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Meanings of "assistant" in German English Dictionary : 36 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
assistant beistehend [adj]
assistant hilfreich [adj]
assistant helfend [adj]
assistant behilflich [adj]
assistant stellvertretend [adj]
assistant assistierend [adj]
assistant Hilfs- [adj]
assistant Assistentin [f]
assistant Mitarbeiterin [f]
assistant Hilfskraft [f]
assistant Assistent [m]
assistant Mitarbeiter [m]
assistant Geselle [m]
assistant Helfer [m]
assistant Gehilfe [m]
assistant Adjunkt [m]
assistant stellvertretend [adj]
assistant helfend [adj]
assistant behilflich [adj]
assistant hilfreich [adj]
assistant Gehilfe [m]
assistant Assistent [m]
assistant Gehilfe
EU Terms
assistant Assistent [m]
assistant Assistentin [f]
assistant Stellvertreter [m]
assistant Assistent [m]
assistant Sachbearbeiter [m]
assistant Referent [m]
assistant Assistent
assistant Assistentin [f]
assistant Assistent [m]
assistant Gehilfin [f]
assistant Grabungshelfer [m]
assistant Gehilfe [m]
assistant Geselle [m]

Meanings of "assistant" in English German Dictionary : 376 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
sales assistant Verkäuferin [f]
shop assistant Verkäuferin [f]
nursery assistant Kindergartenhelferin [f]
student assistant studentische Hilfskraft [f]
research assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft [f]
temporary assistant Aushilfskraft [f]
sexual assistant Sexualbegleiterin [f]
pharmacy assistant Pharma-Assistentin [f]
clerical assistant Bürogehilfin [f]
assistant (asst.) Assistentin [f]
work assistant Arbeitsassistentin [f]
specialized shop assistant Fachverkäuferin [f]
tutorial assistant Hilfsassistentin [f]
sexual assistant Sexualassistentin [f]
management assistant in event organisation Veranstaltungskauffrau [f]
personal assistant Chefsekretärin [f]
shop assistant Verkaufsberaterin (im Geschäft) [f]
physician assistant Arzthelferin [f]
actor's assistant Schauspielerassistentin [f]
assistant master Assistentin [f]
assistant specialist Hilfsfachkraft [f]
assistant inspector Hilfskommissarin [f]
assistant to a professor Professorassistentin [f]
assistant to the head Assistentin des Leiters [f]
assistant to the head Assistentin der Leiterin [f]
care assistant Pflegerin [f]
chief assistant Chefassistentin [f]
chief assistant erste Assistentin [f]
deli assistant Angestellte in einem Feinkostladen [f]
deli assistant Angestellte in einem Delikattessenladen [f]
shop assistant Verkäufer [m]
consulting room assistant Arzthelfer [m]
personal digital assistant (PDA) Minicomputer [m]
pharmacy assistant Pharma-Assistent [m]
notary's assistant Notaritatsgehilfe [m]
hangman's assistant Henkersknecht [m]
first-aid assistant for horses Pferdesamariter [m]
executioner's assistant Henkersknecht [m]
clerical assistant Bürogehilfe [m]
assistant suffix Mitarbeitersuffix [m]
assistant (asst.) Assistent (Ass.) [m]
work assistant Arbeitsassistent [m]
specialized shop assistant Fachverkäufer [m]
tutorial assistant Hilfsassistent [m]
personal digital assistant Minicomputer [m]
laboratory assistant Laborant [m]
assistant lecturer Assistenzprofessor [m]
biological technical assistant biologisch-technischer Assistent [m]
air traffic management assistant Luftverkehrskaufmann [m]
Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary Ministerialrat [m]
confidential assistant persönlicher Assistent [m]
management assistant in event organisation Veranstaltungskaufmann [m]
assistant priest Hilfspriester [m]
teaching assistant wissenschaftlicher Assistent [m]
lab assistant Laborant [m]
personal assistant persönlicher Assistent [m]
medical technical assistant medizinisch-technischer Assitent [m]
paralegal assistant Rechtsassistent [m]
assistant coach Assistenztrainer [m]
legal assistant Kanzleiassistent [m]
assistant professor Dozent [m]
assistant plumber Klempnergeselle [m]
assistant foreman Vorarbeiter [m]
nursery assistant Kindergartenhelfer [m]
legal assistant Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellter [m]
personal digital assistant Organizer [m]
assistant professor Privatdozent [m]
laboratory assistant Laborassistent [m]
personal assistant persönlicher Referent [m]
assistant (asst.) Mitarbeiter [m]
shop assistant Verkaufsberater [m]
sales assistant Verkaufsassistent [m]
assistant professor Lehrbeauftragter [m]
sales assistant Verkäufer [m]
assistant professor Assistenz-Professor [m]
sales assistant Verkäuferin [m]
physician assistant Arzthelfer [m]
physician assistant Notarzthelfer [m]
actor's assistant Schauspielerassistent [m]
assistant cameraman Hilfskameramann [m]
assistant master Assistent [m]
assistant to a professor Professorassistent [m]
assistant inspector Hilfskommissar [m]
assistant inspector Hilfsinspektor [m]
assistant to the head Assistent der Leiterin [m]
assistant to the head Assistent des Leiters [m]
care assistant Pfleger [m]
chief assistant Chefassistent [m]
chief assistant erster Assistent [m]
deli assistant Angestellter in einem Feinkostladen [m]
deli assistant Angestellter in einem Delikattessenladen [m]
be called as/qualify as/be promoted to a professor/an associate or assistant professor/college lecturer habilitieren [v]
posts/jobs as assistant Assistentenstellen [pl]
research assistant wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
shop assistant Verkäufer
shop assistant Ladenangestellter
research assistant wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
research assistant Hiwi
personal assistant persönliche Assistentin
personal assistant persönlicher Assistent
assistant (asst.) Assi [m]
shop assistant Verkäuferin [f]
(retail) sales assistant Verkäuferin [f]
sales assistant Vertriebsassistentin [f]
(retail) sales assistant Verkaufsberaterin (im Geschäft) [f]
sales assistant Verkäuferin [f]
manager's assistant Direktionsassistent [m]
laboratory assistant Laborassistent [m]
clerical assistant Bürogehilfe [m]
bank assistant Bankangestellter [m]
clerical assistant Büroangestellter [m]
assistant operator Bedienungshelfer [m]
(retail) sales assistant Verkäufer [m]
assistant to top management Direktionsassistent [m]
assistant to works manager Betriebsassistent [m]
sales assistant Vertriebsassistent [m]
sales assistant Verkaufshelfer [m]
(retail) sales assistant Verkaufsberater [m]
shop assistant Verkäufer [m]
sales assistant Verkäufer [m]
Personal Assistant Chefsekretärin [n]
assistant to the vice-president Assistent des Vizepräsidenten
assistant general manager stellvertretender Generaldirektor
personal assistant persönlicher Assistent
clerical assistant Bürogehilfe
Personal Assistant persönliche Assistentin
bank assistant Bankangestellte [f]
bank assistant Bankmitarbeiterin [f]
bank assistant Bankangestellter [m]
bank assistant Bankmitarbeiter [m]
bank assistant Banker [m]
bank assistant Bankfachmann [m]
clerical assistant Büroangestellter [m]
clerical assistant Büroangestellter
assistant operator Bedienungshelfer [m]
student assistant Studentischer Mitarbeiter
student assistant Studentische Mitarbeiterin
assistant executioner Scharfrichtergehilfe [m]
assistant prosector Prosekturgehilfe [m]
legal assistant Rechtsanwaltsgehilfe [m]
Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary Ministerialrätin [f]
Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary Ministerialrat [m]
election assistant Wahlhelfer [m]
assistant secretary of state stellvertretender Außenminister [m]
Deputy Assistant Under-Secretaries Ministerialräte [pl]
hill start assistant Anfahrassistent
post/job as assistant Assistentenstelle [f]
administrative assistant Verwaltungsassistentin [f]
administrative assistant Verwaltungsassistent [m]
assistant secretary Assistenzsekretär [m]
posts/jobs as assistant Assistentenstellen [pl]
scientific assistant wissenschaftlicher Assistent [m]
scientific assistant wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter [m]
junior assistant Betriebsassistent [m]
staff assistant Referent [m]
assistant to Referent [m]
laboratory assistant Chemielaborant
chemistry laboratory assistant Chemielaborantin [f]
chemical laboratory assistant Chemielaborant [m]
chemistry laboratory assistant Chemielaborant [m]
chemistry assistant chemischer Assistent
administrative assistant Sekretärin [f]
industrial business management assistant Industriekauffrau [f]
academic assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft [f]
assistant professor Lektor [m]
assistant professor Lehrbeauftragter [m]
administrative assistant Sekretär [m]
teaching assistant Lehrassistent [m]
project assistant Projektassistent [m]
student teaching assistant Tutor [m]
assistant-professor Lehrbeauftragter [m]
assistant professor Dozent [m]
scientific assistant wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter [m]
assistant teacher Hilfslehrer [m]
assistant teacher Assistenzlehrer [m]
be called as/qualify as/be promoted to a professor/an associate or assistant professor/college lecturer habilitieren [v]
graduate assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft
postdoctoral research assistant promovierter wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
research assistant wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
research assistant wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
student assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft
assistant-professor Lehrbeauftragter
academic assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft
student assistant studentischer Mitarbeiter
personal assistant Assistent der Geschäftsführung
student assistant/aide Studentische Hilfskraft
Student assistant/aide Studentischer Mitarbeiter
student research assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft
student assistant studentische Hilfskraft
assistant cashier Kassenhilfe [f]
assistant chemist Chemielaborantin [f]
assistant director Regieassistentin [f]
assistant lecturer Assistenz-Professorin [f]
assistant merchandiser Einkaufsassistentin [f]
assistant merchandizer Einkaufsassistentin [f]
assistant professor Assistenz-Professorin [f]
air traffic management assistant Luftverkehrskauffrau [f]
assistant secretary Assitenzsekretärin [f]
assistant doctor Assistenzärztin [f]
assistant auditor Prüfassistent [m]
assistant chemist Chemielaborant [m]
assistant director Regieassistent [m]
assistant doctor Assistentsarzt [m]
assistant examiner Hilfsprüfer [m]
assistant foreman Vorarbeiter [m]
assistant lecturer Assistenz-Professor [m]
assistant medical director Oberarzt [m]
assistant merchandiser Einkaufsassistent [m]
assistant merchandizer Einkaufsassistent [m]
assistant priest Hilfspriester [m]
assistant professor Assistenz-Professor [m]
assistant professor Juniorprofessor [Dt.] [m]
carpenter's assistant Zimmermannsgehilfe [m]
finance assistant Finanzassistent [m]
childcare assistant Kinderpfleger [m]
customer service assistant Mitarbeiter im Kundenservice [m]
assistant sales manager stellvertretender Verkaufsleiter [m]
sales assistant Verkaufsberater [m]
baker's assistant Bäckergehilfe [m]
assistant doctor Assistenzarzt [m]
assistant professor Juniorprofessor [m]
assistant professor Universitätsassistent [Ös.] [n]
assistant professor Universitätsassistent [n]
assistant auditors Prüfassistenten [pl]
assistant chemists Chemielaboranten [pl]
assistant directors Regieassistenten [pl]
assistant doctors Assistentsärzte [pl]
assistant examiners Hilfsprüfer [pl]
assistant lecturers Assistenz-Professoren [pl]
assistant medical directors Oberärzte [pl]
assistant merchandisers Einkaufsassistenten [pl]
assistant merchandizers Einkaufsassistenten [pl]
assistant priests Hilfspriester [pl]
assistant professors Assistenz-Professoren [pl]
assistant professors Juniorprofessoren [pl]
assistant chemists Chemielaborantinnen [pl]
assistant directors Regieassistentinnen [pl]
assistant doctors Assistenzärzte [pl]
assistant lecturers Assistenz-Professorinnen [pl]
assistant merchandisers Einkaufsassistentinnen [pl]
assistant merchandizers Einkaufsassistentinnen [pl]
assistant professors Assistenz-Professorinnen [pl]
assistant professors Universitätsassistenten [pl]
assistant general manager stellvertretender Generaldirektor
assistant mayor stellvertretender Bürgermeister
assistant to the vice-president Assistent des Vizepräsidenten
Assistant State's Attorney stellvertretender Staatsanwalt
Management Assistant in Informatics Informatikkaufmann [m]
Bank Business Management Assistant Bankkaufmann [m]
Management Assistant in Publishing Verlagskaufmann [m]
Management Assistant in Advertising Werbekaufmann [m]
Air Traffic Management Assistant Luftverkehrskaufmann [m]
Automobile Sales Management Assistant Automobilkaufmann [m]
Management Assistant in Event Organisation Veranstaltungskaufmann [m]
Industrial Business Management Assistant Industriekaufmann [m]
Management Assistant in Freight Forwarding Speditionskaufmann [m]
Office Management Assistant Bürokaufmann [m]
Management Assistant in Hotel and Hospitality Hotelkaufmann [m]
Insurance Business Management Assistant Versicherungskaufmann [m]
Travel Management Assistant Reiseverkehrskaufmann [n]
Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Kaufmann im Groß und Außenhandel
Management Assistant in Real Estate Kaufmann in der Grundstücks- und Wohnungswirtschaft
Management Assistant in IT-Systems IT-System-Kaufmann
Management Assistant in Sports and Fitness Sport- und Fitnesskaufmann
Management Assistant in Warehousing and Logistics Fachkraft für Lagerwirtschaft
Management Assistant in Traffic Services Kaufmann für Verkehrsservice
Health Care Management Assistant Kaufmann im Gesundheitswesen
Management Assistant in Retail Business Kaufmann im Einzelhandel
Management Assistant in Audio/Visual Media Kaufmann für audiovisuelle Medien
Management Assistant in Office Communication Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation
assistant teacher Schulgehilfe [m]
doctor's assistant Arzthelferin [f]
medical technical assistant medizinisch-technische Assistentin [f]
doctor's assistant Praxisassistentin [Schw.] [f]
doctor's assistant Praxisassistentin [f]
doctor's assistant Arzthelfer [m]
care assistant for the elderly Altenpfleger [m]
doctor's assistant Feldscher [m]
assistant physician Assistenzarzt [m]
assistant doctor Assistenzarzt [m]
assistant medical director Oberarzt [m]
doctor's assistant Arztgehilfe [Schw.] [m]
doctor's assistant Praxisassistent [m]
doctor's assistant Arztgehilfe [m]
management assistant for healthcare Management im Gesundheitswesen [n]
health care assistant Assistent im Gesundheitswesen
medical-laboratory assistant medizinisch-technische Assistentin (MTA)
surgical assistant Operationstechnische (r) Assistent (in)
dental assistant Zahnarzthelferin [f]
leer assistant Kühlofenhelfer [m]
lehr assistant Kühlofenhelfer [m]
brake assistant Bremsassistent [m]
braking assistant Bremsassistent [m]
roadside assistant Pannenhelfer [m]
assistant manager Handlungsbevollmächtigter [m]
assistant driver Beimann [m]
personal digital assistant PDA
personal digital assistant (pda) persönlicher digitaler Assistent (PDA)
cook's assistant Hilfskoch [m]
cooking assistant Kochgehilfe [m]
assistant instructor Assistenztrainer [m]
assistant coach Co-Trainer [m]
assistant coach/manager Trainerassistent [m]
assistant desk officer Sachbearbeiter [m]
Assistant Head of Section Referent [m]
dental assistant zahnmedizinischer Assistent
academic assistant wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft
assistant makeup artist Maskenassistenz [f]
assistant cinematographer Kameraassistenz [f]
assistant editor Schnittassistenz [f]
assistant make-up artist Maskenassistenz [f]
assistant costume designer Kostümbildassistenz [f]
costume assistant Kostümassistenz [f]
assistant camera Kameraassistenz [f]
post-production assistant Endfertigungsassistenz [f]
production assistant Produktionsassistenz [f]
assistant editor Schnittassistent [m]
production assistant Produktionsassistent [m]
art department assistant Filmarchitektassistent [m]
assistant producer Regieassistent [m]
first assistant director erster Regieassistent
personal assistant to ... persönlicher Assistent von ...
assistant art director assistierender Filmarchitekt
assistant camera operator ausführender Kameraassistent
art department assistant künstlerischer Assistent
second assistant director zweiter Regieassistent
air traffic management assistant Luftverkehrskauffrau [f]
automotive management assistant Automobilkauffrau [f]
real estate management assistant Immobilienkauffrau [f]
industrial management assistant Industriekauffrau [f]
it management assistant Informatikkauffrau [f]
investment fund management assistant Investmentfondskauffrau [f]
service management assistant for air travel Servicekauffrau im Luftverkehr [f]
shipping management assistant Schifffahrtskauffrau [f]
management assistant for personnel services Personaldienstleistungskauffrau [f]
event management assistant Veranstaltungskauffrau [f]
management assistant for railway and road transport Kauffrau im Eisenbahn- und Straßenverkehr [f]
management assistant for the hotel industry Hotelkauffrau [f]
management assistant for tourism Reiseverkehrskauffrau [f]
skilled administrative assistant Verwaltungsfachangestellte [f]
chemical laboratory assistant Chemielaborjungwerkerin [f]
works assistant Werkgehilfin [f]
air traffic management assistant Luftverkehrskaufmann [m]
automotive management assistant Automobilkaufmann [m]
real estate management assistant Immobilienkaufmann [m]
industrial management assistant Industriekaufmann [m]
investment fund management assistant Investmentfondskaufmann [m]
it management assistant Informatikkaufmann [m]
service management assistant for air travel Servicekaufmann im Luftverkehr [m]
event management assistant Veranstaltungskaufmann [m]
shipping management assistant Schifffahrtskaufmann [m]
management assistant for personnel services Personaldienstleistungskaufmann [m]
management assistant for railway and road transport Kaufmann im Eisenbahn- und Straßenverkehr [m]
management assistant for the hotel industry Hotelkaufmann [m]
skilled administrative assistant Verwaltungsfachangestellter [m]
management assistant for tourism Reiseverkehrskaufmann [m]
chemical laboratory assistant Chemielaborjungwerker [m]
works assistant Werkgehilfe [m]
retail management assistant Kaufmann /Kauffrau im Einzelhandel
management assistant for healthcare Kaufmann im Gesundheitswesen
management assistant for healthcare Kauffrau im Gesundheitswesen
assistant editor Redaktionsassistent [m]
secretarial assistant Schreibkraft [f]
lab assistant Laborassistentin [f]
laboratory assistant Laborantin [f]
chemical lab assistant Chemielaborant [m]
technical lab assistant Laborassistent [m]
technical lab assistant Laborant [m]
lab assistant Laborassistent [m]
laboratory assistant Laborassistent [m]
lab assistant Laborant [m]
laboratory assistant Laborant [m]
technical lab assistant technischer Assistent
technical lab assistant technische Assistent
audiology assistant Audiologieassistent
audiology assistant Audiologie-Assistent