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Significados de "pendejear" en diccionario inglés español : 18 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
pendejear [v] HN SV BO UY not do anything worthwhile
pendejear [v] SV PA CO be idle
pendejear [v] HN SV BO UY waste time
pendejear [v] SV PR talk too much
pendejear [v] PE scheme and trick in one's own interest
pendejear [v] SV PA CO lounge
pendejear [v] SV PA CO waste time
pendejear [v] SV PA CO laze
pendejear [v] MX call someone incapable
pendejear [v] HN NI PR UY MX CO VE EC BO say nonsense
pendejear [v] MX reprimand
pendejear [v] PE have sex or flirt with someone who is not one's partner using tricks
pendejear [v] MX tell someone off
pendejear [v] HN NI PR UY MX CO VE EC BO do things without reason
pendejear [v] derog. fool around
pendejear [v] derog. procrastinate
pendejear [v] derog. fritter aimlessly
pendejear [v] MX play the fool