About Us

About Us

The Tureng Dictionary is an online dictionary service provided for those working in the fields of translation, education and international trade by the Tureng Translation Company, which was founded by translators with 15 years of experience in translation.

Our dictionary has been compiled for users who work in the translation business, do international trade correspondence work, and write reports in a vast array of fields. Designed as a resource to access each word and all of its meanings easily and quickly, The Tureng Dictionary has been organized into a total of 120 categories such as technical, medical, social sciences, automotive, construction, computer science, biochemistry, electrical-electronics, international trade, banking and finance.

With the purpose of putting together a dictionary and a resource where all of the possible meanings of a word can be found easily, we have provided the various meanings of a word in alphabetical order.

With our interactive operating style, our database constantly updated and strengthened with user searches, extremely user-friendly interface, and easy use options based on user feedback, your correspondences and research are no longer a burden.

Thanks for choosing us.
Tureng Dictionary