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Meanings of "shortly" in German English Dictionary : 10 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
shortly schroff [adv]
shortly in Kürze [adv]
shortly bald [adv]
shortly gleich [adv]
shortly in Bälde [formal] [adv]
shortly nächstens [adv]
shortly demnächst [adv]
shortly kurz [adv]
shortly bald [adv]
Business Correspondence
shortly in Kürze

Meanings of "shortly" in English German Dictionary : 19 result(s)

Inglés Alemán
until shortly bis vor kurzem [adv]
shortly before kurz bevor [adv]
shortly before kurz vorher [adv]
shortly ago vor kurzem
shortly after 5 kurz nach 5
shortly after the war kurz nach Kriegsende
very shortly after gleich nachdem
shortly beforehand kurz vorher
shortly afterwards kurz danach
shortly after kurz nachdem
shortly after this kurz danach
shortly before kurz zuvor
shortly beforehand kurz zuvor
shortly before this kurz zuvor
shortly after this kurz darauf
shortly before kurz vorher
shortly afterwards kurz darauf
shortly before this kurz vorher
Business Correspondence
will shortly take place wird sich bald ereignen