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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "torito" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 1 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
torito torito [m] NI CR CO EC

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "torito" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 29 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
torito [m] bullock
torito [m] small bull
torito [m] AR BO PE UY rhinoceros beetle
torito [m] CL a kind of humming-bird
torito [m] CR EC variety of orchid
torito [m] CU a fish of the plectognath order
torito [m] GT PE wooden frame covered with cowhide resembling a bull with pyrotechnics that someone wears while running through a crowd
torito [m] HN common louse
torito [m] MX alcoholic beverage prepared with fermented sugar cane juice and fruit purée from veracruz
torito [m] GT PE fire bull
torito [m] PE motorcycle with three wheels, with body and doors on each side
torito [m] CL carpentry finishing brush
torito [m] CL small jug with handle
torito [m] CL 17 kg box to transport tomatoes
torito [m] CL find the lady
torito [m] SV doggy style sex position
torito [m] NI sliding up
torito [m] CL three-card trick
torito [m] MX question to test knowledge
torito [m] blackbar soldierfish
Marine Biology
torito [m] BO:E CL torito (bovichtus chilensis)
torito [m] CL picui ground dove (columbina picui)
torito [m] CL a species of bird in the family columbidae (columbina picui)
torito [m] PE BO CL AR tit-tyrant
torito [m] CL mine shelter
torito [m] NI CR CO EC torito
torito [m] EC PE BO:E AR UY rhinoceros beetle (diloboderus abderus)
torito [m] BO CL:N popular dance where a woman pretends to charge a man who defends himself with a handkerchief
torito [m] BO:E traditional dance character disguised and acting like a bull

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Spanisch Englisch
torito guapo [m] PA wooden frame covered with cowhide resembling a bull decorated with mirrors at popular parties
Marine Biology
barbudo torito [m] PR Bullheads.
barbu torito brown bullhead
torito de los canales channel bull blenny
bagre torito negro black bullhead
barbu torito marbled bullhead
torito de la virgen mexican hornet lizard
huachi torito [m] BO CL AR:Nw christmas dance simulating chasing and catching a bull in honor of baby jesus
huachi torito [m] BO CL AR:Nw music accompanying this dance
huachi torito [m] BO CL AR:Nw song accompanying this dance