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Significados de "cachada" en diccionario inglés español : 21 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
cachada [f] hit from a spinning top needle on another spinning top
cachada [f] stroke of one top against another when boys play at tops
cachada [f] CO EC SV HN NI thrust with the horns (from animals)
cachada [f] HN SV child goring
cachada [f] SV rur. goring wound
cachada [f] MX HN SV NI rur. blow using the horns of an animal
cachada [f] BO PY AR UY joke
cachada [f] HN SV child punishing blow
cachada [f] SV stolen items
cachada [f] NI robbery
cachada [f] HN SV NI CO EC stab from an animal horn
cachada [adj/f] broken
cachada [adj/f] sliced
cachada [f] EC rare blow using the horns of an animal
cachada [f] CU PE drag of a cigarette
cachada [f] CL large quantity of something
cachada [f] UY insignificant item
cachada [f] BO PY AR UY mock
cachada [f] BO PY AR UY make fun of
cachada [f] PE sex
cachada [f] PR picking up the ball

Significados de "cachada" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 5 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
pegarse la cachada [v] CL see
pegarse la cachada [v] CL realize
pegarse la cachada [v] CL understand
pegarse la cachada [v] CL notice
pegarse la cachada [v] CL find out