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Allemand Anglais
Schwindel [m] mumbo-jumbo
Schwindel [m] hocus-pocus
Schwindel [m] imposture
Schwindel [m] giddiness
Schwindel [m] fake
Schwindel [m] dizziness
Schwindel [m] dinus
Schwindel [m] con
Schwindel [m] cheat
Schwindel [m] bogus
Schwindel [m] swindle
Schwindel [m] quackery
Schwindel [m] con trick
Schwindel [m] goop
Schwindel [m] chouse
Schwindel [m] swizz
Schwindel [m] goldbrick
Schwindel [m] take-in
Schwindel [m] humbuggery
Schwindel [m] confidence game
Schwindel [m] skulduggery
Schwindel [m] whirl
Schwindel [m] vertigo
Schwindel [m] racketeering
Schwindel [m] mare's nest
Schwindel [m] spoof
Schwindel [m] dodgery
Schwindel [m] hokum
Schwindel [m] humbug
Schwindel [m] mace
Schwindel [m] hanky panky
Schwindel [m] skullduggery
Schwindel [m] jugglery
Schwindel [m] do
Schwindel [m] bunco
Schwindel [m] flimflam
Schwindel [m] fakery
Schwindel [m] staggers
Schwindel [m] shenanigans
Schwindel [m] sham
Schwindel [m] gyp
Schwindel [m] gouge
Schwindel [m] foul play
Schwindel [m] twistedness
Schwindel [m] fiddle
Schwindel [m] shuffle
Schwindel [m] jive
Schwindel [m] scam
Schwindel [m] shenanigan
Schwindel [m] hoax
Schwindel [m] deception
Schwindel [m] rig
Schwindel [m] racket
Schwindel [m] barretry
Schwindel [m] dolus
Schwindel [pl] fakes
Schwindel flimflam
Schwindel flimflammery
Schwindel con game
Schwindel confidence game
Schwindel bunco game
Schwindel bunco
Schwindel legerdemain
Schwindel flam
Schwindel bosh
Schwindel [m] mare's nest
Schwindel [m] skulduggery
Schwindel fakement
Schwindel [m] humbug
Schwindel [m] swindle
Schwindel [m] lipothymia
Schwindel [m] dinus
Schwindel [m] humbug

Meanings of "schwindel" in English German Dictionary : 33 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
Schwindel erregend [adj] giddy
Schwindel erregend [adj] dizzy
Schwindel erregend [adj] dizzying
Öko-Schwindel [m] greenwash
Schwindel [pejorativ] [m] goldbrick
ausgemachter Schwindel [m] out and out humbug
aufgelegter Schwindel [m] confidence trick
paralytischer Schwindel paralytic vertigo
zentraler Schwindel central vertigo
Schwindel erregend giddying
vestibulärer Schwindel vestibular vertigo
Schwindel erregend dizzy
ein Schwindel a mare's nest
ein Schwindel a rip-off
Schwindel erregend [übertragen] [adj] vertiginous
den Schwindel durchschauen [v] to tip to the scam
der Schwindel bunco
der Schwindel bunco game
der Schwindel bunko
der Schwindel bunko game
Schwindel beseitigend [adj] relieving vertigo
Schwindel... [adj] dinical
Schwindel... [adj] dinic
Schwindel... [adj] dizzy
Schwindel... [adj] giddy
Schwindel... [adj] vertiginous
zentraler Schwindel cerebral vertigo
neurasthenischer Schwindel neurasthenic vertigo
zerebellarer Schwindel cerebellar vertigo
vestibulärer Schwindel auditory vertigo
vestibulärer Schwindel aural vertigo
horizontaler/vertikaler Schwindel horizontal/vertical vertigo
objektiver/subjektiver Schwindel objective/subjective vertigo