a line hacer una cola [v]
getting in line afilarse [v] PE
illegally connect to a power line, telephone, television signal, or similar service colgarse [v] MX CO PE CL AR UY
intercept a telephone line chuponear [v] PE
join a line [us] meterse en la cola [v]
jump the line saltarse la cola [v]
jump the line colarse [v]
keep someone in line abacorar [v] CU DO
let people go in front in line rotar [v] CU
line retobar [v] VE BO:W,S CL AR UY rur.
line recubrir [v]
line revestir [v]
line cubrir el interior de [v]
line the roof of a house with royal palm leaves enyaguar [v] CU
line up guardar cola [v]
line up hacer una cola [v]
line with cotton enguatar [v]
no longer line up descuadrarse [v] PE
not move off a racing starting line encajonarse [v] PR
park within the line aparcar en cordón [v]
put out of line desalinear [v]
raise to the top of the line volar [v]
release a mooring line from a boat desempatar [v] DO PR
shoot a line niquelar [v] ES
stand in line guardar cola [v]
stand in line hacer cola [v]
stand in line hacer fila [v]
stand in line formarse [v] MX
tap a telephone line chuzar [v] CO
tie a load with a mooring line encestar [v] BO
tilt a stone, brick, or block off the vertical line (construction) cantear [v] HN SV NI
toe the line acatar las normas [v]
toe the line pasar por el aro [v]
wait in line hacer cola [v]
wait in line guardar cola [v]
wait in line queue [uk] hacer cola [v]
walk in line with them caminar al par de alguien [v]
accelerating before the finish line partidor [adj] CL
bright-line claramente estipulado [adj]
bright-line bien definido [adj]
in line alineado [adj]
in line encaravanado [adj] CO
off-line desconectado [adj]
on the line en juego [adj]
pick-up line señorero [adj] CO
line up, donkeys! ¡fila! [interj] PE rur.
a game played by two people, each trying to make a line of three x's or three o's in a boxlike figure with nine spaces ajedrez [m] DO
actor's line diálogo del actor [m]
actor's line papel [m]
actor's line guión [m]
assembly-line balancing equilibrio de la cadena de montaje [m]
assembly-line method método de la cadena de montaje [m]
axial line eje [m]
banner line cintillo [m] HN
bikini line hair vello de la línea del bikini [m]
border line límite [m]
boundary line lindero [m]
budget line item rubro [m] CR PA CO BO PY UY
by-line pie de autor [m]
center line eje [m]
childrens' game in which children line up placing their hands on the waist of person in front and one by one they are separated from the line arrancacebollas [m] GT SV
children's play of the three in line, which is played with small stones. ajedrez [m] DO
chorus line coro [m]
clew-line palanquín [m]
clothes line colgadero [m] VE UY
clothes line cordón [m] BO PY
clothes line cordón [m] PR
compensation for death while in the line of duty pago de marcha [m] MX
dead line plazo [m]
disk marking the finish line in a horse race disco de sentencia [m] CL
electrical transmission line electroducto [m]
feathers that grow around the neck of birds, from the crest to the horizontal line of the body collar [m] PR
fire line contrafuego [m] HN CO VE
fishing line sedal [m]
fishing line caricón [m] VE
fishing line guaral [m] VE
fishing line guaralillo [m] VE
fishing line guaral [m] VE
in-line skate patín en línea [m]
intravenous line/fluid suero [m]
line saque [m] CL
line rubro [m] CU PE CL
line bracket (inglés) [m] PR
line rasgo [m]
line cocazo [m] HN drug
line cordón [m] PR PY
line (of a poem) verso [m]
line drawing croqueo [m] CL
line drawn in the sand monumento [m] HN
line drive liniazo [m] CU PR
line drive (soccer) jierrazo [m] DO
line of tronco [m]
line of credit límite de crédito [m]
line of horizon carril del horizonte [m]
line of school children rango [m] EC
line segment segmento [m]
main water line pegue [m] HN
person who does not keep their turn in a line and takes advantage of any circumstance to cut ahead colador [m] BO
pick-up line piropo [m] AR
point/line dividing something in two parts filo [m]
police line pass rompefilas [m] CL
police telephone line, where calls are received from citizens and orders are given to officers comando radioeléctrico [m] AR UY
punch line remate de un chiste [m]
punch line final de un chiste [m]
punch line gracia [m]
receiving line besamanos [m] PR
singing of four-line stanzas by a man and a woman accompanied by guitars, alternating improvising verses with which they mock each other contrapunteo amoroso [m] BO:E
small light brown bean with a small white dot on the germination line chímbaro [m] HN
soft skin similar to nappa leather used to line the inside of shoes and boots nubo [m] HN
someone that fishes with a hook and line pescador [m]
squall line frente de mal tiempo [m]
starting line of a horse race partidor [m] CO PE CL
technique of planting grains/plants in a straight line bordón cruzado [m] HN
technique of planting grains/plants in a straight line bordón mateado [m] HN
telephone line connected to a switchboard anexo [m] PE CL
thin line sedal [m]
third hole furthest from the starting line in marbles sastre [m] HN child
third hole furthest from the starting line in marbles sastrecillo [m] MX child
trawling line cordel [m] PR
two-line pica misal [m]
very fine, thin leather used to line the inside of footwear or on the spine of bound books chagrín (francés) [m] MX HN
zip-line canopy (inglés) [m] PA CO
each member of a line of workers columnista [m/f] CU
end of the line terminal [m/f]
line judge juez de raya [m/f] PY AR
line referee guardalínea [m/f] CR EC BO CL PY
line referee guardalíneas [m/f] NI CR PE BO CL PY
popular singer who improvises ten-line stanzas and tends to participate in music competitions decimista [m/f] CU
in a line with the length of a lo largo [prep]
clothes line cordeles [m/pl] PR PE PY
domestic line líneas nacionales [f/pl]
that's where i draw the line allí fumé [expr] CU