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Meanings of "deceived" in German English Dictionary : 14 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
deceived getäuscht [adj]
deceived betrogen [adj]
deceived betrog
deceived betrogen
deceived getäuscht
deceived täuschte
deceived hinweggetäuscht
deceived beschwindelte
deceived getrogen
deceived trügte
deceived beschwindelt
deceived verleitet
deceived trog
deceived verleitete

Meanings of "deceived" in English German Dictionary : 13 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
deceived husband hintergangener Ehemann [m]
deceived husband hintergangener Ehegatte [m]
be deceived by something von etwas getäuscht werden [v]
be deceived (in) sich täuschen lassen [v]
to be deceived in sich täuschen lassen [v]
be deceived (in) sich irren (in) [v]
be deceived getäuscht werden [v]
be deceived betrogen werden [v]
be deceived hereingelegt werden [v]
be deceived hintergangen werden [v]
be deceived getrogen werden [v]
be deceived beschwindelt werden [v]
Don't be deceived. Man lasse sich nicht täuschen.