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Allemand Anglais
abmelken [v] wank
abmelken [v] abuse oneself
abmelken [v] play with oneself
abmelken [v] jerk oneself off
abmelken [v] jerk off
British Slang
abmelken [v] bang one out
abmelken [v] play with oneself
abmelken [v] burp the worm
abmelken [v] fwap
abmelken [v] knock one out
abmelken [v] wack off
abmelken [v] have one off the wrist
abmelken [v] toss himself off
abmelken [v] choke the chicken
abmelken [v] have a yank
abmelken [v] toss off
abmelken [v] toss
abmelken [v] pull one's pud
abmelken [v] knuckle shuffle
abmelken [v] spank the monkey
abmelken [v] frig
abmelken [v] yank
abmelken [v] bash the bishop
abmelken [v] play the pink oboe
abmelken [v] pound one's pud
abmelken [v] beat the meat
abmelken [v] slap the monkey
abmelken [v] beat the bishop
abmelken [v] thrap
abmelken [v] whack off
abmelken [v] crack one off
abmelken [v] rub the cock
abmelken [v] bop the baloney
abmelken [v] bop the bishop
abmelken [v] rub one out
abmelken [v] pull oneself off
abmelken [v] kill
abmelken [v] shake hands with the president
abmelken [v] slap the donkey
abmelken [v] clean the pipe
abmelken [v] handle the hose
abmelken [v] hit a lick
abmelken [v] punch the clown
abmelken [v] she-bop
abmelken [v] fuck off
abmelken [v] jack off
abmelken [v] be choking the bishop
abmelken [v] rub it out
abmelken [v] frack off
abmelken [v] clean the pipes
abmelken [v] toss off