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Inglés Español
oil-can alcuza [f]
oil-can aceitera [f]

Significados de "oil-can" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
oil aceite [m]
oil aceitar [v]
churn (butter, oil) batir [v]
oil bearing petrolífero [adj]
toast soaked in olive oil sopetón [m]
crude oil crudo [m]
oil petróleo [m]
oil scout informador [m]
mineral oil petróleo [m]
oil pipeline oleoducto [m]
oil-foot alpechín [m]
fuel oil carburante [m]
pure vegetable oil avp [m]
oil bottle aceitera [f]
olive-oil bottle alcuza [f]
oil mill almazara [f]
oil press almazara [f]
oil aceitada [v]
oil enaceitar [v]
oil engrasar [v]
oil untar [v]
cream (butter, oil) batir [v]
oil aceitero [adj]
olive-oil oleícola [adj]
oil oleícola [adj]
oil petrolero [adj]
oil-bearing petrolífero [adj]
oil petrolífero [adj]
castor-oil plant ricino [m]
oil caldo [m]
oil lamp candelero [m]
oil lamp candil [m]
oil óleo [m]
oil painting óleo [m]
palm oil palmiste [m]
oil tanker aljibe [m]
oil press lagar [m]
crude (oil) crudo [m]
oil lamp quinqué [m]
fuel oil fuel [m]
fuel oil fuel-oil [m]
oil lamp velón [m]
oil gasoil [m]
oil gas-oil [m]
diesel (oil) gasoil [m]
diesel (oil) gasóleo [m]
diesel (oil) gas-oil [m]
oil gasóleo [m]
oil seal retén [m]
heavy oil aceite pesado [m]
oil aceitera [adj/f]
oil petrolera [adj/f]
oil-bearing petrolífera [adj/f]
oil petrolífera [adj/f]
oil factory aceitera [f]
rapeseed oil colza [f]
oil-producing petrolífero [adj]
oil-shop aceitería [f] disused
oil house aceitería [f] disused
oil-seller aceitería [f] disused
oil-seller aceitera [f]
oil bottle aceitera [f]
oil can aceitera [f]
oil cruet aceitera [f]
oil jar aceitera [f]
oil factory aceitera [f]
tin oil bottle alcuza (árabe) [f]
amount of oil in a cruet alcuzada [f]
oil mill almazara (árabe) [f]
person in charge of an oil mill almazarera [f]
mining oil lamp almijara (árabe) [f]
olive oil lees pit alpechinera (árabe) [f]
olive oil mill waste amurca [f] rare
courtyard with a oil mill warehouses azaquefa (árabe) [f] disused
sunken clay vessel to collect water in an oil mill bomba [f]
oil spilled from an oil lamp candilada [f]
oil lamp chamber cebolla [f]
oil aceitar [v]
cook in oil over low heat confitar [v]
shaped like a oil lamp acandilado [adj]
pertaining or relating to oil aceitero [adj]
thick oil aceitazo [m]
oil aceite (árabe) [m]
olive oil aceite (árabe) [m]
oil aceite mineral [m]
virgin olive oil aceite virgen [m]
essential oil aceite volátil [m]
medicinal oil used as a vermifuge aceite serpentino [m]
boiled oil aceite secante [m]
drying oil aceite secante [m]
vitriol oil aceite de vitriolo [m]
essential oil aceite esencial [m]
gas oil aceite pesado [m]
olive oil aceite de oliva [m]
oil-seller aceitero [m]
oil bottle aceitero [m] PA DO CO EC PY UY
oil can aceitero [m] PA DO CO EC PY UY
oil cruet aceitero [m] PA DO CO EC PY UY
oil jar aceitero [m] PA DO CO EC PY UY
thick oil aceitón [m]
oil with impurities subject to purification aceitón [m]
garlic and oil sauce ajiaceite [m]
oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
piece or place of an oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
person in charge of an oil mill almazarero [m]
oil lamp manager almijarero [m]
olive oil lees alpechín (árabe) [m]
bruised olive pile at an oil mill alquerque [m]
oil lamp aparato [m] MX
crude oil bruto [m]
measurement equivalent to eight centiliter of oil cachucho [m]
oil mill operator, dependent on a teacher cagarrache [m]
stay supporting the beam of an oil-mil calamón [m]
oil lamp candelero [m]
oil lamp candil [m]
blow from an oil lamp candilazo [m]
oil lamp holder candilero [m]
castor oil carapato [m]
cedarwood oil cedreleón [m]
cedar essential oil cedreno [m]
oil and wax ointment cerato [m]
simple oil and wax ointment cerato simple [m]
used oil bin chivo (árabe) [m]
mill for making olive oil almazara [f]
oil rig petrolífera [f]
oil container zafra [f]
inner receptacle of an oil lamp candileja [f]
oil cup lubricadora [f]
oil grasa [f]
oil-seed rape colza [f]
oil derrick torre de perforación [f]
oil industry industria petrolera [f]
oil painting pintura al óleo [f]
oil rig plataforma [f]
oil rig plataforma petrolífera [f]
oil spill marea negra [f]
oil bottle zafra [f]
oil company petrolera [f]
olive oil mill almazara [f]
vaseline made with the oil extracted from avocado pulp aguacatina [f] HN NI
solidified oil extracted from the boiling of the oil palm fruit batana [f] HN NI
oil dipstick bayoneta [f] HN
fruit of cumbari, which, dried, ground or preserved in oil putita [f] BO:E,S
fruit of cumbari, which, dried, ground or preserved in oil ucuchita [f] AR:Nw
oil extracted from the diesel tree (used to treat the umbilical cord of a newborn) cabima [f] PA
oil tower cabria [f] VE
oil derrick cabria [f] VE
series of oil outcrops on a low-lying plot of land cerrillada [f] AR UY
oil massage fleta [f] VE
oil can caneca (portugués) [f] CO:W VE
oil can carraca [f] CR
african oil palm palma africana de aceite [f]
african oil palm palma aceitera [f]
oil extracted from the trunk of the copaiba tree copaiba [f] PA DO PR VE AR:Nw
oil or melted fat to which paprika is added and used to season stews color [f] CL AR
oil lamp jumiadora [f] DO
mixture of fried onions and annatto seeds to add color to shortening, oil, or lard manteca de color [f] EC
snake-oil saleswoman merolica [f] MX GT HN
snake-oil saleswoman meroliquera [f] HN
snake-oil salesperson merolica [f] MX GT HN
snake-oil salesperson meroliquera [f] HN
snake oil saleswoman paspaca [f] BO
oil platform plataformera [f] MX
oil rig plataformera [f] MX
sauce made with onion, tomato, chili, oil, vinegar and other ingredients sarza [f] PE:S
oil lamp veladora [f] EC disused
oil lamp veladora [f] MX GT HN SV
snake oil salesperson accomplice tanguera [f] BO delinq.
cook in hot oil freírse [v]
lubricate with oil aceitar [v]
burn the midnight oil hacer días y noches [v]
(oil) rig amañar [v]
(oil) rig falsificar [v]
burn the midnight oil quemarse las cejas [v]
extract oil sacar petróleo [v]
drill oil extraer petróleo [v]
drill an oil well perforar un pozo de petróleo [v]
drill for oil perforar para extraer petróleo [v]
drill oil perforar petróleo [v]
illuminate with an oil lamp candiletear [v] HN rur.
oil enmantequillar [v] NI PA VE EC BO CL
become filled with oil enchumbarse [v] DO VE
cover in oil petrolizar [v] MX
oil-yielding oleaginoso [adj]
oil-bearing oleaginoso [adj]
olive oil oleícola [adj]
petrol (mineral oil) petrolero [adj]
oil-fired de fuel-oíl [adj]
boiling (oil) chispoteante [adj] PR
fried in oil or butter (egg) estrellado [adj] HN NI BO
drenched in oil enchumbado [adj] DO VE
electric oil-filled oleoeléctrico [adj] CL
running on oil petrolero [adj] CU
without oil (food) fat free (inglés) [adj] US PR
crude oil petróleo [m]
diesel oil gas-oil [m]
metal olive-oil lamp candelero [m]
oil-tanker petrolero [m]
fuel oil combustible [m]
ricinus oil aceite de ricino [m]
metal olive-oil lamp velón [m]
olive oil mill wastewater alpechín [m]
fuel-oil petróleo [m]
hot oil aceite caliente [m]
oil pan cárter [m]
fuel oil fuelóleo [m]
oil strainer filtro [m]
mixture of onion chopped tomato and other ingredients fried in oil sofrito [m]
oil spill vertido de petróleo [m]
oil tanker buque petrolero [m]
oil-exporting country país exportador de petróleo [m]
olive oil aceite de oliva [m]
linseed oil aceite de linaza [m]
vegetable oil aceite vegetal [m]
sesame oil aceite de sésamo [m]
sunflower oil aceite de girasol [m]
cooking oil aceite de cocina [m]
chili oil aceite de guindilla [m]
cod liver oil aceite de bacalao [m]
cod liver oil aceite de hígado de bacalao [m]
essential oil aceite esencial [m]
castor oil aceite de ricino [m]
oil well pozo petrolífero [m]
fusel oil aceite de fusel [m]
castor oil plant ricino [m]
splashing of oil aceitazo [m]
diesel oil gasóleo [m]
oil tanker petrolero [m]
oil tanker carrotanque [m]
crude oil crudo [m] EC
aroma oil aceite de aroma [m]
by-product of oil used as fuel for cooking/lighting aceite de carbón [m] CU rur.
edible oil extracted from the fruit pulp of the coconut tree used for frying aceite de coco [m] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO PR VE EC
olive oil used in the preparation of food (especially salads) aceite de comer [m] CU VE EC BO
edible oil extracted from the fruit of the african palm aceite de corozo [m] HN PA
black cumin oil aceite de comino negro [m]
boiling oil aceite hirviendo [m]
camomile oil aceite de manzanilla [m]
fruit of cumbari, which, dried, ground or preserved in oil aribibi [m] BO
fruit of cumbari, which, dried, ground or preserved in oil cumbarí [m] PY AR
fruit of cumbari, which, dried, ground or preserved in oil uchu [m] AR:Nw
copaiba oil aceite de camíbar [m] HN NI
castor oil aceite de castor [m] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO PR CL PY AR
copaiba oil aceite de copaiba [m] VE
calaba oil aceite de maría [m] PR
aniseed oil aceite de santa maría [m] PR
used motor oil aceite quemado [m] DO EC
container for cooking oil aceitero [m] PY UY
oil applicator aceitero [m] GT PA DO EC BO CL PY UY
hair oil aceitillo [m] PE rare
bunker oil búnker (inglés) [m] HN NI
bunker oil búnquer [m] SV NI rare
copaiba oil aceite de camíbar [m] HN NI
a liquid composed of alcohol and laurel oil, used in barber shops as a hair cosmetic bairrún [m] CR
a piglet or lamb roasted in bell pepper and oil cancacho [m] PE
oil extracted from the nut of the cuesco palm tree cuesco [m] CO VE
snack made of flour and vegetable oil that looks like pork fat chicharrón [m] MX
bread made with cemita flour, oil, and pork rinds chipaco [m] AR:Nw
meal consisting of a cooked yucca dough cake, stuffed with minced meat or cheese, and fried in oil enyucado [m] CR
appetizer made with parboiled potato, pepper, tomato, chili pepper, oil, salt, and vinegar, among other ingredients, which is served in the picanterías spicy food stands and stimulates the consumption of chicha escribano [m] PE:S
oil gas [m] CO
food consisting of stewing cornmeal and salt in oil or lard funche [m] CU DO VE
vehicle used to transport passengers, travel on rails and use gasoline or oil as fuel gascar (inglés gascar) [m] CU disused
oil pan grasero [m] EC rare
oil extracted from the trunk of the copaiba tree that has medicinal properties copaibo [m] PE BO
unrefined oil crudo [m] EC
an oil baron un magnate del petróleo [m]
homemade soap made of tallow or vegetable oil, and lye, or ash jabón de pelota [m] HN
homemade soap made of tallow or vegetable oil, and lye, or ash jabón pasadero [m] HN
homemade soap made of tallow or vegetable oil, and lye, or ash jabón de chibola [m] HN
soap made from the vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of certain plants jabón vegetal [m] HN
aroma oil aceite de aroma [m]
aroma oil aceite con fragancia [m]
appetizer made with parboiled potato, rocoto, tomato, chili pepper, oil, salt, and vinegar jayari [m] PE:S disused
oil lamp lamparín [m] CL:S
chopped sirloin fried with potatoes, onion, tomato, oil, and spices lomo saltado [m] PE
snake-oil salesman merolico [m] MX GT HN
snake-oil salesman meroliquero [m] HN
oil lamp mechero [m] NI CU DO PR CO BO
oil lamp mecho [m] BO:E
snake-oil salesperson merolico [m] MX GT HN
snake-oil salesperson meroliquero [m] HN
palm oil ojón [m] HN NI
oil lamp mechuzo [m] VE:C rur.
castor oil palmacristi [m] CU
piece of gauze soaked in almond oil and cane syrup given to a baby to suck on and used for laxative effects paladeo [m] PE disused
snake oil salesman paspaco [m] BO
oil gland pius [m] CR rur.
oil platform plataformero [m] MX
oil rig plataformero [m] MX
pastry made of cornmeal, annato, ground beef, or mashed potatoes fried in oil pastel de chucho [m] SV
oil pipeline poliducto [m] MX GT HN CR EC BO
hash oil aceite de hachís [m]
oil lamp sol de noche [m] PY AR
massage oil untisal (de untisal®) [m] AR disused
massage oil untisal (de untisal®) [m] UY
oil gland titís [m] HN
snake oil salesperson accomplice tanguero [m] BO delinq.
oil barrel grill medio tanque [m] UY
oil tanker tanquero [m] HN DO PR VE EC CL
any oil of vegetable or mineral origin aceite [m]
snake oil salesman vendepomada [m/f] CL
snake oil salesperson vendepomadas [m/f] CL
snake oil saleswoman vendepomada [m/f] CL
cod liver oil aceite de hígado de bacalao
ordinary oil aceite corriente
soybean oil aceite de soja
palm oil aceite de palma
cotton-seed oil aceite de algodón
sunflower seed oil aceite de girasol
linseed oil aceite de linaza
olive-residue oil aceite de orujo
colza oil aceite de colza
linseed oil aceite de lino
absinthe oil aceite de ajenjo
essential oil aceite esencial
vegetable oil aceite vegetal
oil palm palma aceitera
oil rig plataforma petrolera
oil-drilling platform plataforma petrolera
oil truck camión cisterna
oil tanker camión cisterna
cod-liver oil aceite de hígado de bacalao
castor oil aceite de ricino
oil rig torre de perforación
oil filter filtro del aceite
olive oil aceite de oliva
oil field campo petrolífero
oil field yacimiento petrolífero
a splash of olive oil chorrito de aceite de oliva
codliver oil aceite de hígado de bacalao
oil slick marea negra
oil portrait retrato al óleo
painting in oil pintura al óleo
portrait in oil retrato al óleo
cold-pressed olive oil aceite de oliva prensado en frío
barrel of oil el barril de petróleo
oil worker obrero de petróleo
oil refinery worker obrero de refinería de petróleo
measure of liquid (olive oil) arróbela [f] rur. rare
small oil-can alcucilla [f]
oil-bottle/cruet alcuza [f]
oil cruetful alcuzada [f]
cake kneaded with oil aceitada [f]
oil spilled aceitada [f]
oil-jar aceitera [f]
oil cruet aceitera [f]
oil-horn aceitera [f]
oil-shop aceitería [f]
oil-mill almazara [f]
oil-depot almijara [f]
oil-tank almijara [f]
castor-oil plant cherva [f]
pond where the oil residue is sent (in oil-mills) balsa [f]
skin bag for oil/wine corambre [f]
oil receptacle for a lamp candileja [f]
jar for oil/wine belez [f] rur. rare
hempen pressing-bag in oil-mills capaza [f] rur. rare
earthen jar for skimming oil from water bomba [f]
round oil-receptacle of a lamp cebolla [f]
oil extracted from the testicles of oxen gordana [f]
oil-sump grasera [f]
lubricating oil grasa [f]
grooved stone of an oil-mill regaifa [f]
oil produced by an oil-mill at each pressing obradura [f]
pouring wine or oil on the ground libación [f]
abundant oil-crop oleada [f]
refuse of oil-extraction oleaza [f] rur. rare
juniper oil miera [f]
small measure of oil panilla [f]
copper basin used in oil-mills taceta [f]
olive-bin in oil mills truja [f]
sauce made with onion, oil and vinegar vinagreta [f]
cake kneaded with oil and honey toña [f] rur.
standard of the beam in the oil mills virgen [f]
daily meat ration given to the grinder in oil mills torcida [f] outdated AND
fabric painted in distemper or oil, like tapestry sarga [f]
runner (in oil-mills) volandera [f]
stone base in oil mills yusera [f]
oil jar zafra [f]
oil-seller aceitera [f]
oil-holding vessel aceitera [f]
rub with oil aceitar [v]
remove oil and grease (from wool) desaceitar [v]
oil wool that is to be carded enconrear [v]
scald with boiling oil lardar [v]
oil again reuntar [v]
scald with boiling oil lardear [v]
relating to oil aceitero [adj]
containing oil and wax ceromático [adj]
lacking oil desaceitado [adj]
mixture of garlic and oil ajiaceite [m]
sauce made of oil and garlic ajolio [m] ARA
blow with an oil-cruet/oilcan alcuzazo [m]
large oil-can alcuzón [m]
thick oil aceitazo [m]
oil-seller aceitero [m]
oil-holding vessel aceitero [m]
very light oil aceitillo [m]
thick oil aceitón [m]
lubricating olive-oil aceitón [m]
master beam of an oil-mill alfargo [m]
lower stone of an oil-mill alfarje [m]
place in oil-mills for receiving olives algorín [m]
workman in oil-mills who passes the olives under the millstones atizador [m]
sauce of garlic and oil alioli [m]
oil-miller almazarero [m]
oil of turpentine aguarrás [m]
place in oil-mills where the bruised olives are heaped alquerque [m]
oil and wax ointment cerato [m]
oil-measure, containing 2-8 fl. oz cachucho [m]
ointment of oil and wax ceroto [m]
someone who washes the olive pits in an oil-mill cagarrache [m]
well/tank for oil sediment chivo [m]
oil-cake bagazo [m]
stay which supports the beam of an oil-mill calamón [m]
train-oil esperma de ballena [m]
kitchen/stable oil-lamp candil [m]
jar for oil/wine belezo [m] rur. rare
tree producing medicinal oil canime [m] CO PE
hempen pressing-bag in oil-mills capacho [m]
castor oil carapato [m]
board lining of the oil-reservoir bolsón [m]
number of baskets filled with crushed olives and piled one on the other and put in the oil-press cargo [m]
castor-oil plant crotón [m] BO
oil measure of about 7 pints cuartán [m]
maker or vendor of leather bags and bottles for wine/oil botero [m]
small skin for wine/oil boto [m]
collar of a beam in oil mills cuello [m]
goat-skin receptacle for wine/oil cuero [m]
provision of oil, salt and vinegar given to shepherds cundido [m]
cajuput oil cayeputi [m]
base of the cedar oil cedreno [m]
oil of cedar cedreleón [m]
essential oil of cedar cedróleo [m]
tank in oil-mills infierno [m]
dipper for oil escullador [m]
andalusian dish made of bread, oil, vinegar, onions and garlic gazpacho [m]
oil of myrrh estacte [m]
board to equalize pressure in oil mills marrano [m]
oil beetle matahombres [m]
lever in oil-mills mayal [m]
oil-beetle meloe [m]
drop of oil or grease ojo [m]
holy oil óleo [m]
oil olio [m]
oil extracted from green olives aceite onfacino [m]
vessel sunk in the ground in oil mills pocillo [m]
andalusian soup made with olive oil maimón [m]
vessel sunk in the ground to collect oil pozuelo [m]
stone in oil-mills rulo [m]
counterpoise (in oil-mills) ventril [m]
sardine fat used as lamp-oil saín [m]
oil mill trujal [m]
oil-press trujal [m]
drying oil secante [m]
toasted bread in oil sopetón [m]
oil-lamp velón [m]
daily meat ration given to the grinder in oil mills torcido [m] outdated AND
maker or seller of tin oil-bottles, cruets alcucero [m/f]
wine, oil and all juices extracted from fruits caldos [m/pl]
andalusian soup made with olive oil maimones [m/pl]
a kind of soup made of garlic, oil, chillies, vinegar and salt cachorreñas [f/pl]
upright guides in oil-mills, mine-lifts guiaderas [f/pl]
relating to oil aceitera [adj/f]
containing oil and wax ceromática [adj/f]
lacking oil desaceitada [adj/f]
salad oil mayonesa [f]
oil-cake torta de linaza [f]
oil-beetle carraleja [f]
oil-cake torta de borujo [f]
oil-painting pintura al óleo [f]
oil-stove estufa de aceite [f]
holy oil crisma [f]
burn the midnight oil quemarse las cejas [v] fig.
oil lubrificar [v]
strike oil encontrar buena suerte de súbito [v]
oil olear [v]
oil ungir [v]
oil hacer suave y agradable [v]
oil colour color al óleo [m]
almond-oil aceite de almendras [m]
castor-oil aceite de ricino [m]
codliver-oil aceite de hígado de bacalao [m]
salad oil aceite para ensaladas [m]
palm oil aceite del senegal [m]
lubricating oil aceite lubricante [m]
nut-oil aceite de nueces [m]
sweet oil aceite de oliva [m]
spermaceti-oil aceite de esperma [m]
sperm-oil aceite de esperma [m]
shale oil aceite de esquistos [m]
rock-oil petróleo [m]
salad-oil aceite para ensaladas [m]
train-oil aceite de ballena [m]
oil barrel caneca [f] CO
series of oil outcroppings cerrillada [f] UY
olive oil aceite [m]
oil lamp candil [m] disused
large oil lamp candilón [m] rare