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Meanings of "lebhaft" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 81 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
lebhaft [adj] live
lebhaft [adj] lively (person)
lebhaft [adj] lively (thing)
lebhaft [adj] frisky
lebhaft [adj] agile
lebhaft [adj] bouncy
lebhaft [adj] vivacious
lebhaft [adj] snappy
lebhaft [adj] sprightly
lebhaft [adj] rambunctious
lebhaft [adj] debonaire
lebhaft [adj] lively
lebhaft [adj] yare
lebhaft [adj] crouse
lebhaft [adj] heartsome
lebhaft [adj] kedge
lebhaft [adj] chipper
lebhaft [adj] sparkish
lebhaft [adj] animated
lebhaft [adj] gay
lebhaft [adj] brisk
lebhaft [adj] spunky
lebhaft [adj] pert
lebhaft [adj] fidgety
lebhaft [adj] buoyant
lebhaft [adj] vibrant
lebhaft [adj] busy
lebhaft [adj] vivid
lebhaft [adj] chirpy
lebhaft [adj] energetic
lebhaft [adj] peppery
lebhaft [adj] spiritous
lebhaft [adj] spirituous
lebhaft [adj] quicksilver
lebhaft [adj] peppy
lebhaft [adj] rattling
lebhaft [adj] feisty
lebhaft [adj] spanking
lebhaft [adj] spry
lebhaft [adj] vigorous
lebhaft [adj] airy
lebhaft [adj] skittish
lebhaft [adj] quick
lebhaft [adj] alert
lebhaft [adj] spirited
lebhaft [adj] sanguine
lebhaft [adj] mercurial
lebhaft [adj] dapper
lebhaft [adj] sanguineous
lebhaft [adj] dynamical
lebhaft [adv] mercurially
lebhaft [adv] briskly
lebhaft [adv] spiritedly
lebhaft [adv] sprightly
lebhaft [adv] vivaciously
lebhaft [adv] vividly
lebhaft [adv] actively
lebhaft [adv] bouncily
lebhaft [adv] bouncingly
lebhaft [adv] burbly
lebhaft [adv] bustlingly
lebhaft [adv] chipperly
lebhaft [adv] chirpily
lebhaft [adv] colourfully
lebhaft [adv] dapperly
lebhaft airy
lebhaft alert
lebhaft vivid
lebhaft [adj] bright and breezy
lebhaft as lively as a cricket
lebhaft [adj] popping
lebhaft [adj] bouncy
lebhaft [adj] lively
lebhaft [adj] active
lebhaft [adj] buoyant
lebhaft [adj] spirited
lebhaft [adj] brisk
lebhaft [adj] animate
lebhaft [adv] lively
lebhaft [adj] bright (paint)
lebhaft [adv] vivace

Meanings of "lebhaft" in English German Dictionary : 16 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
äußerst lebhaft [adj] quicksilver (e.g. personality)
klirrend lebhaft [adj] rattling
lebhaft (Börse) [adv] actively
lebhaft anreden [v] apostrophise
lebhaft anreden [v] apostrophize
lebhaft anreden [v] apostrophise
lebhaft anreden [v] apostrophize
lebhaft sein [v] be lively
lebhaft sein [v] be high-spirited
lebhaft werden [v] become lively
lebhaft werden [v] become dynamic
sehr lebhaft werden [v] become vigorous
lebhaft gehandelte Effekten active securities
lebhaft gehandelte Aktien active shares
lebhaft gehandelte Aktien active stock
lebhaft gehandelt actively traded