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Meanings of "elend" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 48 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
elend [adj] calamitous
elend [adj] abject
elend [adj] wretched
elend [adj] lousy
elend [adj] (really) awful
elend [adj] (really) wretched
elend [adj] sordid
elend [adj] rotten
elend [adj] scummy
elend [adj] pitiable
elend [adj] caitiff
elend [adj] woeful
elend [adj] forlorn
elend [adj] seedy
elend [adj] mean
elend [adj] miserable
elend [adj] cruddy
elend [adj] epicedial
elend [adv] calamitously
elend [adv] woefully
elend [adv] wretchedly
elend [adv] miserably
Elend [f] destitution
Elend [n] calamity
Elend [n] woefulness
Elend [n] wretchedness
Elend [n] calamitousness
Elend [n] hardship
Elend [n] adversity
Elend [n] forlornness
Elend [n] bale
Elend [n] plight
Elend [n] sorrowfulness
Elend [n] squalor
Elend [n] squalidness
Elend [n] unhappiness
Elend [n] distress
Elend [n] misery
Elend [n] need
Elend [n] deplorableness
Elend penury
Elend calamity
Elend coal famine
Elend balefulness
Elend sadness
elend as common as an old shoe
elend as common as dirt
elend as mean as cat's piss

Meanings of "elend" in English German Dictionary : 25 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
äußerstes Elend [n] abject misery
tiefstes Elend [n] abject misery
elend aussehen [v] look seedy
im Elend sterben [v] die like a dog
sich elend fühlen [v] feel grim
sich elend fühlen [v] feel miserable
jemanden dem Elend preisgeben [v] abandon someone to poverty
sich elend fühlen [v] feel low
sich elend fühlen [v] be low
elend zumute sein [v] be as sick as a dog
sich elend fühlen [v] be low
sehr elend sein [v] be very miserable
ins Elend geraten [v] become destitute
elend werden [v] become miserable
tiefstes Elend abject misery
wie ein Häufchen Unglück (Elend) the picture of misery
elend machen desolate
elend aussehen to look seedy
aussehen wie ein Häufchen Elend look like a picture of misery
elend sein be off-color
elend sein be off-colour
Es ist schon ein Elend mit ihm it's no end of trouble with him
Es ist schon ein Elend mit ihm. It's no end of trouble with him.
ein Leben im Elend a living death
Es ist schon ein Elend mit ihm. It's