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subfamily Unterfamilie [f]
subfamily Unterfamilie [f]

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plant/member of the tilioideae subfamily Lindengewächs [n]
mammoth trees (botanical subfamily) Mammutbäume (Sequoioideae) (botanische Unterfamilie) [pl]
tilioideae (botanical subfamily) Lindengewächse [pl]
tilioideae (botanical subfamily) Lindengewächse (Tilioideae) (botanische Unterfamilie) [pl]
stone fruit family (botanical subfamily) Steinobstgewächse [pl]
stone fruit family (botanical subfamily) Steinobstgewächse (Amygdaloideae) (botanische Unterfamilie) [pl]
agave family (botanical subfamily) Agavengewächse [pl]
bayroots (botanical subfamily) Wasserlinsengewächse [pl]
bayroots (botanical subfamily) Wasserlinsengewächse (Lemnoideae) (botanische Unterfamilie) [pl]
cotton tree family (botanical subfamily) Wollbaumgewächse [pl]
cotton tree family (botanical subfamily) Wollbaumgewächse (Bombacoideae) (botanische Unterfamilie) [pl]
daylily family (botanical subfamily) Tagliliengewächse [pl]
chats (zoological subfamily) Schmätzer (Saxicolinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
chats (zoological subfamily) Schmätzer [pl]
coursers (zoological subfamily) Rennvögel (Cursoriinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
coursers (zoological subfamily) Rennvögel [pl]
Hawaiian honeycreepers (zoological subfamily) Kleidervögel (Drepanidinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
Hawaiian honeycreepers (zoological subfamily) Kleidervögel [pl]
night herons (zoological subfamily) Nachtreiher (Nycticoracinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
night herons (zoological subfamily) Nachtreiher [pl]
true herons and egrets (zoological subfamily) Tagreiher [pl]
true herons and egrets (zoological subfamily) Tagreiher (Ardeinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
turkeys (zoological genus/subfamily) Truthühner [pl]
typical flycatchers (zoological subfamily) Eigentliche Fliegenschnäpper [pl]
typical flycatchers (zoological subfamily) Eigentliche Fliegenschnäpper (Muscicapinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
serpent-eagles (zoological subfamily) Schlangenadler [pl]
acontiinae (zoological subfamily) Kahnspinnereulen [pl]
acontiinae (zoological subfamily) Kahnspinnereulen (Acontiinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
acronictinae (zoological subfamily) Haarraupeneulen [pl]
acronictinae (zoological subfamily) Haarraupeneulen (Acronictinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
agrotinae (zoological subfamily) Erdeulen [pl]
agrotinae (zoological subfamily) Erdeulen (Agrotinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
archiearinae (zoological subfamily) Jungfernkinder (Archiearinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
archiearinae (zoological subfamily) Jungfernkinder [pl]
banded skippers (zoological subfamily) Hesperiinae-Dickkopffalter [pl]
banded skippers (zoological subfamily) Hesperiinae-Dickkopffalter (Hesperiinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
bryophilinae (zoological subfamily) Flechteneulen [pl]
bryophilinae (zoological subfamily) Flechteneulen (Bryophilinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
callichthyid armoured catfishes (zoological subfamily) Schwielenwelse [pl]
catocalinae (zoological subfamily) Ordensbänder [pl]
catocalinae (zoological subfamily) Ordensbänder (Catocalinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
corydoradinae catfishes (zoological subfamily) Panzerwelse [pl]
crotaline snakes (zoological subfamily) Grubenottern (Crotalinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
crotaline snakes (zoological subfamily) Grubenottern [pl]
duikers (zoological subfamily) Ducker [pl]
duikers (zoological subfamily) Ducker (Cephalophinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
eyelid geckos (zoological subfamily) Lidgeckos [pl]
eyelid geckos (zoological subfamily) Lidgeckos (Eublepharidae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
giant clams (zoological subfamily) Riesenmuscheln [pl]
giant clams (zoological subfamily) Riesenmuscheln (Tridacnidae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
grunts (zoological subfamily) Grunzer [pl]
grunts (zoological subfamily) Schweinsfische (Haemulinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
grunts (zoological subfamily) Schweinsfische [pl]
hamsters (zoological subfamily) Hamster [pl]
hamsters (zoological subfamily) Hamster (Cricetinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
hardnose skates (zoological subfamily) Hartnasenrochen (Rajinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
hardnose skates (zoological subfamily) Hartnasenrochen [pl]
ibes (zoological subfamily) Ibisse [pl]
ibes (zoological subfamily) Sichler [pl]
ibes (zoological subfamily) Sichler (Threskiornithinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
lampeyes (zoological subfamily) Leuchtaugenkärpflinge [pl]
lampeyes (zoological subfamily) Leuchtaugenfische [pl]
lampeyes (zoological subfamily) Leuchtaugenfische (Procatopodinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
lampeyes (zoological subfamily) Leuchtaugenkärpflinge (Aplocheilichthyinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
lionfish (zoological subfamily) Rotfeuerfische [pl]
lionfish (zoological subfamily) Löwenfische [pl]
lionfish (zoological subfamily) Feuerfische [pl]
lionfish (zoological subfamily) Löwenfische (Pteroinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
long-jointed beetles (zoological subfamily) Wollkäfer [pl]
long-jointed beetles (zoological subfamily) Wollkäfer (Lagriinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
murines (zoological subfamily) Altweltmäuse [pl]
murines (zoological subfamily) Altweltmäuse (Murinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
pipefishes (zoological subfamily) Nadelpferdchen [pl]
pipefishes (zoological subfamily) Nadelpferdchen (Syngnathinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
plusiinae (zoological subfamily) Goldeulen [pl]
plusiinae (zoological subfamily) Goldeulen (Plusiinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
sarrothripinae (zoological subfamily) Wicklereulen (Sarrothripinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
sarrothripinae (zoological subfamily) Wicklereulen [pl]
serpent-eagles (zoological subfamily) Schlangenadler (Circaetinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
softnose skates (zoological subfamily) Weichnasenrochen [pl]
softnose skates (zoological subfamily) Weichnasenrochen (Arhynchobatinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
sweetlips (zoological subfamily) Süßlippen [pl]
sweetlips (zoological subfamily) Süßlippen (Plectorhinchinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]
vampire bats (zoological subfamily) Vampirfledermäuse [pl]
vampire bats (zoological subfamily) Vampirfledermäuse (Desmodontinae) (zoologische Unterfamilie) [pl]