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Significados de "decorate" en diccionario español inglés : 43 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
decorate decorar [v]
decorate adornar [v]
decorate revestir [v]
decorate ornamentar [v]
decorate condecorar [v]
decorate pintar [v]
decorate vestir [v]
decorate engalanar [v]
decorate aderezamiento [m]
decorate acairelar [v]
decorate cairelar [v]
decorate aderezar [v]
decorate alindar [v]
decorate aliñar [v]
decorate aprestar [v]
decorate arrear [v]
decorate ataviar [v]
decorate componer [v]
decorate condecorar [v]
decorate cuajar [v]
decorate decorar [v]
decorate engalanar [v]
decorate enjoyar [v]
decorate esmaltar [v]
decorate guarnecer [v]
decorate guarnir [v]
decorate ataviar [v]
decorate galardonar [v]
decorate ambientar [v]
decorate componer [v]
decorate guarnecer [v]
decorate guarnir [v]
decorate hermosear [v]
decorate alicorear [v] CAM
decorate adrezar [v] disused
decorate afeitar [v] rare
decorate afilorar [v] PR
decorate afirolar [v] PR
decorate apostar [v] disused
decorate deliñar [v] disused
decorate cuajar [v]
decorate guarnecer [v]
decorate decorar [v] rare

Significados de "decorate" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 67 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
decorate with decorar de [v]
decorate with flowers florear [v]
decorate with jewels alhajar [v]
decorate with gems alhajar [v]
decorate oneself alindarse [v]
decorate oneself aliñarse [v]
decorate with pearls aljofarar [v]
decorate with a halo aureolar [v]
decorate with nails clavetear [v]
decorate with bells encascabelar [v]
decorate with ribbons encintar [v]
decorate with cords encordonar [v]
decorate with flowers enflorar [v]
decorate with a garland enguirnaldar [v]
decorate with jewels enjoyar [v]
decorate oneself with jewels enjoyarse [v]
decorate with branches enramar [v]
decorate with flowers florear [v]
decorate with flowers floretear [v]
decorate with stripes gayar [v]
decorate with ribbons lacear [v]
decorate with coloured stripes gayar [v]
decorate something with almonds almendrar [v]
decorate with adornar de [v]
decorate with feathers emplumar [v]
decorate with jewels enjoyar [v]
decorate with plumes empenachar [v]
decorate with condecorar con [v]
decorate the top of a building coronar [v]
embower or decorate with branches of trees enramar [v]
decorate with furniture moblar [v]
paint/decorate in enamel trasnflorar [v]
decorate with furniture amueblar [v]
paint/decorate in enamel transflorear [v]
slice of silver used to decorate a horse's harness chapetón [m] MX
small ornamental leaves used to decorate the bouquets of flowers and crowns ensueño [m] PA
round piece of silver used to decorate a saddle chapeta [f] MX
fringe or ribbon used to decorate or hem the border of a cloth or dress guarda [f] NI CR EC:S PE CL UY
decorate a vehicle with accessories (colombia) engallar [v] HN SV NI CO BO PY AR
decorate or adorn something chajinear [v] NI
clean up, decorate, or paint something, especially the house chilacotear [v] SV
decorate with fringes or tassels flecar [v] PR
decorate something profusely garibolear [v] MX
decorate something profusely garigolear [v] MX
decorate something guapear [v] EC rare
decorate something embelequear [v] PR
decorate paper or cloth with perforations piquetear [v] PE
highly decorate tigüelear [v] SV
decorate oneself afilorarse [v] PR
decorate with plumage emplumajar [v] disused
decorate with flowers enflorecer [v] disused
the carts are made of multi-colored paper-mâché which is also used to decorate their hair cachuas [m/pl] DO
decorate oneself with borrowed plumes vestirse con plumas ajenas [v]
decorate something with decorar algo de [v]
decorate someone for something condecorar a alguien por algo [v]
decorate something with something decorar algo con algo [v]
decorate with ribetear de [v]
decorate with esmaltar con [v]
decorate oneself with borrowed plumes adornarse con plumas ajenas [v]
decorate with almonds almendrar [v]
salad of chopped onion, tomato, and locoto chili pepper, used to decorate dishes sarsa [f] BO
decorate with graffito esgrafiar [v]
a shrub up to 2 m high, with small green leaves and very creamy yellow or yellow-greenish-yellow flowers that are used to decorate births or cribs (lippia oxyphyllaria) chiribito [m] HN
decorate a shield acompañar [v]
decorate with fleur de lis flordelisar [v]
decorate with fleur de lis florlisar [v]
decorate a shield acompañar [v]