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Meanings of "executive" in German English Dictionary : 30 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
executive ausführend [adj]
executive geschäftsführend [adj]
executive exekutiv [adj]
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Vorstand (einer Partei) [m]
executive Vorstand [m]
executive leitender Angestellter
executive Manager
executive Führungskraft
executive verwaltend [adj]
executive ausübend [adj]
executive leitend [adj]
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Exekutive [f]
executive leitende Angestellte [m/f]
executive leitender Angestellter
executive Führungskraft [f]
EU Terms
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Leiter [m]
executive Manager/Verantwortlicher [m]
executive Manager [m]
executive Verantwortlicher [m]
executive geschäftsführende [adj]
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Supervisor [m]
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Exekutive [f]
executive Führungskraft [f]
executive Exekutive [f]
executive vollziehende Gewalt

Meanings of "executive" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 298 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
field executive Außenstellenleiterin [f]
executive position Kaderposition [Schw.] [f]
executive burnout Managerkrankheit [f]
executive officers Unternehmensleitung [f]
executive officers Geschäftsleitung [f]
executive authority Exekutive [f]
executive housekeeper erste Hausdame [f]
executive session Geheimsitzung [f]
executive-level Führungsebene [f]
executive ability Führungsqualität [f]
top executive Spitzenkraft [f]
executive floor Chefetage [f]
executive ability Führungsfähigkeit [f]
administrative/executive supervisor or chief Verwaltungschefin [f]
administrative/executive supervisor or chief Verwaltungsleiterin [f]
administrative/executive supervisor or chief administrative Führung [f]
chief executive of company Generaldirektorin des Unternehmens [f]
chief executive of company Konzernchefin [f]
company executive Geschäftsführerin [f]
corporate communication executive Führungskraft für Unternehmenskommunikation [f]
digital executive Leiterin für digitale Veröffentlichung [f]
executive (exec) Führungskraft [f]
executive (exec) Leiterin [f]
executive (exec) leitende Angestellte [f]
executive assistant Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung [f]
executive assistant Vorstandsassistentin [f]
executive assistant Chefassistentin [f]
executive decision geschäftsführerische Entscheidung [f]
executive decision exekutive Entscheidung [f]
executive decision Managemententscheidung [f]
executive editor Chefredakteurin [f]
executive editor Chefredaktorin [f]
executive editor geschäftsführende Redakteurin [f]
executive editor verantwortliche Redakteurin [f]
executive of company Führungskraft des Unternehmens [f]
executive vice president (evp) stellvertretende Generaldirektorin [f]
executive vice president (evp) stellvertretende Vorstandsvorsitzende [f]
field executive Außenstellenleiter [m]
executive sous-chef stellvertretender Küchendirektor [m]
executive chef Küchendirektor [m]
business executive Geschäftsführer [m]
executive management team Leitungsstab [m]
executive producer leitender Produzent [m]
executive briefcase Diplomatenkoffer [m]
chief executive Regierungschef [m]
commercial executive Kaufmann [m]
executive committee Vorstand [m]
executive committee Exekutivausschuss [m]
executive officer Verwaltungsbeamter [m]
top executive Topmanager [m]
top executive leitender Angestellter [m]
executive secretary Geschäftsführer [m]
chief executive Geschäftsführer [m]
chief executive officer Leiter der Stadtverwaltung [m]
chief executive leitender Angestellter [m]
chief executive Generaldirektor [m]
advertising executive Werbemanager [m]
advertising executive Werbefachmann [m]
advertising executive Werbeexperte [m]
administrative/executive supervisor or chief Verwaltungsleiter [m]
administrative/executive supervisor or chief Verwaltungschef [m]
chief executive of company Generaldirektor des Unternehmens [m]
chief executive of company Konzernchef [m]
communication executive Kommunikationsmanager [m]
company executive Geschäftsführer [m]
digital executive Leiter für digitale Veröffentlichung [m]
executive (exec) Leiter [m]
executive (exec) Vorstand [m]
executive (exec) leitender Angestellter [m]
executive (exec) Manager [m]
executive air charter leitender Luftcharter [m]
executive assistant Assistent der Geschäftsleitung [m]
executive assistant Vorstandsassistent [m]
executive assistant Chefassistent [m]
executive editor Chefredakteur [m]
executive editor Chefredaktor [m]
executive editor geschäftsführender Redakteur [m]
executive editor verantwortlicher Redakteur [m]
executive vice president (evp) stellvertretender Generaldirektor [m]
executive vice president (evp) stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender [m]
input/output executive Ein-/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
input/output executive Eingabe/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
executive ball clicker Kugelpendel [n]
executive ball clicker Newton-Pendel [n]
executive ball clicker Kugelstoßpendel [n]
executive toy Managerspielzeug [n]
executive coaching Führungskräftecoaching [n]
executive organ ausführendes Organ [n]
executive organ Exekutivorgan [n]
executive plane Vorstandsflugzeug [n]
executive program Programm für Führungskräfte [n]
work in an executive position in leitender Funktion tätig sein [v]
executive briefcases Diplomatenkoffer [pl]
executive chefs Küchendirektoren [pl]
executive support teams Stabsstellen [pl]
executive staff leitende Angestellte [pl]
executive advisory bodies geschäftsführende Beratungsgremien [pl]
executive departments leitende Abteilungen [pl]
executive employee Leitender Angestellter
executive position leitende Stellung
record industry executive Manager in der Musikbranche
executive jet Privatjet
executive position leitende Position
account executive Kundenberater
executive duties Führungsaufgaben [f]
executive hierarchy Leitungspyramide [f]
executive personnel Führungskräfte [f]
executive suite Chefetage [f]
executive position Führungsposition [f]
executive authority Exekutive [f]
executive officers Geschäftsleitung [f]
executive office(s) Geschäftsleitung [f]
executive officers Geschäftsführung [f]
executive office(s) Geschäftsleitung (Ort) [f]
executive search Direktansprache [f]
executive support unit Stabsstelle [f]
executive search Direktsuche [f]
executive support team Stabsstelle [f]
office executive Bürokauffrau [f]
chief executive Vorstandsvorsitzende [m/f]
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vorstandsvorsitzende [m/f]
executive stress Führungsstress [m]
executive committee Leitungsausschuss [m]
executive secretary Geschäftsführer [m]
executive staff Führungsstab [m]
chief executive officer Firmenchef [m]
chief executive officer Vorstandschef [m]
chief executive Chef [m]
board of (executive) directors Vorstand (einer Firma) [m]
chief executive Generaldirektor [m]
Chief Executive Director Geschäftsführer [m]
office executive Bürokaufmann [m]
staff executive Personalleiter [m]
chief executive Vorstandschef [m]
account executive Kundenbetreuer [m]
chief executive Firmenchef [m]
field executive Außenstellenleiter [m]
account executive Kundenkontobetreuer [m]
executive desk Chefschreibtisch [m]
product executive Produktmanager [m]
chief executive Vorstandssprecher [m]
Chief Executive Officer Vorstandsvorsitzender [n]
Chief Executive Officer Geschäftsführer [n]
executive officers Management [n]
non-executive director Verwaltungsratsmitglied [Schw.] [n]
non-executive director Aufsichtsratsmitglied [n]
chief executive officers Vorstandsvorsitzenden [pl]
Chief Executive Directors Geschäftsführer [pl]
executive personnel Führungskräfte [pl]
non-executive directors Verwaltungsratsmitglieder [pl]
non-executive directors Aufsichtsratsmitglieder [pl]
executive authority vollziehende Gewalt
executive director verantwortlicher Direktor
executive position leitende Stellung
executive officer Sachbearbeiter des gehobenen Dienstes
executive compensation Vergütung für leitende Angestellte
chief executive leitender Angestellter
top executive leitender Angestellter
account executive Kundenkontobetreuer
chief executive officers Vorstandsvorsitzende
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vorstandsvorsitzender
non-executive director Mitglied {n} des Aufsichtsrats/Verwaltungsrats
non-executive directors Mitglieder {pl} des Aufsichtsrats/Verwaltungsrats
deputy chief executive officer stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender [m]
executive level Unternehmensspitze [f]
executive floor Vorstandsetage [f]
executive spokesman Vorstandssprecher [m]
business executive Unternehmensleiter [m]
business executive Geschäftsmann/Geschäftsfrau [m/f]
ceo (central executive officer) Manager [m]
account executive Kundenkontobetreuer [m]
account executive Kundenkontobetreuer in Werbeagentur
account executive Kundenbetreuer der Werbeagentur
field executive Außenstellenleiter [m]
executive employee leitender Angestellter
executive officer Sachbearbeiter des gehobenen Dienstes
executive authority Exekutivgewalt [f]
executive authority vollziehende Gewalt [f]
executive authority Exekutive [f]
executive power Exekutive [f]
executive power vollziehende Gewalt [f]
executive power Exekutivgewalt [f]
the executive (one of the three governmental powers) die Exekutive [f]
the executive (one of the three governmental powers) die exekutive Gewalt [f]
the executive power die Exekutive [f]
the executive (one of the three governmental powers) die vollziehende Gewalt [f]
the executive power die exekutive Gewalt [f]
the executive power die vollziehende Gewalt [f]
plural executive Mehrpersonenexekutive [f]
executive council Vorstand (einer Partei) [m]
executive council Vorstand [m]
party executive Parteivorstand [m]
executive council Exekutivrat [m]
party executive committee Parteipräsidium [n]
executive producer ausführender Produzent
EU Terms
executive body Exekutive [f]
executive agency Exekutivagentur [f]
political executive Parteivorstand [m]
executive competence Zuständigkeit der Exekutive
executive power exekutive Gewalt
legislative-executive relations Beziehung Legislative/Exekutive
Swiss Law
junior executive Handlungsbevollmächtigter [m]
chief executive officer (CEO) Delegierter des Verwaltungsrates
executive function Führungsaufgabe [f]
executive position Führungsposition [f]
executive secretary Chefsekretärin [f]
executive suite Vorstandsetage [f]
executive summary Kurzfassung (in einem Geschäftsplan) [f]
executive version Kurzfassung [f]
(executive) committee Vorstand [m]
(executive) committee Vorstand (eines Vereins) [m]
board of (executive) directors Vorstand [m]
executive chair Chefsessel [m]
executive desk Chefschreibtisch [m]
Executive Director Geschäftsführer [m]
executive lounge VIP-Salon [m]
executive spokesman Vorstandssprecher [m]
executive board Präsidium [n]
executive director Vorstandsmitglied [n]
executive chairs Chefsessel [pl]
Executive Directors Geschäftsführer [pl]
executive directors Vorstandsmitglieder [pl]
executive desks Chefschreibtische [pl]
executive positions Führungspositionen [pl]
executive spokesmen Vorstandssprecher [pl]
executive secretaries Chefsekretärinnen [pl]
executive regulations Ausführungsbestimmungen [pl]
executive support units Stabsstellen [pl]
executive summaries Kurzfassungen [pl]
executive versions Kurzfassungen [pl]
executive directors Mitglieder {pl} des Vorstands
executive director Mitglied {n} des Vorstands
executive jet Privatjet {m} für Manager
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Berufsgenossenschaft [f]
federal executive administration Bundesauftragsverwaltung [f]
executive point Ausführungspunkt [m]
executive manager leitender Direktor [m]
executive director Generaldirektor [m]
executive director leitender Angestellter [m]
executive board Vorstand [m]
executive staff Vorstand [m]
chief executive officer (CEO) Hauptgeschäftsführer [m]
executive vice-president Mitglied des Vorstandes
president and chief executive Vorsitzender des Vorstandes
executive vice-president stellvertretendes Vorstandsmitglied
sales executive Leiter der Verkaufsabteilung
Executive Committee Hauptausschuss [m]
executive board Vorstand [m]
executive ball clicker Kugelpendel [n]
executive management Unternehmensführung [f]
key account executive Kundenbetreuer [m]
chief Executive Vorstand [m]
sales manager sales executive Verkäufer [m]
sales manager sales executive Verkaufsleiter Verkäufer
executive master’s program weiterbildender Master Studiengang
executive master of business management Executive Master of Business Management
district chief executive Landrat [m]
product executive Produktmanager [m]
executive burnout Managerkrankheit [f]
executive orders Vollzugsanordnung [f]
executive order Durchführungsverordnung [f]
executive information Führungsinformation [f]
executive director Exekutivdirektor [m]
executive office Exekutivbüro [n]
executive helicopter Geschäftshubschrauber [m]
executive aircraft Geschäftsflugzeug [n]
executive manager Generalbevollmächtiger [m]
group executive management Bereichsvorstand [m]
executive education Führungskräfte-Weiterbildung
railway executive Eisenbahnverwaltung [f]
I/O executive E/A-Steuerprogramm [n]
I/O executive Ein-/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
I/O executive Eingabe/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
input/output executive Ein-/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
input/output executive Eingabe/Ausgabe-Steuerprogramm [n]
input/output executive E/A-Steuerprogramm [n]
account executive Kontaktmann [m]
executive director Chefberater [m]
SAP Terms
executive search agency Personalagentur [f]
sales executive Vertriebsbeauftragte [f]
executive board Vorstand [m]
executive information system Führungsinformationssystem [n]
member of executive board Vorstandsmitglied [n]
executive vice-president stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender
executive employee leitender Angestellter
Electrical Engineering
technical person with executive function fachkundige Person in leitender Funktion [f]
executive-secretary system Chef-Sekretärin-Anlage [f]
executive-secretary system Vorzimmeranlage [f]
executive chef Küchenchef [m]
executive agency Exekutivagentur [f]
executive power Exekutive [f]
executive power vollziehende Gewalt
executive in charge of production Filmgeschäftsführung [f]
executive producer Herstellungsleitung [f]
executive producer Produktionsleiter [m]
executive producer ausführender Produzent
co-executive producer ausführender Co-Produzent
WW2 Military
chief administrator and government executive of a prussian province Oberpräsident [m]